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SEDOTS  Info  Technologies  P  Ltd.  

Company  Profile  

Company  Profile  
SEDOTS   Info   Technologies   P   Ltd   (SEDOTS)   is   a   technology   driven   Company   and   provides  
Innovative  IT  Products,  Services,  Solutions  &  Infrastructure  to  its  Clients.  We  pride  ourselves  on  
delivering  quality  and  value  addition  to  our  customers  thereby  exceeding  their  expectations.  We  
understand   industry   needs   and   deliver   solutions   that   leverage   the   process   knowledge   of   our  
consultants.  The  company  was  founded  in  2009  by  a  team  of  IIT  &  IIMs  Alumni  who  wanted  to  
overcome  the  routine  and  create  a  company  that  would  act  in  the  market  not  only  for  business  
success  but  for  the  sake  of  Technology  itself.  Thus,  the  Vision  of  the  company  was  defined  –  “To  
develop  and  deliver innovative  technology  solutions  for  a  better  tomorrow”  
SEDOTS   has   developed   a   range   of   solutions   for   entire   broad   spectrum   of   Industry   verticals   and  
gained   ample   experience   in   the   services   we   offer:   Custom   Enterprise   Software   Development,  
Mobile  Application  Development,  IT  Infrastructure,  Business  Consulting  Services,  Training  &  Skill  
Development   Services,   Project   Management   Services,   Technical   Surveys   &   Assessments   and  
Business  Advisory  Services.    

The  Company's  Global  Delivery  Model  provides  for  the  best  resources  to  be  drawn  from  its  vast  
talent  pool  across  the  globe  to  offer  optimal  solutions.  

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SEDOTS  Core  Technology  Verticals:  

Enterprise  ApplicaJons  
Mobile  SoluJons  
IT  Infrastructure  
Business  ConsulJng  Services  
SEDOTS  Functional  Expertise:  Industry-­‐wise  
Ø IT  &  Telecom  Industry  
Ø Pharma-­‐Healthcare  Industry  
Ø Financial  Services  Industry  
Ø Agriculture  &  Plantation  Industry  
Ø Transportation  &  Logistics  Industry  
Ø Fertiliser  &  Chemicals  Industry  
Ø Infrastructure  Development  
Ø Entertainment  &  Media  Industry  
Ø Education  Sector  
SEDOTS  Founders:  

Bairy  Prashanth           Dhanunjaya  Reddy  
                                     Co-­‐Founder                                                                  Co-­‐Founder  

    SEDOTS   is   Co-­‐founded   by   Mr.   Bairy   Prashanth   &   Mr.   Dhanunjaya   Reddy   in   2009,  
with  a  vision  to  deliver  innovative  solutions  that  shall  add  value  to  Client’s  Business  and  thus  bring  
in   Client   Delightment   at   the   same   time   all   this   at   a   most   optimal   cost.   This   is   visibly   seen   in   terms  
of  continuous  repeat  business  from  their  Clients.  
Mr.  Bairy  Prashanth,  has  over  16+  Years  of  Business  Development  &  Techno-­‐Commercial  Experience.  He  
has   worked   at   various   levels   with   well-­‐known   companies   like   RMSI,   Jupiter,   CSS   Corporation   &   ANNOVA  
Technologies.   He   has   a   done   Master   in   Science   &   Technology,   M.Sc.   [TECH]   from   JNTU   Hyderabad   &  
Management  Program  from  IIM  Bangalore.  

Mr.Y.  Dhanunjaya  Reddy  has  over  12+  Years  of  Rich  Technical  Expertise  in  Software  
Development,  Project  Management  &  Client  Engagement.  He  has  worked  at  various  levels  with  
well-­‐known  companies  like  ABC,  Annova  Technologies.  He  has  done  B.Tech  in  Civil  Engineering  &  
M.Tech  in  Transportation  Engineering  from  IIT  –  Roorkee.  
SEDOTS  Logo  &  Philosophy:    

SEDOTS  team  basically  believes  that  for  any  ‘Problem’,  there  can  be  many  number  of  possible  
‘Solutions’,   If   one   can   visualize   them   to   be   represented   by   ‘DOTS’.   Then   a   ‘Problem   DOT’   that  
is   represented   here   by   a   ‘RED   DOT’,   when   is   given   by   a   Client   to   SEDOTS,   We   shall   ‘THINK’   for  
the   most   Optimal   &   Appropriate   solution   to   the   Client,   represented   by   ‘ORANGE   DOT’.   And  
SEDOTS  would  come  out  with  a  “Perfect  Out-­‐Of–Box  Solution”  to  the  problem  represented  by  
‘GREEN  DOT’.  All  the  three  DOTS  are  arranged  in  a  shape  of  Right  Symbol  (✓)   representing  a  
Right  Solution  to  Client.  Thus  SEDOTS  ensures  Client  Delightment.  
“SEDOTS   as   a   company   is   committed   to   make   our   ‘EARTH’   a   better   place   to   Live   by   Creating  
better  Solutions  Every  Day.”  

SEDOTS   Company’s:  
SEDOTS  is   committed  to  deliver  innovative  technology  solutions  for  a  better  
Deliver  innovative  Solutions  with  Client  Delightment.  
§ Commitment,  Honesty,  Ethics  
§ Team  Work  
§ Client  Satisfaction  

SEDOTS  IT  Functional  Expertise:  

Ø Technical  evaluation  
Ø RFP/RFI  preparation  
Ø Technical  support  
Ø Procurement  Management  
Ø Delivery  Management  
Ø Installation  and  Acceptance  management  
Ø Project  management  System  (PMS)  

SEDOTS  IT  Technical  Expertise:  

Ø Open  Source  Technologies  (LAMP)  
Ø Microsoft  Technologies  
Ø Mobile  Application  Development  –  Android,  BlackBerry,  iPhone,  J2ME,  BREW  
Ø Web  Application  Development  Services  
Ø GIS  &  RS  Technologies  
Ø Remote  IT  Infra  Management  Services  
Ø C,  C++,  Java  ,  PHP,  Ajax,  ASP.NET  
Ø Oracle,  SQL  Server,  mySql,  Postgre  Sql  
Ø Linux,  Windows,  Mac,  Android  


SEDOTS  Software  Development  Methodology:  

In  developing  our  software  project  execution  model,  we  at  SEDOTS  adhere  to  the  international  
standards  like  CMMI-­‐SW,  Rational  Unified  Process  and  ISO  9001:2000  to  make  the  project  flow  
easy  and  transparent  for  the  client.  Every  project  has  its  5  stages,  which  are:    
1.  Inception    
2.  Requirements  Management    
3.  Software  Solution  Development    
4.  Product  Integration    
5.  Quality  Assurance    

1. Inception    
This  is  when  the  initial  requirements  collection  takes  place  –  our  business  analysts  and  software  
architects  will  carefully  study  your  requirements  to  prepare  a  comprehensive  proposal.  You  don’t  
have  to  provide  us  with  structured  documentation.  Just  let  us  know  your  thoughts  and  
expectations,  and  our  specialists  will  work  on  defining  all  the  details  by  asking  you  some  questions  
and  offering  our  ideas  on  your  project.  The  proposal  is  free  for  you  and  has  no  obligations.    

2. Requirements  Management    
At  this  stage  we  will  clearly  describe  your  requirements  in  project  documentation.  Our  specialists  
will  prepare  a  proposal  describing  the  product's  performance,  technologies,  design  features,  
verification  requirements,  etc.  as  well  as  the  estimation  of  workload  and  cost  of  the  project.    
The  requirements  management  allows  for  the  activities  for  obtaining  and  controlling  requirement  
changes  and  ensuring  that  other  relevant  plans  and  data  are  kept  current.  Requirements  
management  continues  all  through  the  project,  culminating  in  the  comparison  of  the  product  
against  the  requirements.    

3. Software  Solution  Development    

The  software  solution  development  is  the  greatest  stage  of  the  project  where  most  of  the  
programming,  coding  and  testing  takes  place.    

4. Product  Integration    
At  the  Product  Integration  stage  we  define  the  best  possible  integration  sequence,  integrate  
product  components  and  deliver  the  product  to  the  client.    

5. Quality  Assurance    
Quality  Assurance  is  an  essential  part  of  any  project,  which  ensures  the  top  quality  of  our  
solutions.  This  is  a  complicated  process,  which  takes  place  at  all  other  stages  of  the  project  and  
includes  the  following  activities:    
•  Strong  project  management    
•  Transparent  project  flow    
•  Well-­‐defined  requirements  and  structured  project  documentation    
•  Deep  testing,  bug-­‐tracking  and  fixing    
•  Process  monitoring,  product  evaluation  in  regard  to  the  specified  requirements  and  client  
•  Usability  analysis    
•  Confidentiality  and  Intellectual  Property  Protection  abiding  statutory  laws.  


SEDOTS  Enterprise  Application  Development:  
SEDOTS  Enterprise  Application  software  which  provide  business  logic  support  functionality  for  an  
enterprise,  typically  in  commercial  organizations,  which  aims  to  improve  the  enterprise's  
productivity  and  efficiency  also  to  mitigate  bottlenecks.  

Services  provided  by  enterprise  software  are  typically  business-­‐oriented  tools  such  as  online  
shopping  and  online  payment  processing,  interactive  product  catalogue,  automated  billing  
systems,  security,  content  management,  CRM,  ERP,  Business  Intelligence,  HR  Management,  
Manufacturing,  EAI,  Enterprise  Forms  Automation  etc.  Characteristics  of  enterprise  software  are  
performance,  scalability,  and  robustness  

SEDOTS  EAD  Domains:  

• Application/Integration  
• Data  Architecture  
• Technical  Infrastructure  
• Business  Architecture  

Mobile  Solutions:  
As  mobile  applications  have  become  common  place,  spanning  over  the  entertainment  industry,  
business  applications  and  LBS,  SEDOTS  expertise  in  mobile  solutions  has  put  the  company  on  the  
technology  market’s  radar  as  one  of  the  best  Innovative    mobile  Application  software  developer  
for  both  consumer  and  enterprise  clients.  SEDOTS  impressive  record  in  developing  POS  &  Mobile  
software  for  many  industry  verticals  like  Health  Care,  Field  Service,  and  Telecom  etc  helps  us  to  
identify  potential  communication  problems  in  mobile  applications  and  to  find  optimal  solutions.  

SEDOTS  has  extensive  expertise  in  the  development  of  handset  software  for  business  and  
entertainment  consumer  markets,  with  skills  ranging  from  production  and  management  of  
multimedia  data  on  handsets,  to  the  implementation  of  full-­‐scale  solutions  that  include  
complicated  server-­‐side  modules.  

Areas  of  Mobile  (POS  &  Mobi  Apps)Expertise:  

• Field  Service  -­‐  parts  inventory,  dispatch  schedules  
• Healthcare  –  Marketing  Collaborateral  Solutions  
• Financial  Services  –  M-­‐Commerce,  Mobile  Payments  
• Mobile  Retail  -­‐  POS,  inventory  tracking,  customer  service  
• Transportation  -­‐  vehicle  location,  fleet  tracking  
• Location  Based  Services  –  GIS    
• Mobile  Marketing  &  Advertising  Services  
• Mobile  Interactivity  &  Gaming  Solutions  
Mobile  Technologies  Portfolio:  
-­‐  J2ME,  Brew,  Symbian,  Blackberry,  iPhone,  Android,  Windows  Mobile  
-­‐  Geo-­‐mapping  services,  on-­‐line  map  systems  and  GPS/location      tracking    
-­‐  streaming,  mobile  content  exchange,  e-­‐payments,  m-­‐payments,  hosting  solutions    
-­‐  Java  and  J2EE  ,  C++,C#  ,  .net  and  other  Microsoft  technologies  

IT  Infrastructure:  
SEDOTS  is  a  one-­‐stop-­‐solution  for  all  your  business  needs  .Our  maintenance  system  is  efficient  
enough  to  provide  the  longevity  of  the  hardware  and  keep  them  in  good  shape.  IT  is  the  backbone  
of  any  major  company,  A  key  strategy  for  successful  business  is  correct  investment  and  utilization  
of  all  available  technology.  We  have  high  caliber,  multi-­‐skilled  team  with  the  knowledge  base,  
experience  and  drive  to  deliver  solutions  and  fully  support  your  IT  infrastructure.  

Partnering  Global  IT  Products:  

HP  /  IBM  /  APPLE      /  SONY  /  DELL  /  ACER  /  SAMSUNG  /  SUN  Microsystems  /  TOSHIBA  /  ASUS  /  
XEROX  /  EPSON  /  CANON  /  WIPRO  /  HCL  /  CISCO  /  HITACHI  /  LG  /  IMATION  /  Intel  /  SEAGATE  /  
Western  Digital  /  QUANTUM  /  3COM/  LINKSYS  /  Microsoft  /  MC  AFEE  /  Trend  Micro  /  Symantec  /  

Shop  for  Products:    

Laptops   UPS  
Desktops   Consumables    &  Accessories  
Printers  &  Scanners   Remote  IT  Infrastructure  

Servers   Deals  for  Small  &  Home  Office    

WorkstaJons   Deals  for  EducaJon,  Government      

Networking   Deals  for    Health  Care    

Storage   Deal  for  Large  Enterprise  


Business  Consulting  Services:  
Companies  are  often  faced  with  a  challenge  of  understanding  the  dynamics  of  today's  business  
environment  and  how  to  align  their  business  processes  with  their  technological  investments  
within  their  limited  resources.  

SEDOTS  offers  business  consulting  in  various  areas  of  business  operations  by  defining,  aligning  
and  optimizing  our  client's  business  goals  and  objectives.  We  take  time  to  understand  our  client's  
business,  their  requirements  and  needs,  and  then  create  customized  solutions  that  deliver  
tangible  benefits,  add  value  and  improve  their  business  processes.  Foresight  to  evaluate  new  
technologies  from  a  practical  perspective  and  focus  on  key  industries  has  resulted  in  
accumulation  of  extensive  domain  knowledge  about  business  processes.    

This  has  enabled  us  to  deliver  quality  and  cutting  edge  solutions  to  our  clients;  IT  solutions,  that  
are  innovative  and  yet  in  synch  with  industry  best  practice,  ensuring  seamless  coordination  across  
strategy,  implementation  and  management  of  technology  with  emphasis  on  future-­‐proof  
Our  Business  Consulting  Services  include:  

• Training  &  Skill  Development  

• Content  Development  Services  

• Technical  Surveys  &  Assessment  Services  

• Business  Strategy,  Advisory  &  Innovation  Services  

• Project  Management  Services  

• Business  Process  Reengineering  

• TEFR  Project  Consultancy  Services  

• GIS  &  RS  Consultancy  Services  

• Transportation  &  Traffic  Consultancy  Services  


SEDOTS  Team:    

         OUR  STRENGTH
ü Skilled  Man  power  
ü High  Productivity  
ü World  Class  Infra-­‐structure  
ü Resources  Building  
ü Project  Scalability  
ü Quick  Response                                          

 24/7  Technical  Support


ü Rich  Project  Experience  
ü Quality  Assurance  
ü Timely  Delivery  
ü Client  Satisfaction  
ü Effective  Project  
ü Highly  Competitive  Pricing    

World  Class  IT  Infrastructure Best Customer Response Team


Our  Clients:  








SEDOTS  -­‐  IT  Products  &  Services:  
iInfra  Resource  Management  System  
Ø Asset  Tracking  
Ø Stores  Management  
Ø Human  Resource  Management  
Ø Purchase  Management  
Ø Material  Monitoring  
Ø Project  Management  –  BOQs,  DPR,  MPR,  MIS  Reports    
LOCATE  -­‐  Vehicle  Tracking  System  
Ø Real  time  Vehicle  Tracking  
Ø Real  time  Equipment  Tracking  
Ø School  Bus  Tracking  
Ø Real  time  Fuel  Monitoring  
Ø Working  hours  tracking  
Ø Fuel  Tracking  
Ø Instant  Alerts  
Ø MIS  Reports  
Prime  DMS  –  Document  Management  System  
Store,  Retrieve,  Search,  Share  multiple  infra  projects  Correspondence,  Drawings,  Agreements  and  
other  documents.  
iPalm  ERP  –  Oil  Palm  End  to  End  Operations  Management  
iPalm  is  one  of  the  most  cost-­‐effective  way  of  communicating  the  field  Information  to  the  Head  
Quarters.  iPalm  is  an  Unique,  Robust  and  Comprehensive  System  which  will  enable  instant  
Communication  from  Collection  Centers  to  the  Oil  Production  Companies.  
Ø RFID  authorization  based  Transactions  
Ø Field  Data  is  transferred  to  Server  immediately  
Ø Increase  Mill  Production  by  Real  time  Monitoring  
Ø Quick  generation  of  Bank  wise  Farmer  Payment  Statements,  Farmer  Ledger  Statements  
Ø MIS  Reports  with  KPIs  like  Yield  Per  Hectare  [YPH],  Previous  Years  Yield  Comparison  
Ø Quick  Preparation  of  Fertilizer  &  Saplings  Subsidy  Claim  Reports  
Ø Real  time  SMS/Email  Notifications  to  Farmers  

SMAC  Services  -­‐  
Ø Market  Collaborate  Services  
Ø Online  Reputation  Control  [ORC]  Services  
Ø Search  Engine  Optimization  [SEO]  Services  
Ø Social  Media  Integration  Services  
Ø Social  Media  Apps  
M2M  Solutions  
Handheld  based  applications  with  real  time  transfer  of  transactions  data  to  central  server.  
Ø Market  Yard  Procurement  Application.  
Ø Municipal  Water  Bill  Collection  Application  
Ø Irrigation  Taxes  Collection  Application  
Ø Chit  fund  Installment  collection  Application  
Ø Microfinance  Collection  &  Disbursement  Application  
Ø Milk  Collection  &  Distribution  Application  
Ø Goods  Distribution  Management  Appli


Mobile  Applications  
Locate  Mobile  Apps  
Android  -­‐  
Windows  -­‐­‐
Track  Your  Child
iInfra  Android  App  

Mobile  App  for  infra  companies  resource  Management  
iMaterial  Tag  App  

Material  Movement  Tracking  based  on  QR  Codes  &  RFID  Technologies.  
Geo-­‐Tagging  App  

 Geotagging  of  Land  parcels  of  commercial  crops,  periodical  field  data  capturing  along  with  
images/Videos.  Farmer’s  Complaints  management  and  Field  staff  movement  tracking.  Rich  
Geocoded  MIS  Reports  with  Thematic  maps.  

Our  Engineering  Services  Mobile  Applications:  
Classified  Volume  Count  Survey  App  
Axle  Load  Survey  App  
OD  Survey  App  
Urban  Planning  &  Surveys:  

Sl   Client   Project  Details    Year  

Khammam  Municipal   Topographic  survey  with  Total  Station  and  Development  
Corporation,  Andhra   of  GIS  Based  Slum  Mapping  in  Slums  of  Khammam  
1   Pradesh   Municipality  under  Rajiv  AwasYojana  Program   2011  

Nalgonda  Municipality,   Preparation  of  GIS  Maps  under  Slum  free  City  Plan  –  Rajiv  
2   Andhra  Pradesh   AwasYojana  Scheme   2011  
Topographic  survey  with  Total  Station  and  Development  
Zahirabad  Municipality,   of  GIS  Based  Slum  Mapping  in  Slums  of  Khammam  
3   Andhra  Pradesh   Municipality  under  Rajiv  AwasYojana  Program   2010  
Yellandu  Municipality,   Preparation  of  GIS  Maps  under  Slum  free  City  Plan  –  Rajiv  
4   Andhra  Pradesh   AwasYojana  Scheme   2010  
Nellore  Municipality,   Submission  of  Project  report  for  Road  Development  using  
5   Andhra  Pradesh   Total  Station  Survey  and  GIS.   2010  




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