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Lesson, Lesson Plan or Course Syllabus on Africa and/or Diaspora Critique

Your name: Samantha Holman

Title of the Resource: African Arts and Music
Source (web address):
Summary of the resource you selected?
This lesson plan discusses art and music in different regions in Africa. In this lesson plan students are
listening to folktales and reading picture books. Students get to learn about African craft and create
their own art as well. This lesson plan allows students to listen to African music and explore different art
pieces. They also will be acting out some of the things they have learned.
Who is the target audience (learner level) for this resource?
The target audience Is for grades 6 and up
Does the author have a clear idea of what they want students to do? Why or why not?
Yes, the author knows exactly what they want their students to do. In this lesson plan there are detailed
and specific assignments that the students must complete. For example, the teacher wants his or her
students to briefly research some introductory facts about Africa and learn about the varied music that
exists in different regions. On each assignment listed the teacher provides a detailed explanation for
what the students should do and sites the students can go to.
Are the objectives chosen appropriate for the target audience they outlined?
Yes, the objectives are appropriate because grade 6 and up should be capable of drawing conclusions on
topics, they should know how to follow direction to create websites, they should be able to create arts
and crafts to represent what they have learned etc. The assignments and goals listed in the lesson are all
things that children in those age ranges should be able to complete and comprehend.
Are there any learning objectives that you would revise, and how would you revise them?
No, there aren't any objective I would revise because the teacher who created this lesson plan was very
detailed in her assignments and did an excellent job at explaining what the assignments are and how to
do them successfully. The only thing I would add in the lesson plan is a brief description at the end of the
assignment details that tells the students what they should have learned from the assignments after
Are there other learning objectives that could be added?
I would add a learning objective where the students create a class project that reflects something they
learned in the class. They could do it individually or collectively and explain how they can use what they
learned in the class in real life. They would also explain why learning about African music and art is
relevant and important in the world.
Do the assessments seem to match the objectives? Give an example.
Yes, the assessments seem to match the objectives for example, the teacher has the students create
their own art work in order to understand art in various African regions. She also has the students listen
to African music then create their own music to reflect on African music in different regions and how it
is created.
Do the learning activities match the objectives? Give an example.
Yes, the activities seem to match the objectives for example, one learning objective was for the
Students to engage in reading and writing activities to gain knowledge of Africa. The teacher created an
assignment where the students research some facts about Africa and learn about the different music
that exists in different regions. She also has the students create diaries where they record what they
have learned about the music of different regions of Africa and its music.
Do the activities prepare the students for the assessment? Explain how.
Yes, the activities prepare the students for the assessment because the activities help the students
draw knowledge on art and music in Africa and helps them to better understand it by letting them
create it for themselves. It also helps students learn how to distinguish the different art and music in the
regions of Africa from each other.
Do you have any suggestions for special needs students? Give an example.
I would suggest the teacher give special needs students different assignments that have the same
objective goal as the other students. For example, allowing the students to draw or paint to different
music from different regions of Africa to help depict how the various music in Africa can yield different
emotions and artwork.
Do the plans for technology use in the resource seem appropriate? In particular I want you to think
about how you can technology and the Internet to teach that lesson.
Yes, the technology use seems appropriate because the students it is intended for should be able to use
the internet to create websites or research information successfully. Most students at that age know
how to accurately use a computer and most students know how to play audio music.
Do the plans for course materials seem appropriate for the activities? How might you improve them?
Yes, the plans for course materials seem appropriate for the activities because everything listed is
necessary and adequate in helping the student complete the assignment successfully
What are the strengths of this resource? Use specific examples.
The strengths of this resource are the details of the assignments. For example, the teacher explains
clearly and eloquently what she or he wants the students to do and provides them with the information
they need in order to get it done. She or he provided the materials they will need and the link they will
have to go to.
What are the weaknesses of this resource? Use specific examples.
The weaknesses are that the assignments do not tell what the students are gaining from it. For
example, when the teacher tells the students they will be creating their own are work through carving
soap, she doesn’t detail what that assignment is helping them to learn or understand.
How would you improve this resource? Use specific examples
I would improve this resource by detailing at the end of every assignment why what they are doing is
beneficial to learning and understanding the topic. I would also add more test or quizzes to see what
they have learned, and I would add an extra assignment so the students can reflect on what they
learned overall in the class and how they can apply it in their lives.