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1864 Civil War

Black Regimental Flag
Sells For $196,800 At Morphy’s

FRIDAY JUNE 28, 2019 • VOL. 50, NO. 26

The 19th- And 20th-Century

Stahl Family Pottery
In Lehigh County, Pa. AAN Current
Stahl’s Pottery Preservation Society Inc. This rare 1864 battle flag carried by the “127th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops,” handpainted
by African-American artist and Union troop David Bustill Bowser, sold at Morphy’s for
Has Protected Homestead And Site $196,800. It is the only surviving flag of those Bowser created for the 11 Pennsylvania Black
By Justin W. Thomas
An 1864 handpainted flag that son of a fugitive slave, its distinc-
June is an exciting was carried into battle by the 127th tive artwork features the image of a
month for the Stahl’s Regiment, one of 11 African- black troop bidding farewell to
Pottery Preservation American regiments from Columbia, the Goddess of Liberty.
Society Inc. (SPPS) in Pennsylvania that fought for the Above the artwork, a motto reads:
Zionsville, Pa., which Union during the Civil War, has sold “WE WILL PROVE OURSELVES MEN.”
holds its annual at auction for $196,800 on June 13. “It was such an honor to have
Summer Pottery Dan Morphy, president of been chosen to bring this precious
Festival at the Stahl’s Morphy Auctions in Lancaster Civil War artifact to the auction mar- Emporium Dealer
Pottery historic prop- County, Pennsylvania, confirmed ketplace,” said Morphy. “Its historical Wins
erty in Powder Valley, that the flag was purchased by an importance cannot be overstated.” “Flea Market Flip”
one of two events held institutional buyer bidding by phone. Morphy Auctions is located in on page 4
each year by the Believed to be the only survivor Denver, Pa.
group. The 32nd annu- Some of the Stahl family pottery is on display at the historic Stahl from the original 11 flags hand- Image courtesy of Morphy
al festival event was Pottery in Zionsville, Pa. painted by David Bustill Bowser, Auctions.
June 15. Thirty regional
potters displayed and sold their
work, and potting demonstrations
and tours of the site were held
throughout the event. The fall show Chorley’s Spring Auction
is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 5.
The family operated on and off
for more than 100 years. Russell died
Shows That Brown Furniture Witman Showcases
The Unique Power
in 1986, and 27 living family mem-
bers, including descendants of Still Has Legs Of The Auction
Thomas, formed the SPPS in 1987 on page 7
when the contents of the historic
Stahl family pottery were sold onsite
British Auction House Holds
at a major sale held by Maurer’s. Country House Sale
More than 1,000 pieces of pottery
were sold, some of which was green A 17th-century chest
ware or pieces that were never fired, sold for 20 times its esti-
and others biscuit ware, pottery that mate to achieve an impres-
had been fired once, then glazed, sive £16,000 at Chorley’s
The glaze room at the historic Stahl Pottery in Spring Country House sale.
but never fired again. This is an Ocean City (N.J.)
Zionsville, Pa. Chorley’s Fine Art and Historical Museum
event that I truly wish I could have
attended. How many auctions for bottled glazes, molds, throwing Antiques sale was a treat To Host Antiques
for traditionalists with, Show On July 13
utilitarian pottery businesses dating wheels, slip cups, tools, a small
early oak furniture, Eastern on page 7
from the 19th century have there library, the actual homestead, and
been? I cannot recall another in my even an old hat and apron that had rugs, fine clocks, works of
lifetime. been sitting around the pottery shop art and model boats and
The auction included all sorts of since the 1950s was sold. The SPPS planes from medieval
wares made at the Stahl Pottery in the was fortunate to purchase the Eastington Hall in
1900s, such as historical objects, property at the sale. Part of the SPPS Worcestershire. For conver-
plaques, rooster figures, sugar bowls mission is to preserve the site and sion purposes, one pound
and just about every other type of interpret one of the dominant periods roughly equals $1.27.
pottery that the Stahls produced. The of production (mid-1930s), when The most popular lots
wood-fired kiln, pot shop, all sorts of brothers Thomas and Isaac revived from the Eastington Hall collection These two 17th-century oak back stools, one
the operation. The SPPS festivals are included two 17th-century oak back carved with the name “Dorothy Garrard” and
great opportunities for the public to stools, one carved with the name dated “1685,” the other named “Margrat
tour the property of this revivalist “Dorothy Garrard” and dated Garrard,” sold for £6,000. One is mentioned
pottery, including the kiln (originally in Victor Chinnery’s seminal work, “Oak Fifteen Years And
built in 1933). Furniture: The British Tradition.” Counting
The particular area along the on page 8
Indian Creek in Zionsville referred to “1685,” the other “Margrat Garrard.”
as Powder Valley first received its Pieces of named and dated oak are
name due to having gun powder rare, and the “Dorothy” chair is
mills. The quality veins of red clay
and accessibility to markets was a
mentioned in Victor Chinnery’s
seminal work, “Oak Furniture: The
In This Issue
bounty to the pottery operation for British Tradition.” This small but
generations. perfectly formed pair of chairs
The Stahl Family Pottery achieved £6,000. The previously
In the mid-19th century, Charles mentioned late 17th-century chest SHOPS, SHOWS
Ludwig Stahl (1828-96) established was a walnut and seaweed & MARKETS . . . . . . . . . . starting on page 3
the Powder Valley Pottery in Lehigh A late 17th-century walnut and seaweed marquetry bachelor’s chest, which SHOPS DIRECTORY . . . . . . . . . on page 7
Russell Stahl signing a piece of pottery. Continued on page 2 marquetry bachelor’s chest sold for £16,000. Continued on page 5
AUCTION SALE BILLS . . . starting on page 9
FEATURED AUCTION RESULTS: Witman Auctioneers Inc. - Manheim, Pennsylvania - Page 7 AUCTIONEER DIRECTORY . . . . on page 10
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