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Digital Technologists of Victoria Senior High School

Victoria SHS, Nanhaya, Victoria, Laguna 4011

SY 2019-2020

 The adviser will conduct the
July 1, 2019 Announcement of the opening of the club campus-wide announcement of the
opening of the club.
 The club adviser will gather
potential members according to
Qualifying Examinations
their prior computer skills such as
July 3, 2019 Interview
basic computer operations, basic
Election of Officers
knowledge about parts of the
computer and office applications.
 An entrance examination and oral
July 5, 2019 Orientation and Agreement with the Parents. interview will be given to the
aspiring members.
 The club will provide a copy of
Regular Activities
agreement from to the parents. The
July 8 – March 25,  PC Operations
content will comprehensively
2019  Visual Graphics Design
discuss the objectives, rules, and
 Leadership Trainings
guidelines of the organization.
 Spearhead the program for
July 2019 Nutrition Month Celebration
Nutrition Month Celebration 2019
 Leadership training for classroom
August 21, 2019 Philippine International Youth Day officers and other interested
 5-minute, room-to-room
September 10, 209 World Suicide Prevention Day informative session about suicide
1st week of October  Participate in the celebration of
World Teachers’ Day
2019 World Teachers’ Day 2019
 Poster Making
1st week of  Song Writing and Composition
Filipino Values Month
November 2019 Competition
 Symposium
2nd week of
Philippine Environment Month  Tree planting activity
November 2019
 5-minute, room-to-room
1st week of March
Fire Prevention Month informative session about fire
prevention awareness.

Prepared by:

Master Teacher II / DIGITECH Adviser