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ae Model 7610. Powermaster Se 77 car oe nepencn LL MMIII singe shot 177 Cal ae eau FRONT STOCK BOLT RECEIVER —REARSIGHT BARREL —siGHT {od SERIAL NO regen ea enoss sotr saree BE CAREFUL - BE A SAFESHOOTER = ee lige Shy" ota pe x iter set swe: HOW TO OPERATE (damm enn IMPORTANT: Steps for sate and satis- seaitamum Cat wood tutor operation Step 1 Put rile “ON SAFE" Step 2 Pump rile Step 3 Load rille Step 4 Alm and Fie CROSMAN AIRGUNS + VISIBLE IMPACTTARGETS + BENJAMIN SHERIDAN autos § & 20. Cost Bioomiiald. NY 144a3 ¢ ~ r LOO oa E LS, Caurion: us aInGUNIS NO. TO¥ AND MAY CAUSE DEATICOR SERIOUS INJUMY PARTICULAN One UY TO THE EYE, IF MISUSED OR USED CARELESSLY READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS UFFORE USING THIS AIR GUN REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION IF THE USER 1S unven 16 SHOULO NOT BE USEO YEARS OLD AND ay ANY UNDER 8 YEARS OF AGE PURCHASER AND USEH HAVE FORA TO ALL LAWS CONCERN ING THE USE AND OWNERSHIP OF THIS AIR GUN CMM aaa MA AESPONSIBILITY 10 CON BE CAREFUL - BE A SAFESHOOTER HOW TO PUT RIFLE “ON SAFE This tlle has @ Cross-Bolt Safety. Push {rom the let side: twill stop your Trigger from moving. Sate and Fire are clearly marked on the sides of the Trigger Guard, see (Fig. 1). Step CAUTION: It Is your duty to Keep the fille on “Safe” at all times until you ere feady to shoot, then put safety In “ott” positon, SAFE (Push In) FIRE (Push tn) Step 2 HOW TO PUMP RIFLE See (Fig. 2) for correct way to pump your faite Step3 HOW TO LOAD YOUR 761XL RIFLE WITH BOs: Put gun “ON SAFE" ‘A. Rotate the Loading Port Cover to the fight and fll Reservoir with 160 BBs (Fig. 3). Close cover to the lett B. To transler BBs from Reservoir to Visual Magazine, griprilleas llustrat 2 In Fig. 4, move the BB Relainer Button rearward with thumb, then with a hand twisting motion 2s will flow into Visual Magazine. When the Visual Magazine is illed move the 88 Retainer Button loreward WARNING: Petlots should never be put {lo the BB Loading Port. They willfam CAUTION: Velocity produced by more than 10 pumps is only minor and can ‘cause damage to the pump mechanism. Do Not pump your fille more than 10 times. Warning: Do Not shoot rille with less than two (2) pumps. I you do, you will Jam your gun. CAUTION: Avoid pinching hand be tween Pumping Lever and Tube Fic.2 cLoseo POSITION OPEN POSITION RESERVOIR LOADING Port 2.2 oROPS oF PELLGUNOIL® HERE AFTER 250 SHO LuaRicaTion Follow these simple instructions to in ure the long lite of your rifle. Alter every 250 shots apply 20¢3 drops of Crosman PELLGUNOIL'to the Pump Cup and Piston Assembly (Fig. 10), {Wis not necessary 10 clean the Barrel Gore, but the occasional application ofa cal 7S, ile PELLGUNOIL is recommended to prevent the Barrel irom rusting Grosman PELLGUNOIL is recommend: 64. Use only 2-3 drops. PELLGUNOIL Is best. but any household oilisbetler han ‘no oll at all. This is very important UTION ‘You must do the following things to insure sale and ealistactory performance of your gun ONT forget to treat every gun as Itt ware loade DONT polat the rifle In an unsat Sirection. DON'T use your rifle without due co- spect for yoursoll, and othor peop! DONT shoot atthe targat until you are ‘sure of your backstop. DONT conduct yourself In an un- Sportsmaniike manner when using your a DONT store your A ONT shoot your rile with fess than Zum, ONT reuse ammunitidn that has a feady boon te DONT alter oregjst any ofthe factory fettings to your it DON'T pump the gun whi your finger Bontho tigger DONT forget To. chock Satoty Bot batore tosdng” and’ pumping DONT over pump youre (more han TO pumps) BE CAREFUL - BE A SAFESHOOTER ’ CROSMAN AIRGUNS + VISBLE IMPACT TARGETS + BENUAMIN SHERIDAN, Rovios 5 & 20, East Bloomfald, NY 1 aaa a