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Chapter 11 Objectives

Understand how e-commerce

affects the way people
Understand that computers conduct business
have made a tremendous
difference in daily living Identify ways virtual reality,
intelligent agents, and robots
Explain how computers are being used in daily life
are used at home Learn how to prevent health-
related disorders and injuries
due to computer use
Describe how computers
Chapter 11 change the way society
interacts with disciplines
Understand how to design a
workspace ergonomically
Computers and such as education,
entertainment, finance, Recognize symptoms of
Society: Home, government, health care,
science, publishing,
computer addiction

Work, and Ethical and travel

Explain green computing
Recognize the issues
Issues associated with the
Next digital divide Understand ethical issues
p.11.2 surrounding computer use

Living with Computers Living with Computers

How has society How are computers used at home?
benefited from • entertainment
computers? • research and
• 1/3 of economic growth education
attributed to digital • budgeting,
technologies personal
• Users can make well- management,
informed decisions due and home
to instant access to business
information from management
• Web access
• Students have more • personal and
tools to assist them in business
Next learning process Next
p.11.2 p.11.3Fig. 11-2

Living with Computers Living with Computers

What is the main reason computers have infiltrated How have computers
homes? changed home
Distance Entertainment
Web-based news, education and leisure
• Transmit text, voice,
research sounds, video, and
graphics over Web
Communicate with
Online shopping Download and others around the
listen to music world PC Camera

Bank and invest Download and built-in microphone

Next Next
watch movies
p.11. 4 p.11.4 Fig. 11-3

Living with Computers Living with Computers
What is the purpose of videoconferencing What is computer-based training (CBT)?
software? • Learn by using
• Have live conversations with others computers with
PC camera
• Also called
instruction (CAI)
• Web-based
training (WBT)
uses Internet

Next picture of person he Next

p.11.4 Fig. 11-4 is talking to p.11.6 Fig. 11-8

Living with Computers Living with Computers

What are the advantages of CBT over traditional What is distance learning (DL)?
• Delivery at one
location and
learning at
Unique content • Most colleges
Unique offer some form
instructional of distance
experience, such learning; some
as simulations include
training costs
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p.11.7 p.11.8 Fig. 11-11

Living with Computers Living with Computers

What is edutainment? What are effects of the digital divide?
• Type of • Separates the haves from the have nots
education with

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p.11.8 Fig. 11-12 p.11.9 Fig. 11-13

Living with Computers Living with Computers
What music and video options are available on How are computers used to manage finances?
a computer for entertainment? • Balance your checkbook, pay bills,
• Play CDs or track personal income and expenses,
DVDs track investments, and evaluate
• Online financial plans
• Purchase
on Web
to hard disk
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p.11.11 Fig. 11-16 p.11.14 Fig. 11-19

Living with Computers Living with Computers

What is online stock trading? How does the
government use
• Buy and sell computers?
stocks online
without using • Government
a broker Web sites
provide citizens
• Organize with up-to-date
investments information
• Set up alerts

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p.11.16 Fig. 11-21 p.11.16 Fig. 11-22

Living with Computers Living with Computers

How do government employees use computers as What are other uses of computers in
part of their daily routine? government?
• 911 call center • Government
• Police have Web sites allow
online access you to
to FBI Center – file taxes
(NCIC) via – apply for
police cars permits and
equipped with licenses
computers and
fingerprint – pay parking
scanners tickets
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p.11.18 Fig. 11-23b p.11.18 Fig. 11-24

Living with Computers Living with Computers
How are computers used How can the computer and the Web aid patients?
in health care? • Provide up-to-date
medical, fitness,
• Maintain and share records nutrition, or exercise
• Monitor patient’s vital signs information
• Assist in research and diagnosis • Access databases
• File insurance claims of doctors and
• Conduct medical tests
• Talk to others
• Communicate with patients diagnosed with
• Surgically implant computerized similar conditions
devices using chat rooms
• Assist in operations with • Order prescriptions
computer-controlled devices online
• Aid in surgery

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p.11.19 Fig. 11-25 p.11.20 Fig. 11-27

Living with Computers Living with Computers

How can a computer How do scientists use
aid in fitness? computers?
• Exercise equipment • Help them collect,
often has a built-in analyze, and model
computer to data
– track progress • Use Internet to
– monitor physical communicate with
conditions colleagues around
• heart rate
• pulse

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p.11.21 Fig. 11-28 p.11.21 Fig. 11-29

Living with Computers Living with Computers

A cochlear implant (chip) allows deaf person to What is an electronic book (e-book)?
hear 5 • Some Web
1. Microphone picks up 4 sites allow you
sound and carries it to to download
computer 6
entire book to
2. Computer digitizes sound 3
your computer
3. Coil carries signals to
1 • Cost is about
4. Implant delivers the same or
electrical energy to
electrodes in cochlea 2 less than cost of
5. Electrodes stimulate
purchasing print
auditory nerve fibers version
6. Auditory nerve
sends sound
Next information to brain Next
p.11.22 Fig. 11-30 p.11.22 Fig. 11-32

Living with Computers Living with Computers
What are features of global positioning system (GPS) What online services are available for car
in your car? buyers?
• Shop online
Make for a car
directions • Obtain loans,
Automatically call
Dispatch roadside Track stolen
for help in assistance vehicle
emergency warranties
• Sell a used
Perform remote Unlock door Honk horn
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p.11. 24 p.11.25 Fig. 11-34

Living with Computers
What are reasons to What is virtual reality (VR)?
telecommute? • Use of computers to simulate real or imagined environment
• Reduce time and expense spent that appears as three-dimensional (3-D) space
in traveling to office • Used for games,
• Eliminate travel during unsafe training, engineering,
weather conditions
• Allow flexible work schedule
e-commerce, science,
• Provide convenient, comfortable and medicine
work environment
• Advantages
– Higher job satisfaction rates
– More productive workers
– Reduction in employer
Next – Healthy for environment Next
p.11. 26 Fig. 11-36 p.11.27 Fig. 11-37

Emerging Emerging
Technologies Technologies
How is the experience of a simulated environment What is artificial intelligence?
sometimes enhanced? • Application of human
• Software requires you to wear specialized headgear, body intelligence to
suits, and gloves computers
• Headgear • Can sense actions and,
displays based on logical
artificial assumptions and prior
environment experience, take smart software
in front of appropriate action to Software with built-in
both eyes complete task intelligence

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p.11.28 Fig. 11-38 p.11. 28

Emerging Emerging
Technologies Technologies
What is an intelligent agent? intelligent
intelligent What is a network agent?
• Any software that agentoffers
agent offersaa • Sophisticated type of intelligent agent that performs tasks on
independently remote computers before bringing results back to user
asks questions, • Sometimes
pays attention to called a bot
work patterns, and
carries out tasks
on behalf of user
Google search
results of search

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p.11.29 Fig. 11-39 p.11. 29

Emerging A Healthy Work

Technologies Environment
What is a robot? What are areas of concern for a healthy work
• Computer- environment?
controlled • Long-time computer use can lead to health
device that complications
moves and
reacts to
feedback Job-related injuries Computer
from outside and illnesses addiction

Ergonomics and
Next Next
workplace design Green computing
p.11.30 Fig. 11-40 p.11.30

A Healthy Work A Healthy Work

Environment Environment
What precautions can reduce the chance of How can you ease eyestrain when working at
developing tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome?
the computer?
• Take frequent breaks
during computer Hand Exercises
• Use wrist rest
• Exercise hands and
• Minimize number of
times you switch
between mouse and

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p.11.31 Fig. 11-41 p.11.31 Fig. 11-42

A Healthy Work A Healthy Work
Environment Environment
What is ergonomics? 18-28” What is computer addiction?
• Applied science devoted 200
• Occurs when Symptoms
to comfort, efficiency,
computer consumes • Craves computer time
and safety in workplace
someone’s entire • Overjoyed when at
elbows at 90° and arms and
social life
• Unable to stop
hands parallel to floor
computer activity
keyboard height: 23” to 28”
• Irritable when not at
adjustable backrest
adjustable seat
• Neglects family and
adjustable height chair friends
Next with 5 legs for stability Next • Problems at work or
p.11. 32 Fig. 11-43
feet flat on floor p.11. 32 school

A Healthy Work A Healthy Work

Environment Environment
What is green computing? What are some green computing
• Involves reducing electricity and environmental suggestions?
wastes while using a computer

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p.11. 33 p.11.33 Fig. 11-44

Ethics and Society Ethics and Society

What are computer ethics? What do you think about ethical issues?
• Moral guidelines that govern use of computers and
information systems

Unauthorized use Intellectual

of computer property
systems rights

Information Codes of
theft (piracy)
Next accuracy conduct Next
p.11.34 p.11.34 Fig. 11-45

Ethics and Society Ethics and Society
Why is information accuracy important? What are the ethics of using computers to alter
• Inaccurate input can result in erroneous information and output?
incorrect decisions based on that information • Alteration could lead to deliberately misleading
• Evaluate Web photographs
value before
relying on
its content

Next Next
p.11.34 Fig. 11-46 p.11.36 Fig. 11-47

Ethics and Society Ethics and Society

What are intellectual property rights? What is an IT code of
• Intellectual property conduct?

(IP) refers to work
created by • Written guideline that helps
inventors, authors, determine whether specific
and artists
• Intellectual property computer action is ethical
rights are rights to copyright or unethical
which creators are
entitled for their
inventions, writings,
and works of art
trademark Next
p.11.36 p.11.37 Fig. 11-48

Summary of
Computers and
Society: Home, Work,
and Ethical Issues
• Living with computers
• Emerging technologies
• A healthy work environment
• Ethics and society

Chapter 11 Complete