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There are many health problems that occur in elementary school children, but the
most common is the problem of nutrition. The nutritional problems can be
supported by several factors such as age, gender, parental education, parental
occupation, and family income. Anthropometric assessment of nutritional status
was conducted to determine the nutritional status of the child, so the nutrition
problem can be treated as soon as possible. The result of the study indicate that of
the 7 (58 %) childrens had approading the 2013 AKG height, 5 childrens (42 %)
not approading the 2013 AKG height. And 3 childrens (25 % ) normal weight, 3
childrens (25 %) obesity and 6 childrens (50 %) under weight. So, severe
undernutrition, undernutrition, overnutrition, and obesity still found on 8 year old

1. Introduction

National development of a nation influenced by the quality of Resources Human

(HR). One improvement effort the quality of human resources is the creation of
equitable health development and evenly, who seek to the community is in good
health optimal, both physical, mental, and social as well able to be a productive
generation. Health development achievement is assessed with public health
degrees. Level health is described by the situation mortality, morbidity and
nutritional status society. Nutritional imbalance can reduce the quality of HR.
Good nutrition will produce quality human resources which is healthy, intelligent
and physical tough and productive.

Improvement of nutrition is needed starting from the time pregnancy, babies and
toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school, adolescent and adult children to old
age. Primary school children is a strategic target for improvement community
nutrition because of the childhood function brain organs begin to form steadily so
intelligence development is quite rapid. Child Elementary School (SD) is a child
aged 6-12 year 1. Child growth and development badly in need of adequate
nutrition so there is no deviation in growth and child development. Poor nutrition
also will make the immune system in children weak. Activities that are quite high
and irregular eating habits in children often resulting in imbalances between
nutrient intake and adequacy. Imbalance between intake and Adequacy of
nutrition will cause problems nutrition, both the problem of over nutrition and
nutrition less.
Nutrition problems in Indonesia still dominated by malnutrition problems, namely
Protein Energy Deficiency (KEP), iron anemia, Iodine Deficiency Disorders
(IDD), and lack of vitamin A. Besides that there are also nutritional problems
other microstructure such as zinc deficiency until now it hasn't been revealed
because the limitations of science and nutritional technology. Nutritional
deficiencies can also be achieved cause infectious diseases that become cause of

Broadly speaking, there are three main factors which can cause nutritional
problems, namely host factors, agents, and environment. Factor host includes:
genetic factors, age, type sex, ethnic group, physiological condition,
immunological conditions, nutritional requirements, and someone's habits.
Agency factors include: nutritional factors, chemistry from the outside, chemistry
from within, physiology, genetics, psychology, physical strength, and biological /
parasite. Whereas environmental factors includes: physical, biological, social
environment, economy, and culture. Nutritional problems can be seen from the
imbalance between factors host, agency, and environment .

2. Methods

This study was used using the survey method for 8 year olds. Data collection on
height and weight of children and parent data is done directly.

3. Results and Discussion

The Characteristic of Children

1st childern

Initial name : R.K

Gender : female

Age : 8 years old

Address : kabanjahe

Height : 120 cm

Weight : 23 kg

Student of : 3rd grade national elementry of kabanjahe

Characteristic : he has brown skin, his body is a little thin. Every mornig hie
goes to school with his friend . after school he goes to the field to help her
parents. He is a student who is not too smart but he still follows lessons at school.

Background of family : his parents worked as farmers

2nd childern

Initial name :C.B

Gender : male

Age : 8 years old

Address : kabanjahe

Height : 115 cm

Weight : 21 kg

Student of : 3rd grade national elementry of kabanjahe

Characteristic : she has short hair,white skin, and pretty. Every day she went to
school with his father. After school she immediatelly went to the tutoring with her
friend. She was a smart student in her class, she is also an active student and often
gets champions.

Background of family : her father is a teacher at high school in kabanjahe, and her
mother is a housewife.

3rd children

Initial : GB

Sex : male

Address : tanjungtimur

Age : 8 years old

Helght : 117 cm

Weight : 23 kg

Occupation : student of elementary school NO 106848 tanjungtimur

Characteristic : small body,pretty high, and black skin

Background of family : her father was a farmer and her mother a tailor

4th children

Initial : GP

Sex : famale

Address : tanjungtimur
Age : 8 years old

Helght: 124 cm

Weight : 29 kg

Occupation : student of elementary school NO 106848 tanjungtimur

Characteristic : slightly elevated,curiy hair, and white skin

Background of family : his father is a laborer and his mother is an enterprising


5th Children

Initial Name : M.N.B.P

Gender : Female

Age : 8 years old

Address : Perumnas Simalingkar, Bawang 4, No 8

Height : 128 cm

Weight : 26 kg

Occupation : 1st grade student of bless primary school medan

Characteristic : She had white skin, long hair, rather plump body and tall. She is
realy active. She likes all kind of noddle

Background of family : Her parents are private employee. And she come from a
well endowed family. She is the first child out of two.

6 th Children

Initial name : C.H

Gender : Male

Age : 8 years old

Address : Marelan

Height : 127 cm

Weight : 30 kg

Occupation : 2 nd grade student of wahidin primary school

Characteristik : he had white skin, fat body. He is friendly and cute. He likes fried

Background of family : His father job is BUMN employees and his mother is
housewives. He is the last child out of three.

7th Children

Initial Name : L.Z.P

Gender : FEMALE

Age : 8 years old

Address :Jati Sari Street

Height : 110cm

Weight : 18,6 kg

Student of : 3rd grade of national elemntry of jati sari

Characteristics:He is an 8 year old child who has a short body and is rather thin.
have straight hair and white skin. at school he likes to play rubber. in school he
got the top 10 achievements. he really likes math
Background : he comes from a family that is located. his parents work as
civil servants. father and mother as primary school teachers. his father was a tribe
and his mother was a Javanese trib.

8th children

Initial Name : A.A.L

Gender : male

Age : 8 years old

Address :Jati Sari Street

Height : 118 cm

Weight : 21,7 kg

Characterisc :he is an 8 year old male. has a short and thin body, has black skin
and straight hair. he is very active in his school. but he lacked in learning.
Background :he comes from a poor family. his parents are just a farmer. he has a
pretty good voice. he was a singing champion.

9th Children

Initial Name : N.L

Gender : Female

Age : 8 years old

Address : jalan pasar 4 komplek pasar 4 indah tahap 2 no.b6,Medan.

Height : 128 cm

Weight : 36 kg

Student Of : YP. Brigjend Katamso

Characteristics: She had a short and straight hair,fair skin, and dark brown eyes.
She loves to eat sweet food like candy,chocolate,and cake. She was very playful
and very cheerful. She was a obedient kid even though sometimes a little
wayward but she was very nice and sweet.

Background : She was born an only child and she lived with her grandparents
and she was being raised by her grandparents because her parents was an
unemployed. Her mother was physically disabilities from a car accident. She
didn’t bring a lunchbox for school because she attended only three hours and she
had breakfast before going to school. NL went to school everyday by pedicab.
And she helped her grandmother to take care of her grandfather who was
paralysed like feeding him food and helping him into bedroom.


Initial Name : M.Z.S

Gender : Male

Age : 8 years old

Address : jalan setia indah,sunggal kanan,Medan.

Height : 118 cm

Weight : 23 kg

Student Of : 3rd grade of Gusti Wijaya Primary School

Characteristics: He had dark skin, round head, thick lips,short body,short hands,
and disten stomach. He is so very active,when he came home from school he
always ran with his friends to go home and immediately change clothes to play
bicycles with his friends. He is very lazy to eat rice and only want to eat snacks.
Even he doesn’t like vegetables and only eats a few fruits. He really likes fried
chicken and doesn’t like fish. His mother was very difficult to tell her to eat
because after school he immediately changed clothes and went to play.

Background : He is the second of 3 children. His father was a factory driver

and his mother was a housewife while selling in his house. His father came home
only once in two days,only his mother accompanied and cared for him and his
brother at home. He has a old brother and old younger brother. He went to school
on foot because the distance between the house to his school was close. He is
spoiled and whiny child but also friendly to all people around him. He also likes
to eat snacks that the snacks sold by his mother.

11th children

Initial : A.F.S

Age : 8 years old

Gender : Male

Weight : 33 kg

Height : 128 cm

Has a fat body, white skin, straight hair, stnib nose, chubby cheeks, glakeyeballs.

Has a fairly dence activty. Wake up at 06.00 a.m. go to school at 06.30 a.m. Go
home at 11.00 a.m. go to recite at 2.30 p.m. go home from recite as5.00 p.m . at
6.00 pm continue to playing football. Sleep at 9.00 pm. afs is a smart child. He
always gets a ranking in his class.

12th children

Initial : S.A

Age : 8 years old

Gender : female

Weight : 28 kg

Height : 126 cm

13th children
1.Initial Name: C.S

2.Gender: Male

3.Age: 8 Years Old

4.Height: 120 cm

5.Weight: 37 Kg

6.Accapation: Student Of Holy Kids Durian Tinggung Primary School

7.Adress: Jln.Durian Tinggung,Deli Serdang,Sumatra Utara

8.Characteristic: Fate,White Skin

9.Backround Of Family: Father’s Occupation : Famer

10. Mother’s Occupation : A Housewife


He is a boy who is in elementary school, he is height 120 cm,and weight

37 Kg.He has a round face with straight hair and a solid body and slanted eyes.He
is the secound child of three siblings he has a youger brother male and one older
sister,she is a child who is active in school and likes to hang out and play with her
peers, She likes playing games and watching cartoons. She likes all kinds of food
like fish,and vegetables and fruits and she likes ice cream.Her activites after
school usually play and sometimes take care of her sister white watching cartoons
like her usually after that she slepps late in the evening,then after that she takes a
shower, the ninght she eats,studiens and slepps

Has a thin body, brown skin, straight hair, a sharp nose, hackeyeballs.

Has a fairly dense activity. Wake up at 6.00 a.m go to school at 6.30 am. Go home
at 11.00 pm. Go to recite at 2.30 pm. Go home from recite at 5.00 pm. At 6.00 pm
continue to playing bicycle. Sleep at 9.00 pm. SA not as smart AFS, but she also
still gets a ranking and able to take lessons at school.

14th children
1.Initial Name: O.R

2.Gender: Femele

3.Age: 8 Years old

4. Height: 135 cm

5.weight: 30 Kg

6. Accaption: Student Of Sd Negeri 102005 Durian Tinggung Primary School

7.Adress: Jln.Tangga Batu,Deli Serdang,Sumatra Utara

8.Characteristic: Thin,Straight Hair,Short,White Skin

9.Backround Of Family: Father’s Occupation :Famer

Mother’s Occupation : A Housewife


She is a woman who is in elementary school with the age of 8 years, she
has a height of 135 cm and weight 30 Kg. She has staight hair with a short and
white skin and thick eyebrows. She has the second child of two siblings she has
brother, he is a friendy child he realy likes to hang out with is friends he likes to
play marbles and also hobbies playing games and likes to listen to music.This
child likes all kinds of food like fish,shrimp,and vegetables and he is very foud of
fruit and sweet foods like chocolate.Her activites after school play and sometimes
she is at home playing games and sometimes she watches cartoons.She takes a
bath in the afternoon,then the night she learns then sleeps.

Table 1. comparison of height

Initial Name Height (cm) Gender

RK 120 Female
CB 115 Male
GB 117 Male
GP 124 Female
MNBP 128 Female
CH 127 Male
LZP 110 Female
AAL 118 Male
NL 128 Female
MZS 118 Male
AFS 128 Male
SA 126 Female
CS 120 Male

OR 135 Female

Table 2. comparison of weight

Initial Name Weight (kg) Gender

RK 23 Female
CB 21 Male
GB 23 Male
GP 29 Female
MNBP 26 Female
CH 30 Male
LZP 18,6 Female
AAL 21,7 Male
NL 36 Female
MZS 23 Male
AFS 33 Male
SA 28 Female
CS 37 Male

OR 30 Female

Fom the result of the above research itnis known that there are some children who
weight less and there are some children who exceed the ideal body weight. And it
is all influenced by the nutritional intake for their growth and development also to
some children need healthy and nutrition balanced foods but don’t make that
children too fat. In this case, role of parents is very much needed to be assist by
health workers so that each nutritional intake is balanced with child’s condition.

Of the results obtained there 58 % approading the 2013 AKG height, 42 % not
approading the 2013 AKG height. And 25 % normal weight. 25 % obesity and 50
% under weight.

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