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Burke 1

McKenzie Burke

English Composition

30 June 2019

Annotated Bibliography

My paper will show facts about the death penalty, and hopefully persuade readers to look

at the bigger picture. I am looking forward to learning more in depth about the death penalty and

the “inhumane” qualities it contains. Overall, I think this is a very debatable topic that could go

both ways.

Benyamin, Chaya. “Is the Death Penalty Justified or Should It Be Abolished?” The

Perspective, 15 Mar. 2019,


This site tells both sides of the story, giving someone the opportunity to look at

either side clearly. The author talks about history, stating how the death penalty goes all

the way back to 1787. Also, how it has been a permissible act since the Bill of Rights

were ratified in the late 1700s.

I think the authors purpose of the article is to make people more open minded

about the death penalty. To lay all the facts out there and let the reader decide was they

believe in more. The audience the author is targeting is everyone. She wants everyone to

know the facts, and everyone to be able to believe in what they want to believe in.

Chaya is the author of the article and she has written a few books. When I Google

her not much is found. I know she is reliable because she has facts in her article, and she

has written for a while now.

Burke 2

I plan on using this source in my paper when I want to look at the other side of the

story. This will be a good tool to have when I need facts as well. Overall, I think this

article will give me plenty of good writing opportunities.

“Can the Death Penalty Be Justified? | An Explainer.” Economic and Political Weekly, 6

Mar. 2019,

This article is based around two different types of arguments. If gives the

argument for the death penalty and against. Then it takes each step to break down what

each argument means and the pros and cons of each one.

The authors purpose in writing this article was to show the different arguments

when it came to the death penalty. The author is more so against the death penalty and is

trying to show the audience the cons of the punishment. The audience the author is

reaching out to is a broad spectrum. Whomever is interested in the topic is eligible to read


The writer is Sohnee Harshey and she seems to be a very professional woman. She

is digital editor in political stand points. She has professional pictures and social media

accounts. Her article was surrounded by plenty of facts, making her credible.

I will use this article a lot in my paper. Especially since she talks about

Deterrence-Orientated Arguments and Retributive Arguments as well. Which will help

me write the paper when I want to talk about the two-different argument stand points of

the topic.

“Death Penalty.” Equal Justice Initiative, 10 June 2019,

Burke 3

This source talks about racial issues when it comes to the death penalty. It lays out

facts on what color the inmates were that were put on death row. They even included the

color of the victim the criminal killed was as well. They also talk about how innocent

people are put onto death row and 1/9 people that get executed are innocent.

The writers purpose in writing this article was to try and prove the death penalty

should be abolished. They think race is involved and innocent people are getting

sentenced to death.

I was not able to find the writers name anywhere on this article. But I do know the

article is credible. The site has lots of great information on it that I can use for a lot of

different topics in my future papers. They also use great evidence to back up their


I will use this information in my paper when I am trying to prove race is not

involved. They writer made some good facts and had solid evidence that race COULD be

involved, but this information will help me look at the other side of the race spectrum.

“DPIC.” Death Penalty Information Center,

This site has everything you would need to know about the death penalty on it. It

has told me about all of the different executions, death row, state and federal information,

also facts and research on the topic. Overall, I can get a lot of information from this site.

There are many different articles on this website, but the purpose of this website

is to educate people. If someone needed to know anything about this topic, it would be on

this site. I think the creators of this website wanted to get the knowledge out there so

people can form their own opinions on the death penalty.

Burke 4

There is no name on the website of anyone who created it or wrote any articles.

But this site is most definitely credible. When you type in the death penalty, this is the

first site that pops up. They have their own phone number and email to even reach them if

you have any questions on the topic.

I will use this site for every aspect of my paper. I mainly think I will use this site

when I want to gather evidence for actual criminal cases, considering there are plenty of

articles to use on this site.

Malkani, Bharat. “BOOK: Slavery and the Death Penalty.” Death Penalty Information

Center, 6 June 2019,


This source is about a book on the death penalty. This book talks about the link

between slavery and capital punishment and how people are wanting to completely

abolish both successfully.

The writers purpose in writing this article was to give a brief over view of the

book. The writer also gave their opinions of the inhumanity of slavery and the death


The writer is Dr. Malkani. He researches and teaches capital punishment. He is

most definitely credible because he went to school for years studying this topic. He is

someone very intelligent to read and learn from.

I will use this source if I have to compare slavery to capital punishment. Mainly

because I do not think they are near the same thing, and these types of punishments are

completely different.
Burke 5

“Why Amnesty Opposes the Death Penalty without Exception.” Death Penalty | Amnesty


This article talks about how the death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment

and it needs stopped now. It does mention plenty of facts about the death penalty that I do

agree with. Such as, criminals under the age of 18 getting executed and only drug related

criminals getting the death penalty.

The writers purpose is to stop the death penalty once and for all. The very first

thing you see when you click on the page is “We can stop the death penalty together.”

This writer is very against the death penalty and wants to try and persuade others.

I do not know who the writer is, there is no name on the article. The article does

seem credible though, considering the facts about the punishment and the different videos

included with it.

I will use this information when I am looking at the other side of my

argument. These facts will help me gather a good base of knowledge. The knowledge I

will gain from this will only solidly help me when I am talking about going against the

death penalty.

O’Ban, Steve. “In an Enlightened Age, the Death Penalty Is Still Justice.” The

Seattle Times, The Seattle Times Company, 13 Jan. 2017,

This article is about pro death penalty. It gives us a horrifying story of a little girl

getting murdered and the sentencing of that criminal. He makes a very good point, stating
Burke 6

how murderers try to avoid the death penalty desperately, making it the ultimate


The writers purpose in this article is to prove the death penalty does have some

pros that do make plenty of sense. We do not want murders sitting in jail, possibly

planning more crimes, when they killed innocent people.

The author is Steve O’Ban, he represents the 28th legislative district. He is

credible, he works in politics for a living and has a good view on what the death penalty

really is and what it entails.

I will use this information when I am defending my side of the argument. This

article gives me plenty of good facts, that are pushing for the death penalty. I think this

will end up being one of my most used sources.