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Biography is a text or readings that tell the life of a character who succeed and have a positive
influence or impact on the environment.

His own biography that we often encounter there are 2 short biography, and long biography. Short
biography usually tells only briefly figures, while the long biography is usually in the form of a book that
tells the figures clearly and in detail.

Structure Text Biography

In general, Biography text composed of several parts:

 Orientation, which is the part that contains the introduction of characters and a
preliminary description of the character described.
 Event or issue, namely the part that contains the various problems faced by the
characters and contain things interesting, impressive, amazing and touching from these
figures. This section is also called a core part of the biography.
 Reorientation, which is the final part of the biography which typically contains about
qoute from the figures. Usually containing the words motivation for us to not give up
and imitate the life story of a character.
Biography of General Sudirman

General Sudirman is one of the most popular figures in the history of the struggle of the
Indonesian nation. He was the first commander of the military, religious leaders, educators,
Muhammadiyah leader and a pioneer of guerrilla warfare in Indonesia. General Sudirman also
one of the five-star general in Indonesia besides General AH Nasution and General Suharto. He
was born in Bodas Karangjati, Purbalingga, Central Java, on January 24, 1916 and died in
Magelang, Central Java, January 29, 1950 at the age of 34 years of tuberculosis and is buried at
the Heroes Cemetery in semaki State Kusuma, Yogyakarta.

General Sudirman was born and raised in a modest family. His father, KARSID
Kartowirodji, was a worker at Sugar Factory Kalibagor, Banyumas, and his mother, Siyem,
bleary-eyed offspring Wedana Apex. Soedirman since the age of 8 months was appointed as a
child by R. Tjokrosoenaryo, an assistant district officer Apex is still a brother of Siyem. General
Sudirman acquire formal education from the School Garden Student. Then he went on to HIK
(school teacher), Muhammadiyah Surakarta but not until the end. Sudirman was also active at
the moment Scouts organization Hizbul Wathan. After that he became a teacher at his school in
Cilacap Muhammadiyah.

The knowledge gained from the Japanese military through education. After completing
his education at the MAP, he became a battalion commander in Kroya, Central Java. Later he
became the commander of Division V / Banyumas after TKR formed, and eventually was elected
Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia (Commander TKR). Sudirman was
known to have a private firm on principle and conviction, he always put the interests of many
people and nation above personal interests, even the interests of his own health. His
personality is written in a book by Tjokropranolo, bodyguard during the guerrilla, as someone
who is always consistent and consistent in defending the interests of the homeland, the nation
and the state. During the Japanese occupation, the Sudirman been a member of the People's
Food Board and a member of the House of Representatives residency of Banyumas. In this time
he set up a cooperative to help the people from starvation.

After World War II, the Japanese surrendered unconditionally to the Allies. Sukarno
used the moment to declare the independence of Indonesia. Sudirman and his troops fought in
Banyumas, Central Java against the Japanese and captured weapons and ammunition. At that
time the Japanese position is still strong in Indonesia. MAP Soedirman organizing his battalion
into a regiment based in Banyumas, to become the army of the Republic of Indonesia which
then played a major role in the war Indonesian National Revolution.

After the People's Security Army (TKR) was formed, he was subsequently appointed as
Commander of Division V / Banyumas with the rank of Colonel. And through TKR Conference on
12 November 1945, was elected Soedirman TKR Commander / Chief of the Armed Forces of
Indonesia. Later he began to suffer from tuberculosis, but he still falls within the guerrilla war
against the forces who want to master the Dutch NICA Indonesia after the Japanese surrender.

The first great war is a war led Soedirman Palagan Ambarawa against the British and
Dutch NICA which lasts from November to December 1945. In December 1945, forces led by
Sudirman TKR fought against the British army in Ambarawa. And on December 12, 1945,
Sudirman launched simultaneous attacks against all top notch British Ambarawa. Famous battle
which lasted for five days to end with the withdrawal of British troops to Semarang. The war
ended on December 16, 1945. After victories in the Sudirman Ambarawa Theater, on December
18, 1945 he was appointed as General by President Soekarno. Soedirman gained the rank of
General is not through the military academy or other higher education, but because of his
General Sudirman still plunge into battle during the second Dutch military aggression in the
capital Yogyakarta. When the capital was moved to Yogyakarta, Indonesia as Jakarta has
mastered Belanda.Soedirman led his troops to defend Yogyakarta from the Dutch attack was on
December 19, 1948. In opposition, the health condition of General Sudirman was in a very weak
state of tuberculosis he suffered for a long time. Yogyakarta was then controlled by the Dutch,
although Indonesia was ruled by the army after General Offensive March 1, 1949. At that time,
President Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta and several cabinet members were also arrested by
the Dutch army. Because of the precarious situation, Soedirman crutches left with his troops
and return to guerrilla warfare.
He moved around for seven months from one forest to another forest, and from
mountain to mountain in sickness almost without treatment and medical care. Soedirman
home of guerrilla because his health condition does not allow her to lead the Armed Forces
directly. After that just a figure Soedirman planners behind the scenes in a guerrilla campaign
against the Dutch. After the Dutch surrender as the Indonesian archipelago States in the 1949
Round Table Conference in The Hague, General Sudirman back to Jakarta with President
Sukarno and Vice President Mohammad Hatta. At the date January 29, 1950, General Sudirman
died in Magelang, Central Java illness suffered severe tuberculosis. He was buried in the Heroes
Cemetery in semaki State Kusuma, Yogyakarta. He was named the Defender of Independence
hero. In 1997 he was awarded posthumously to Major General of the five-star rank possessed
only by a few generals in Indonesia until now.

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- Alfiananda Ihza M
- Ika Cahya R
- Maulana Akbar D
- Maura Savika A



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