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 c  Decreased Constriction of Within 8 hours 1. Place patient 1. To aid in After 8 hours of
cardiac output coronary artery of nursing on semi- maximal lung nursing
³ related to intervention, Fowlers expansion intervention,
altered heart the patient will position. and promote the goal was
c  rhythm as Decreased display comfort on partially met as
 manifested by blood flow to hemodynamic the patient. evidenced by:
Bradycardia decreased the heart stability as 2. To decrease
(HR ± 54) heart rate. evidenced by: 2. Advise oxygen a. BP: 100/ 60
patient to limit consumption
Weak pulse Decreased a. BP: 100- movement. by the cells b. HR: 61
effectiveness 140/ 80-
Decreased BP of heart as a 120 3. Monitor VS 3. To note
(80/ 60) pump frequently patients
b. HR = 60 ± (every hour). responses to
100 bpm interventions.
Decreased 4. Administer
pulse rate oxygen 4. To increase
therapy as oxygen
ordered. available for
Decreased BP perfusion.

5. Administer 5. To manage
antipyretics increase
PRN. oxygen
in state of
metabolic rate
6. Administer 6.
vasodilators 7. To aid in
as ordered coronary

 c  Decisional Age (66 y/o) Within 8 hours 1. Assess for 1. To know the After 8 hours of
conflict related of nursing physical degree of nursing
³Minsan to extreme intervention, signs of impairment intervention, the
parang age as Declining brain the patient will distress. in goal was
nahihirapan manifested by functioning be able to functioning. completely met
ako delayed express as evidenced by:
magdesisyon, decision concerns 2. Encourage 2. To identify
yung decision making. Poor decision regarding verbalization what is the a. Expression
making ko making decision- of concerns. specific of feeling of
mabagal, di making as problem improved
tulad nung evidenced by: that needs decision
kabataan ko´ problem- making
as verbalized a. Expressed solving.
by the patient. feelings of
improved 3. To clearly
c  decision 3. Help the understand
Delayed making patient to the situation
decision review in order to
making information formulate
about past an
decision. appropriate

4. Guide patient 4. To help

in problem- them realize
solving the positive
process by and
providing negative
choices. aspect of

5. Provide 5. To aid in
factual better
information decision
about the making.