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Sophia Quattrocchi

Dr. Cho

C&T 491

27 June 2019

Journal Reflection 5

This week I was quite nervous to start teaching our second lesson because we had little

time to prepare and I didn’t want it to run poorly like the first day of our first lesson. I was even

more worried because we had less time to prepare than the first lesson because of our Seoul

excursion. Luckily, our second lesson plan ended up going much more smoothly than our first

lesson. Though we had less time to prepare and run through our PPT and lesson, we were more

familiar with the students and were much more comfortable being in the classroom. Our lesson

was very engaging and made the students get involved in our lesson.

Our second lesson was about trendy american dances. The students really enjoyed it since

we brought in their interests from American and Korean pop culture. When planning the lesson I

was worried about having balanced lesson that was both educational and fun. When teaching the

dance moves to the students, we made sure to go over review directions and keywords we would

use in our activities. Then we had the students follow basic commands and practice their

listening skills when playing “Simon Says”. We then taught the students some trendy American

dances and then the “Cha Cha Slide”. At first, I was worried that the lesson would not be

educational enough. However, we made sure to emphasize the importance of listening and

following directions throughout our lesson. We also made sure the students repeated after us

when following directions. The lesson was fun for the students and got them moving and

energized. Overall, the students were involved with the lesson and had a good time.
Sometimes the students would get loud and the classroom would get chaotic since all of

the students were standing. However, we were able to successfully control the classroom by

referring to “Simon Says” and occasionally using the microphone if needed. During this week

we learned how to deal with energetic, rowdy classes. While we struggled getting the students

attention at first we developed strategies in order to maintain attention from the class. With this

lesson, I learned how to balance educational material with material that the students would enjoy.

We were able to incorporate dance and pop culture references from both Korean and American

cultures. As we are still working to improve our second lesson this week, I will work on having

the students speak more throughout the lesson. While the students do a lot of listening, I hope to

have them repeat and speak more throughout the lesson.