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Remote Gateways & RTUs
Substation & Feeder Automation
Capacitor Control
Industry Leadership

QEI is a leading SCADA system and features an easy to use graphical user interface
substation automation equipment supplier with (GUI) and interoperability with external programs
a long history of innovation and technical such as GIS, trouble-call systems and
leadership in electric network monitoring and engineering analysis. A recent cutting-edge
control applications. advancement, Open Database Connectivity
(ODA) provides data and control connectivity
through a broad spectrum of commercial, off -the-
Founded in shelf (COTS) applications. TDMS-PLUS features
1960 as easy to use tools for connection with established
Quindar corporate LANs and WANs. TDMS-PLUS is an
Electronics advanced technology combining database,
Incorporated connectivity, and graphical user interface
(QEI), the capabilities while featuring field-proven system
company was redundancy, serviceability, reliability,
an early adopter of solid state technology for maintainability, expandability and a long life span
industrial applications with the introduction of of service.
the first transistorized voice frequency (audio
tone) telemetry products for electric network
monitoring and control applications. QEI rapidly
became the leading supplier of such products to
the electric utility and the transit industry.

QEI has continually maintained cutting edge

technology in its products. TDMS-PLUS


• Electric T&D Utilities • Supervisory Control and Data • System Integration
• Renewable Energy Acquisition System (SCADA) Engineering and Services
• Transit Systems • Remote Terminal Units • Continuing Maintenance
• Substation Communication Agreements and Renewable
• Public Power
Gateways Warranty
• Steam Distribution
• Substation Data • Training and System
• Water/ Wastewater Upgrade Services
• Government
• Feeder Automation RTUs
• Industrial • Stand-alone or SCADA
• OEM Directed Capacitor
SCADA and Distribution Automation

Total Distribution Management System


QEI has a Full Offering of Remote

Devices with Open Protocols for Easy

TDMS-PLUS (Total Distribution Management System), provides secure monitoring and control of
electric, water, and gas distribution systems. Built on the highly reliable HP OpenVMS platform and
Microsoft ™ Windows operator consoles, TDMS-PLUS provides easy access to SCADA data
using MS Office tools and standard relational databases within a secure configuration.

• Secure Client-Server Architecture . There has • Full, secure, access to SCADA system
never been a second lost to a computer worm capabilities, wherever you extend your
or virus on a QEI SCADA Server network

• All Editing and Dispatch done from convenient, • System maintenance agreements and
existing, Windows® PCs renewable warranties are available for all
• Redundant servers may be located in the
same rack or across the state • Complete turn-key supply is available, to
include installation, database and display
• The system can communicate with RTUs, preparation
substation gateways or with IEDs directly
• Translation of other vendor SCADA
databases is available
Gateways and RTUs

A complete family of RTUs, Gateways and Data Concentrators from QEI can provide access to all of
your field data.

• Complete family of products for rack mounting or

within NEMA 4 enclosures, all hardened for the
substation environment

• Adheres to formal standards (IEC 61850, DNP3,

MODBUS, etc.)

ePAQ-9410 Substation Multifunction • Supports both current and legacy protocols ( L&G
Gateway and Data Concentrator 8979, Valmet III & IV, Harris, CDC, etc.)

• Serves as a platform for connecting devices from

different manufacturers with existing and
emerging communications technologies

• Provides for information exchange between differing

eXP-9430 Communication Port Expander IED’s, communications media and manufacturers

• Easily configured with Windows® based CONFIGWIZ

2.0 for simple drag-and-drop setup, editing and
saving of your installation and communication

• Permits flexible, cost effective, substation retrofits and

extensions to existing remote terminals and
gateways. Custom Retrofit kits are available
ePAQ-9420 Substation Multifunction
Gateway and Data Concentrator • Supplied with modern configuration tools to speed
substation IED integration and IED upgrades

• Provides cost savings by import of an RTU or Gateway

configuration file directly into the master station
ePAQ-9100 Substation Gateway and Data database
• Allows the setup of peer-to-peer communication paths
within the substation

• Provides cost savings from easy to use HMI within the

DIO 9100 RTU and IED Gateway

• Supports the existing and emerging NERC Critical

Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards for cyber
security (encryption, SSL, VPN, etc.)

DRT 9060 and DRT 9070 Feeder

Automation Units and IED Gateway
Capacitor Controllers

QEI Capacitor controllers with easy-to-use windows configuration software can

support stand-alone or SCADA directed Capacitor control based on a host of
system parameters:

Voltage Current Date

kVAR Power Factor Season
kW Time Temperature

MCAP II-Extended ECAP II -Extended

MCAP II stand-alone local control
stand-alone local stand-alone local
with toggle switch automatic applications and
Control programming and readout SCADA directed

• Flexible SCADA communications with

• One unit for all switching strategies DNP3, Modbus, QUICS
reduces your inventory
• eCAP II includes a 12v power supply and
• Low maintenance space for a user’s communication
• SuperCap backup (No batteries to replace)
• DNP 3 supports Object 120 for
• Reduced time to install and configure authenticated controls
with versatile Smartware II
Windows® based editor • Programmed strategy override based on
voltage, neutral imbalance, day-of
• Flexible mounting week, holiday, and reverse power

• Easy configuration • All versions support Lindsey and

Fischer-Pierce line post sensors
• High reliability • Flexible “Learn mode”, delay and anti-
hunt features support your strategies
• Non-metallic, non-conductive NEMA 4X and protect your equipment and
enclosure personnel
• Front access fuses for surge protection
Customer Support


• Product Support Spanning Five Decades

• System Engineering and Complete Project Management for

Turnkey Systems

• ISO 9001 Certified Help Desk Service.

• Active User’s Group with National and Regional Meetings

• True 24x7 Service Available (Including Weekends and


• Yearly Update and Distribution of all Major Software


• In-house Circuit Board Repair

• Training Courses at:
· QEI’s Plant in Springfield, New Jersey
· Users’ Location
· Webinar

QEI is Quality and Commitment

As one of the largest independent firms

providing SCADA to the utility industry,
QEI is large enough to retain the best
personnel, yet small enough for our
personnel to have a keen interest in
our customers’ satisfaction. You can
build your information and control
infrastructure with confidence using QEI.

QEI is committed to providing the highest level of quality in our products and
systems as evidenced by our ISO-9001:2008 certification. QEI’s commitment
to quality provides our customers with the assurance that consistent high quality
systems and products will be delivered.

QEI is a highly self-sufficient organization having all the technical, sales,

manufacturing, support, services and business resources needed to execute
projects in an effective and timely manner to the full satisfaction of its


QEI provides a wide variety of automation products and
services to the Electric Utility Industry. QEI’s customers
are a mixture of major utilities, government and military
agencies as well as global Electrical Transmission and
Distribution OEM's.

45 Fadem Road
Springfield, NJ 07081 USA
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