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Which Career Pathway is right for you?
Which Career Pathway is right for you?

Results of The RIASEC test

Which Career Pathway is right for you?

R = Realistic

These people like to:

- work with animals, tools, or machines; generally avoid social activities like teaching, healing, and informing others;

- use skills in working with tools, mechanical or electrical drawings, machines, or plants

- Value practical things you can see, touch, and use

- See self as practical, mechanical, and realistic.

Good careers for Realistic people are…

• Agriculture

• Mechanic/Machinist

Health Services

• Engineering

I = Investigative

These people like to:

• Computers • Food and Hospitality

• Construction

- watch, learn, analyze and solve problems.

- study and solve math or science problems; generally avoids leading, selling, or persuading people;

- see self as precise, scientific, and intellectual.

Good careers for Investigative people are…

• Marine Biology

• Engineering

• Chemistry

• Zoology

• Medicine/Surgery

• Consumer Economics

• Psychology

A = Artistic

These people like to:

- work in unstructured situations where they can use their creativity.

- do creative activities like art, drama, crafts, dance, music, or creative writing; generally avoids highly ordered or repetitive activities;

- Value the creative arts -- like drama, music, art, or the works of creative writers; and

- See self as expressive, original, and independent.

Good careers for Artistic people are…

• Communications

• Radio and TV

• Cosmetology

• Interior Design

S = Social

These people like to:

• Fine and Performing Arts • Photography • Architecture

- work with other people, rather than things.

- do things to help people -- like, teaching, nursing, or giving first aid, providing information; generally avoids using machines, tools, or animals to achieve a goal;

- Value helping people and solving social problems;

- See self as helpful, friendly and trustworthy.

Good careers for Social people are…

• Counseling

• Advertising

• Nursing

• Public Relations

• Physical Therapy • Education

• Travel

E = Enterprising

These people like to:

- work with others and enjoy persuading and performing.

- lead and persuade people, and to sell things and ideas; generally avoids activities that require careful observation and scientific, analytical thinking;

- Value success in politics, leadership, or business

- See self as energetic, ambitious, and sociable.

Good careers for Enterprising people are:

• Fashion Merchandising

• Political Science

C = Conventional

These people like to:

• Real Estate

• International Trade

• Marketing/Sales • Banking/Finance

• Law

- do detail oriented, organized data work.

- work with numbers, records, or machines in a set, orderly way; generally avoids ambiguous, unstructured activities

- work with written records and numbers in a systematic, orderly way

- Value success in business

- See self as orderly, and good at following a set plan.

Good careers

for Conventional people are…

• Accounting

• Medical Records

• Court Reporting

• Banking

• Insurance • Data Processing

• Administration

Banking • Insurance • Data Processing • Administration NOTE This survey is based on the system


This survey is based on the system of personality typology developed by the psychologist John L. Holland with the idea that peoples’ personalities are linked to the types of occupations they prefer. The system measures people on six separate scales of which the three highest scores in order represent an individual’s type.