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Reinventing Adobe

Adobe customers are creative professionals, graphics & web designers,
videographers, photographers and professional publishers.
Adobe make softwares like Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker etc and also
market leader in many places.
Some of the competitors are IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.
There is no collaborators as such.
Growth of the company was freezed due to economic crisis. Thus, started acquiring
other categories software companies and started business that allow Adobe to
move beyond desktop and PC.

Decision problem:
Some of the Adobe executives are skeptical about the Adobe’s new creative cloud

Product: They focused on CC to provide single platform to the customers in digital

media and marketing and also announced all future development would be focused
solely on CC.
Pricing: Creative cloud pricing was based on monthly subscription fee, which means
customer can lose their work if subscription lapsed.
Place: Adobe is offering the choice of buying its packaged software through reseller
and retailer and online.
Promotion: Adobe do excessive promotion in different online ads

Adobe should continue with the business model they are following like:
1. Continue funding growth opportunities in existing business.
2. Acquiring other categories software company.
3. New business that allow Adobe to move beyond desktop and PC.
As, it provide company to serve customer efficiently in different domains. Also
customers always resist change, but can be convinced. Continue with the cloud
business as competitors like Microsoft and Autodesk were having similar offerings.
Also there were a small group of customers who were resisting, while a large
majority was buying subscription.