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Cover Letter

6th February, 2016

The British High Commission
Islamabad, Pakistan
Subject: Application for Visit Visa to UK

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Dr. ___________, holder of passport # ___________ and CNIC # ___________, am

applying for PLAB visit visa. My purpose to visit UK is solely to sit in PLAB 2 exam
which is to be held on 5th April, 2016. I wish to arrive there a month earlier on 1st March,
2016, so that I may prepare under proper guidance, practice with friends from similar field
and acclimatize to the new environment as this examination typically relates to the UK
health care system and is new to me.

I am living with my parents and siblings in Pakistan. I support myself and none of my
family member is dependent on me.

I have always obeyed rules/ways in my country. I would obey all the rules and regulations
of the United Kingdom Border Agency during my stay there.

I am attaching copies of the following documents with my application:

1. Printed Application Form:

Business/ PLAB visa completed application form

2. Reason for visit :

I am visiting UK to take PLAB 2 exam held in Manchester by the GMC.

 Evidence submitted:
(a) Printed e-mail result of PLAB 1
(b) Printed PLAB 2 booking confirmation e-mail from GMC.

3. Employment Status:

(a) I am a qualified doctor, fully registered with the Medical council in Pakistan. I
graduated in 2011 and completed one year compulsory internship at Mayo hospital,
Lahore in 2012.

 Evidence submitted:
(a) MBBS Degree Copy
(b) PMDC registration copy
(c) Internship certificates copy
(b) I got selected as a permanent Medical Officer by the health department of
Government of Punjab and got posted in ___________ in district ___________ on
14th April, 2014.

 Evidence submitted:
(a) Copy of office order of Posting at ___________

(c) On 1st September 2014, I got transferred to ___________ where I am working to-
date. Letter of support from Medical Superintendent is enclosed with application to
show my institute has full knowledge of my visit.

 Evidence submitted:

(a) Copy of office order of transfer from ___________ to ___________

(b) Copy of officer order confirming that I have taken charge at ___________ on
1st September, 2014

(c) Officer order from the Medical Superintendent of ___________, Lahore

confirming my employment status and PLAB 2 visa application.

4. (a) Financial Sponsorship:

I am currently employed at 60,000/- per month after tax deduction.

I am maintaining a bank account in ___________. My account number is ___________.

Currently, I have 1800 pounds (2,90,000 PKR) in my account. Furthermore, I will go to
UK for 37 days on the paid leave.

I am sponsoring myself for this trip (travel and living expenses only). Cost of airline
ticket is 83,000/- PKR (550 pounds) approximately and my living expense in UK will be
around 750 pounds.

 Evidence submitted:
(a) Bank Statements (six months)
(b) Pay slips (Six months)
(c) Airline itinerary

(b) Living Arrangements in UK:

I wish to add here that during my visit to UK, I will be staying at my friend`s, Dr.
___________ house. She will also serve as my financial sponsor in case of any
emergency. She is living at ___________. She is currently working as a Clinical Fellow
at ___________. So, I will not have to pay for accommodation.

 Evidence submitted:
(a) Accommodation & Emergency Financial Sponsorship letter
(b) Passport copy
(c) Residence Permit copy
(d) Bank Statement (six months)
(e) Tenancy Agreement
(f) Appointment letter from Royal Sussex County Hospital
(g) Certificate of sponsorship

(c) My father, ___________, holder of CNIC # ___________, sold a land for

30,00,000/- PKR in September 2015 from which he gifted me 2,50,000/- PKR in cash. I
have deposited that money in my account in October, 2015. Evidence of sale (along with
English translation) and affidavit of Gift Deed from my father has been attached.

 Evidence submitted:
(a) Copy of evidence of Sale of land (in Urdu) and English Translation
(b) Affidavit of Gift Deed from my father
(c) CNIC of my father (Copy of original in Urdu) and English Translation
(d) Salary slips of my father (six months)

5) Ties in Pakistan:

a) I have acquired a full time, permanent and paid job in the Government of the Punjab,
Health Department in my country. This post is highly competitive and difficult to
achieve therefore I look forward to join back soon after completing the required task
in UK. If I do not come back and rejoin my job in the given time period, I may be
penalized or my registration may be cancelled by PMDC.

b) I have a car in my name evidence of which I have provided here.

a) Additional Documents :
(a) IELTS result card

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any queries that you might have.

Thank you.

Kindest Regards,
Dr. ___________
Mobile: ___________
Address: ___________