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Volume 1 Issue 5 November 2010

The Actis Messenger


Greetings from Across the Canal….

Wow! It‟s hard to believe it was just four short months
ago that we said goodbye to family and friends, packed all
our belongings into 21 suitcases and headed to Colombia
with our four daughters. God has been busy refining us as
we navigate all the emotional, physical and spiritual rigors
of a new life on the mission field. He continues to be our
sustainer, provider and our comforter. When the going
has gotten tough, He has kept us going! So much has hap-
pened in the few months that we have been here. We are
adjusting to a new culture, a new climate, and a new lan-
guage just to name a few. It has been a whirlwind as we have set up house at the Seminary, the
girls have started school at Colegio Canadiense, we are progressing in our Spanish lessons, and
have begun work with a new ministry in a rural village 45 minutes away. It hasn‟t always been
the easiest, but we know that we are living right in the middle of God‟s will. There‟s no place
we‟d rather be!

Driving In Colombia!
Here in Colombia the right of way belongs to the largest vehicle, usually the buses, all the way
down to the little taxis (and the tiniest taxis we‟ve ever seen!). In addition, there is a race going
on. I‟m not sure where the finish line is, and I don‟t think that anybody else does either but we
are all frantically looking for it. So what rights do pedestrians have? None! It‟s like I said, there
is a race going on, and who‟d dare to stroll across a race track anyway? Compare the two signs
of Pedestrian Crossing. Which do you think is from Colombia? While racing, you also need to
watch out for roundabouts, potholes, and speed bumps (nicknamed “sleeping policemen” in
Spanish). Also, there are motorcyclists splitting
lanes and passing you on each side, all carrying
precious cargo like babies, dogs, and washing
machines (not kidding, they can get a lot on a
motorcycle!). Oh yeah, and left turns are a rarity
here. It’s more fun that way!

Special Announcement!
Christmas came early in Colombia! Family has generously pitched in to get us
home for Christmas!! We are so excited to see family and friends, and it will be
great for our girls too.
God continues to be faithful! The Lord never ceases to amaze us with His provision;
whether it‟s through encouraging friends, the timely arrival of a
package, or faithful supporters. Sometimes it‟s something as sim-
ple as the strength to get through another day. Of the many ways
He has blessed us while we have been here, one is a very special
friend named Yokima. She is a Colombian missionary who need-
ed a place to rest while on furlough and we needed more practice
with our Spanish. It‟s a win-win situation. Plus we just „happen‟
to have an extra room for her. Since she doesn‟t speak English, we
have had LOTS of practice speaking Spanish. It has made for
some pretty interesting conversations! Another way He has blessed us abundantly is through our
Spanish teacher Magdalena. She and her husband have taken us under their wings and have in-
troduced us to their beautiful country. What had started out as a teacher-student relationship has
quickly blossomed into a wonderful friendship. When we left for Colombia we had fears that we
would be on our own, but He has shown He is faithful by providing friends and mentors that have
given us a source of encouragement. We of course can‟t forget Jim and Miriam Marquardt, the
other American Missionaries that are mentoring us and helping us with just about everything from
finding the post office, to enrolling the girls in school. When we left for Colombia we had fears
that we would be on our own, but He has shown He is faithful by providing friends and mentors
that have given us a source of encouragement.
Prayer Requests:
 First of all, pray for Colombia to be released from Satan‟s grip and the light of Jesus Christ to
penetrate the hearts of those that have been held captive by the Evil one.
 For the dedicated Colombian servants here. Many pastors lead 2-3 churches, go to seminary and
also work an outside job. We are continually amazed by the many “hats” that Colombian pas-
tors wear.
 For God’s specific area of ministry to be revealed to us. There is so much need here in Colombia,
but we want to be serving exactly where God wants us. We are currently asking for the Lord‟s
leading in another town called Armenia.
 For accelerated language acquisition. We are excited and motivated to learn Colombia‟s heart
language, and to be able to share our faith effectively and efficiently without a translator.
 Continue to pray for ease of transition as we continue to face the emotional and spiritual rigors of
a new life on the mission field.
 Matt’s health. He has been battling stomach pains since being here and nothing seems to im-
prove it. He has visited the doctor and currently is trying different things.
For more information...
 To see more about our new life in Colombia, visit our blog:
 To mail things to us, check out the new instructions posted on our webpage:
 Many people have asked us how they can help us in our ministry. Please visit our wish list on our
webpage. Thanks!

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