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Monday, I July 2019

Daily Tribune

Epic Speakership race

Sad for the yellows and othor m€mbors of the opposition - the endoBement made by Hugpong ng Pagbabago, otherwise known as Mayor reaction, on whether he shall resign or not, as previously pronrlscd.
President will not resign. This is becsuse his son, nsp. Paolo Dutede, Sara Duterte's posse, Fielded as the "unity bet' to end all squabbles, The stock pdce of Ungab soared wh€n Paolo declared that ho wlll no
backed out ofthe Speak€rship racs. Sen. Bong Go and Cabinet Secretuy Rep. Ungab starts on a clean slate, although he is a r€tuming legislator longer run for the Speakership and instead endorsod Ulgab os the
Karlo Nograles both said that tho President ls a man of his word, and will of the 3rd District of Davao City. He does not have the baggage of the compromise Speaker.
indeed resign if Paolo pursues his bid. This contrwersy fixed itself with other Speakership contenders and he is relatively a new face, despite With the meeting of the supporters of the -
& good father-and-son talk done last Thursdsy, es announced by Peolo, hh yeteran status aJ a legislator, having previously been a Chairman of "Duterte Coalition," does this mean that they 3(
adding color to what is aheady an epic Speskership race. the House Committees on Appropriations and Ways and Means both - have all agreed to an Ungab Speakership? Or will Employccs
The deadline date of 22 July is coming up snd committees meanI serious work, there be a term-sharing, as pushed by Cayetano? and oflnlah
3( a[ the brouhala. on who the next Speaker be is When Ungab was first floated early lasl week, he was nol given much
A huge literally about to end. It has been a mossy affair, with credence by the media.and staff since Paolo previously declared his
ptle of certain candidates coming to odds 8t esch other, but
'all's yvell
intention'to run, and attention was centored more on the President's
edrninistrative that ends well ln life, even in polltics.
work in the Last Saturday evening, s photo of ths thres
IIorLse is contenders, Alan Poter Csyetano, Lord Allan
awaiting Velascot dnd Mfftin Romualdez, together with
decisions and Duterte siblings - Mayor Ssra Dutefto and Rep.
Paolq Duterte-was released to the medis which
brandbhed them as the "Duterto Coalltion.'
bA the nert
Obviously missing from tho photo wss Party, later backed the term-sh&ring
former Spea,l€r Pantal€on Alvarez with agreement, af ter consultation withi
his unsettled dilferences with Mqyor Sar& With this Velasco and other member$ of
latest development on the Speakership, x,e csn the party, with the condition l,hat
expect an announcement to be made, sooner Velasco mDst come firsi.
than later. Constitutionalists will aJguc i,hat
Employees and ofricials from the House
from Representativ$ said that this is
the most contested Spealership mce
'affiffi having an "agreement' substituto an
election to choose a Speaker is illogal,
void and unconstitutional. Sure, there

ever. It has never happened that a clear will still be an election, but is an
Speaker was not lqlown for this long, exercise that the entire nation willl
leaying a lot of organization decisions lglow a.s rigged. An election must be
still up in the air. House leadership a ftee democratic process, n0l, don€
positions and co[unittee chairma.nships with the absolute knowledge of rc$ults,
have not been decided on, There axe much less the consent that the teuq to
nearly 70 House committees to be filled ' be served shall be put an abrupt, yet
[p with chafman, vicethairman and scripted end, in orde!. to givc waLy for
membership slots. Aside from this, a rhe next Speakor, who will &lso undergo
huge pile of adminhtrative work in a rigged election. This shall sel, o
the House is awaiting decision6 and dangerous precedent that thrcatens thc by the next Speaker. Clearly free democratic ideals of our society,
wh0ever the Speaker will be shall need Whatever decision that the
to get the ground running aa soon as uDuterte Coaliiion' has come to, it
possible, and hjs staf,l better be up to should hopetully be in favor of a single
speed with the demands ofthe 304 new Speaker for the entire three-year
Rep. Isidro Ungab was drobably
YmM term. Should there be any issues with
the chosen Speaker, they can allvays
the most-searched Filipino politician
last week on Google wlth ihe
t nqqa ^ar" pull off the Ftunt they did in the 2018
State of the/'IaiioniAddress yet again.