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Base on Arduino
for Green House
English version

made by :

M. Daddy Refa M (151611015)

Nurlatifa Haulaini (151611019)
Ronito Halason (151611027)

– We used LM35 as a temperature censor, the result of the measurements are

displayed on the LCD
– We used 2 DC Fan 12 volt, one for exhaust fan and another fan as a supply fan
– When the value of temperature under 20°C, LED white will shine and no fan is
– When the value of temperature around 26°C until 29°C, LED white and yellow
will shine, and supply fan will be working
– When the value of temperature above 30°C, LED red and white will shine,
supply fan and exhaust fan will be working

The Equipment

 Arduino UNO
 LED : white, red and
 DC Fan 12 volt
 Relay Module
 Diode
 Solder
 Resistor
 LM35
 Wire
 Trafo
Arduino UNO R3

Consists of :
 14 pin digital input/output
 6 input analog
 Mikrokontroler ATmega328
 Koneksi USB
 Power jack
 ICSP header
 Reset button

Arduino UNO is a microcontroller

board based on ATmega328

 LED are diode that can emit light

 LED are used as an indicator in
 Diode are used for a half wave
green house
 Red light indicates that the
 AC current wave must be rectified
temperature gets too hot
because we need a dc current
 Yellow light indicates that the
 The negative part connected to the
temperature in the normal
fan and positive part to the relay to
occur forward current
 White light indicates that the
program are working

 The function : to change the

temperature scale into electrical
quantities in the form of voltage
 The value of voltage : 5V
 Has a calibration accuracy of 0.5°C
when the temperature 25°C
 Has a maximum range of temperature
around -55°C until 150°C
 Has a three plugs, the right side
connected to GND, the left side
connected to 5V, and the middle to

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

LCD is a flat panel display or other

electronic visual display that use the
light modulating properties of liquid
• Consist 16 character and 2 row
• can be observe with a 4 bit mode or
8 bit mode
• Equipped with back light
• In this project, LCD use to display the
value of temperature

Resistor is electronic component

that serve to hold electric current.
Because of electrical currents
connected to electric voltage so that
when voltage is passed across the
resistor, there will be a decrease in
that voltage.

• DC fan 12 volt
• The size : 12 cm x 12 cm
• We used 2 fan, one for
exhaust fan and another one
for supply fan
Relay Module

• Relay is switch are operated

• Relay has two electromechanical
components, witch consist of two
main parts they are electromagnetic
(coil) and mechanical (set contact
• Principle of electromagnetic relay
use to move the switch contacts so
that when the electric current is
small (low power), it can conduct
electricity with a higher voltage
Supply fan
Exhaust fan

Censor Arduino Display


LED white
LED red
LED yellow
To control the Arduino, we must input the program
by using software Arduino IDE. First we should adapt the
COM of the Arduino with our software. Then, we should
choose the same board between the Arduino and the
software . F.or example : Board Arduino Genuino, COM 3)
The trouble when making
“Automatic DC Fan”
– We must add the trafo and diodes because the current sources
from Arduino UNO only 5V but we need current sources more
than that
– It takes a lot of wire to connected the LCD with Arduino, so we
decide to change the wire and we use I2C
– we need to change the program on IDE because we use I2C