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tos SI, TRA I CEPPI (Howsoever they may revile me) English version by Theodore Baker > George Frideric Handel Come alla breve a wwe 5 p > Y ‘| ys € = cop-pi_o le ri-tor-te Ia mia fb ri-splen-de - oy er thay may re vile meShall my faith ro-splon-dent | ar la mia fe ri-splen-de- ra la mia f8, la mia fé ri-splen-de - ri! shall my faith re-splendent shine, shall my faith,shall my faith re-splen- dent shine! £ Pp Printed in the US.A. by G,Schitrer, Ie. waa 3 oa le la mia fe ri splen-do - ra. they may re - vile me, Shallmy faith re-splen-dent shine. Ire [Fk P . : eee ; = te Se 2 be ee ee J $ Si, taj cop- plo 10 ri-tor-to Is min fS ri-aplen-do- How - 80 - ever theymay re - vile me, Shall my faith re-splen-dent la mia {8 ri-splen-de - ss shally. faith rosplonent 1D Fs no P P — ri- splen-de- ra, la mia £8, tra le ri- tor-te. Si,tras re- splen-dent shine, how-50 - eer they may re - vile me How-s0- cep-pie le ri - tor-te la mia f8 ri-splen-do - ra, la mia eer they may re - vile me, Shall my faith re-splen-dent_ shine, shall my a cos vs ni- splen-de - ra, ri - splen - de- ra, re - splen-dent. shine, re - splen - dent shine, Adagio espress. tale ri - tor- te Ja mia fe. tho they re - vile me, shall my faith ___re-splen- dent_ shine! Zp 7 Adagio a tempo