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6 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess with the

Quiet One
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May 7th, 2013
Often we pay most attention to those with
the loudest voices and the most to say. In Szondi Test
with Pictures
doing this, we underestimate the power of That Will
Reveal Your
the quiet one. Deepest
Hidden Self
At any gathering of people, be it a party or a business May 22nd, 2014

meeting, there will be those who talk loudly and demand

attention. These extroverts have lots of great ideas, are
6 Reasons
socially adept and draw others to them like moths to a
ame. In that same party or business meeting, there will
often be a quiet one. This person says little but listens a lot. People Fail to
If you watch carefully, you may see that he or she is taking Be Happy
everything in. When they nally speak, the rest of the group November 24th, 2016
are often astonished by the power of their ideas or the 6 Mind
insights the quiet one shares. Expanding
Movies That
There is nothing Will Make
wrong with either of 1 The Health & You Question
these types of Reality and
Happiness Center - Be
people. We need Life
healthy & happy now. October 18th, 2014
both the outgoing
With health & happiness,
extroverts and the you can be and do anything!
quieter, more 8 Struggles of
introverted people to Being a Deep
make society work. Thinker in the
2 Relationship Advise & Modern
The problem is, that Secrets - Con dential World
in our current Discussion May 13th, 2016

society, we pay most ManWoman Marriage

attention to those Counseling Family Business
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who make the most
noise. And this is a
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Ways quiet people

are often Subscribe

It is often assumed that quiet people have little to say, or
that they are socially awkward. People may assume they Recent Quotes
don’t have any insights or ideas. Some people may even
decide they lack intelligence. People may also assume that
quiet people are weak, submissive and passive. None of
these things are true.

In fact, quiet people are often strong, creative, intuitive

and brilliant. We shouldn’t assume that just because they
are quiet they will put up with bad behavior either. Quiet
people watch and listen and when they have all the
information they need, they act. So watch out that you don’t
upset the quiet one – you could be in for a shock.
This hilarious quote from Amy Efaw sums it up:

“Don’t judge me because I’m quiet. No one plans

a murder out loud.”

So here are six reasons you should never underestimate the

power of a quiet person.

1. The quietest folk listen a lot and may know more

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than other people suspect.
Learning Mind
The reason quiet people are quiet is that they are listening.
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Unfortunately, some louder people spend so much time
talking they have little time for listening or thinking. Quiet
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people don’t make this mistake. They listen carefully and
think deeply so you can be sure that when they nally do
speak, they have something amazing to say.

Louder people should never assume that a quiet person

has less knowledge or intelligence than them. If they do,
they may well end up looking stupid.

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2. Quiet people observe and pick up on more than

It’s very hard to fool a quiet person. They listen and watch
everything that goes on carefully. While louder types may
amaze others with their eloquence and enthusiasm, the
quiet one in the room will notice when those words have
little depth and are full of bluster or badly thought
through ideas.

They also pick up on much more than the words that are
spoken. Quiet people focus on behavior and body language
too. This means they easily spot inauthentic behaviors and
outright lies and deceptions.

3. Quietness does not equate with weakness – so

don’t mess with them
Quiet people will speak out against any wrongdoing or
unfairness. They are quick to point out bad behavior. Quiet
folk are often slow to defend themselves, but once they are
pushed too far, they can react with astonishing power.
They are also quick to support more vulnerable members
of the group. Quiet people have high moral standards and
a strong backbone so it’s best to keep on their good side.

4. Even the quietest of people have excellent social

Quiet people do not lack social skills. They just use a
di erent set of skills to extroverts. In their own
unobtrusive way, they develop close relationships built on
trust and mutual respect. And when they are with those
whose company they enjoy, they can be the life and soul of
the party.

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5. Quiet people can be just as determined and loyal
con dence to succeed in your career & life

as louder folk Learn more

Extroverts who think quiet people have little to o er should

beware. While others are networking and proclaiming their
ideas, quiet people are creating bonds of trust with
others. They are also determinedly working on brilliant
ideas of their own that, when revealed, will stun everyone
else into silence.

6. Quiet people will not tolerate being treated badly

Some extroverts assume that they can easily take
advantage of quiet people. This isn’t true. Quiet people
have a well-developed sense of their own value. If anyone
tries to fob them o with the boring and less prestigious
jobs they will rebel. It isn’t wise to do this anyway as quiet
people’s insights can be extremely useful to the group or

To sum up, always pay attention to the quiet ones. Though

their mouths are often closed, their minds are wide

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What other bene ts are there to being the quiet one? Please
share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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