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Total Time: 3 hours Total Marks: 800
Note: There are 200 questions, printed on 12 pages. Please check all the pages before attempting
the paper.

1. Which of the following is the correct c. g, downward

option for the expression 𝐿𝑖𝑚 𝑥 → 8 d. g, upward
√𝑥−√8 6. a steam turbine is used to drive a
( )=
𝑥−8 generator. The input power to the
a. 8√2 turbine is P1 and the output power is
b. 4√2 PO. the power loss in the turbine is P
c. 2√2 a shown below.
1 What is the efficiency of the turbine?
d. 4√2 𝑃1
2. One factor of the polynomial p (z) a. 𝑃0
=z3+5z2+19z-25 is b.
a. z+1 𝑃𝐿
b. z-1 c. 𝑃𝐼
c. z+𝑖 𝑷𝒐
d. 𝑷𝑰
d. z-𝑖
7. Aqueous solution of KBr was added
3. The correct option for tan 3𝜃 is.
3𝑡𝑎𝑛𝜃−𝑡𝑎𝑛 2 𝜃
to the aqueous solution of MgBr2.
a. Due to common Brions equilibrium is
1+3𝑡𝑎𝑛 2 𝜃
3𝑡𝑎𝑛𝜃−𝑡𝑎𝑛 2 𝜃 disturbed. To reach the state of new
b. 1−3 tan 𝜃
equilibrium which reaction will
3𝑡𝑎𝑛𝜃−𝑡𝑎𝑛 2 𝜃
c. 1+3 tan 𝜃 occur.
3𝑡𝑎𝑛𝜃𝑡𝑎𝑛 2 𝜃 + −
d. a. 𝐾𝑎𝑞 + 𝐵𝑟𝑎𝑞 → 𝐾𝐵𝑟(𝑠)
1−3𝑡𝑎𝑛 2 𝜃 ++ −
b. 𝑀𝑔𝑎𝑎 + 2𝐵𝑟𝑎𝑞 → 𝑀𝑔𝐵𝑟2(𝑠)
4. For production of characteristic Ka X-
rays, the electron transition if from: c. Both are possible.
a. n=3 to n=2 d. Common ion effect is not
b. n=1 to n=2 applicable to this system
c. n=2 to n=1 8. Which one of the following is not a
d. n=2 to n=3 characteristic of stationary waves?
5. A basketball is thrown upward along a. Half wavelength is, half the
a parabolic path. What is the ball’s distance between the adjacent
acceleration while moving upward? nodes
a. Og, upward b. Amplitude is not the same
b. ½ g, upward

c. Phase is identical between two 𝐼𝑛𝑥 1

14. The integration, ∫𝑒 𝑑𝑥 =
adjacent nodes
a. In(Inx)
d. Energy of the stationary waves
b. 1-In(lnx)
travels outwards
c. In(lnx)-1
9. The flame colour of Na is yellow, Ca
d. In(lnx)+1
is brick red and Ba is apple green.
15. If a10=x,a12=y and a16=z are terms of
Which radiations among the
G, P then:
following travel with highest
a. x, y = z2
b. x, z = y2
a. Yellow
c. y, z = x2
b. Green
d. x, y = z
c. Violet
16. The force between two charged
d. All travel with the same velocity
bodies is “P”. if one of the charge is
10. The standard reduction potential for
doubled and the distance between
the two half cell reactions are given
them is halved, the force acting on
Cr+3+3e→Cr E0=0.74V
each charged body is:
Fe+3+3e→Fe E0 = +0.77V
a. 2 F
a. Cr oxidizes and act as anode b. 4 F
b. Fe reduces and act as anode
c. 8 F
c. Cr reduces and act as anode d. 16 F
d. Fe oxidizes and act as anode 17. The slope of the tangent to each point
11. The compound with a bigger negative
on the graph is definitely measured
ion is:
a. NaCl
a. f (x)
b. K3P
b. f (x)
c. Na2S c. f`` (x)
d. Ca3S2 d. f f (x) dx
12. Every now and then implies.
18. The correct option for 5! 𝐶510 is
a. Often
i. 𝐶510
b. Always
ii. 𝑃510
c. Occasionally
iii. 10𝐶510
d. Everywhere
a. i only
13. The moment of a force 𝐹̂ = 𝑡̂ + 𝑗̂ +
b. ii Only
𝑘̂, applied at a point (1,2,3) about
c. i and ii
origion is:
d. ii and iii
a. -𝑖̂ + 2𝑗 + 𝑘̂ 19. A thermistor is a semiconductor
b. −𝑖̂ + 2𝑗 + 𝑘̂ device whose resistance:
c. 𝑖̂ − 2𝑗 + 𝑘̂ a. Decreases as its temperature
d. 𝑖̂ + 𝑗 + 𝑘̂ increase

b. Doesn’t vary as its temperature d. TiO

increases 24. Bromo ethane on reaction with KCN
c. Decreases as its temperature gives compound “X”. the compound
decreases “X” on reduction with hydrogen
d. Doesn’t vary as its temperature (nascent) gives:
decrease a. CH3 – CH3
20. A medical lab has a 16g of sample of b. CH3 – CH2 – CH2 – NH2
radioactive isotopes. After 6 hours it c. CH3 – CH2 – COOH
was found that 12g of sample have d. CH3 – CH2 – CH2 – NO2
decayed. The half-life of the isotope 25. To make a clean breast of something
is: means:
a. 12 hours a. To do the cleaning
b. 6 hours b. To carefully avoid a trouble
c. 2 hours c. To clearly admit something
d. 3 hours d. Both A and B
21. The total energy input Ein in a process 26. I have seen the teacher outside the
is partly transferred to useful energy class this morning.
output U, and partly to energy that is a. The teacher has seen me outside
wasted W. what is the efficiency of the class this morning.
the process? b. The teacher have been seen
a. (U/W) x 100% outside the class this morning.
b. (W/Ein) x 100% c. The teacher were seen outside the
c. (U/Ein) x 100% class this morning.
d. (U+W) Ein x 100% d. The teacher has been seen by me
22. (CH3)3C-CH2-Br cannot undergo outside the class this morning.
elimination reaction with alcoholic 27. If the initial approximation is x0 = 0,
KOH. It is because. then for which of the following
a. Alcoholic KOH is not a good function Newton’s Raphsonis
choice applicable.
b. It is tertiary alkyl halide a. 𝑓 (𝑥 ) = 𝑥 3 + 2𝑥 − 1
c. For elimination strong base is 1
b. 𝑓 (𝑥 ) = 𝑠𝑖𝑛𝑥
needed 1
c. 𝑓 (𝑥 ) =
d. There is no 𝛽 −hydrogen in the 𝑥
compound d. 𝑓 (𝑥 ) = 𝑐𝑜𝑡𝑥
23. The electronics configuration of 28. If ABC is an equilateral triangle with
titanium is 1S2 2S2 2P6 3S2 3P6 4s2 side “C”, then its area is:
3d2 √3𝑐
a. 4
a. K2TiO4 √3𝑐 2
b. K3TiF6 b.
c. TiCl3 √3𝑐
c. 2

√3𝑐 2 c. 3x6.023x1023
d. 2
d. None of the above
29. Which pair of lines have a single
35. When an electric current is passes
point of intersection?
through neon gas, it produces:
a. x+y= 1,2x+2y=2
a. Plasma
b. x+y=1,x+y=0
b. Light
c. x+y=1,x-y=0
c. Both plasma and light
d. None of the above
d. Plasma, light and sound
30. What is the circumference of a circle
36. The rays with a particle nature is of:
whose area if 100𝜋?
a. y-rays
a. 10𝜋
b. x-rays
b. 20𝝅 c. Cathode rays
c. 10 d. Cosmic rays
d. 20
37. Someone is knocking at the door.
31. The number of significant figures in a. The door has been knocked at.
the measurement of 5.005x100-5s is: b. The door was knocked at by
a. 2 someone.
b. 3 c. The door was being knocked by
c. 4 someone.
d. 5 d. The door is being knocked at.
32. A student measures a current as 0.5A. 38. Which option is true for the
which of the following correctly
imaginary part of (x-iy)-1.
expresses this result? −𝑦
a. 𝑥 2+𝑦 2
a. 50 mA
b. 50 MA b. 𝑥 2+𝑦 2
c. 500 mA 𝑖𝑦
d. 500 MA 𝑥 2+𝑦 2
33. Which electronic transition is d. 𝑥 2+𝑦 2
associated with propanol by 39. A circle of radius 3 touch both the
absorbing uv/visible radiation? axes of 4h quadrant has centre.
a. 𝑛 → 𝜎 ∗ a. (3,-3)
b. 𝑛 → 𝜋 ∗ b. (-3,3)
c. 𝑛 → 𝜋 ∗ c. (3,3)
d. 𝜎 → 𝜎 ∗ d. (-3,-3)
34. Phosphorous exists in nature as tetra 2 −1/2
atomic molecule. The number of 40. The expression (9 + 𝑥) is valid
atoms present in one gram molecule only when ________?
of phosphorous are: a. |𝑥 | > 9/2
a. 60323x1023 b. |𝑥 | < 2/9
b. 2x6.023x1023 c. |𝑥 | > 9/2

d. |𝑥 | > 2/9 46. Choose the reagent used to test the

41. When lead, 214 82
Pb, emits a 𝛽 −1 , presence of Fe3+ ions in solution with
particle, the resultant nucleus will be. the formation of intense red colour.
a. 214 Bi a. NaSCN
214 b. KSCN
b. 82
c. 82
Pb d. All of the above
d. 82
Tl 47. Which of the following ions contain
42. In the nuclear reaction shown below one unpaired electron?
what is the value of coefficient “y”? a. Zn+2
U + 1
𝑛 → 141 Ba+92 Kr + b. K+1
92 0 53 36
c. Cu+2
y10 𝑛+200Mev
d. Na+1
a. 0
48. He said, “I will pass the exam with
b. 1
good marks”.
c. 2
a. He said that he would pass the
d. 3
exam with good marks.
43. The energy stored in a charged
b. He said with pride that he will
capacitor is given by:
pass the exam with good marks.
a. 𝑄𝑣 c. He told that I would pass the exam
1 with good marks.
b. 𝐶 2𝑉 2
1 49. A student estimate that the probability
c. 𝐶𝑣
2 of passing “ETEA” test is 8/9. What
d. 𝑄𝑉 2 is the probability of failing the test?
44. A spring obeying Hook’s law has an a. 7/9
upstretched length of 50 mm and a b. 2/9
spring constant of 400 Nm1. What is c. 1/9
the tension in the spring when its d. 3/9
𝑑 𝑠𝑖𝑛∝
overall length is 70mm? 50. = __________?
𝑑𝑥 sec 𝑥
a. 8.0 N a. –cos ∝ sin x
b. 28 N b. –sin ∝ cosx
c. 160 N c. –sin ∝ sin x
d. 400 N d. –cos ∝ cosx
45. In a transition state the reactants are: 51. Lef f(x) be a function such that f`(c) =
a. Highly stable 0. If f`` (c) > 0, then which of the
b. Moderately stable following is true:
c. Highly unstable a. Relative mini:, concave down
d. In the low energy state b. Relative max:, concave up
c. Relative max:, concave down
d. Relative mini:, concave up

3 58. Which of the following reactants

52. If f (-x) = -f (x), then ∫−3 𝑓 (𝑥 )𝑑𝑥 =?
3 when react produce ester?
a. ∫0 𝑓 (𝑥 )𝑑𝑥
a. CH3CH2-OH and PCL3
b. 2 ∫0 𝑓 (𝑥 )𝑑𝑥 b. CH3COOH and CH3 – O – CH3
3 c. C2H5OH and HCOOH
c. 2 ∫0 𝑓 (𝑥 )𝑑𝑥
d. CH3OOH and CH3CHO
d. Zero
59. “Disdain” (choose the word with
53. The prefix “tetra” stands for:
opposite meaning.
a. 106
a. Haughtiness
b. 109
b. Erroneous
c. 10-9
c. Contempt
d. 1012
d. Respect
54. The force “F” on a charged “q”.
60. Choose the correct option for the line
moving with velocity “v”, parallel to
x=8, and circle x2+y2-6x-4y-12=0.
magnetic field “B” is given by:
a. Touch each other
a. F = qvB
b. Interest each other
b. F = qE
c. Passes out side
c. F = 0
d. None of the above
d. F = ILB
𝑙𝑖𝑚 (1+𝑥)50 −1
55. The magnitude of horizontal 61. =
𝑥→0 𝑥
component of a force 10N is 6N. The a. 50
magnitude of its vertical component b. 0
is: c. 1
a. 10N d. n
b. 4N 62. when equation of normal to a circle
c. 8N x2+y2=5 is 2x – y = 0, then equation
d. 12N of tangent will be:
56. Select hydrogen carbonate which is a. x-2y=5
comparatively most stable towards b. x+2y=5
thermal decomposition. c. 2x+y=5
a. NaHCO3 d. 2x+y=0
b. KHCO3 2𝑡𝑎𝑛𝜃
63. The identity is true for
c. RbHCO3 1+ 𝑡𝑎𝑛 2 𝜃

d. CsHCO3 _______.
57. Methane Thiol and ethane Thiol is a. cos2𝜃
added to the natural gas: b. tan2𝜃
a. To make combustion of natural c. sin2𝜃
gas very easy d. cot2𝜃
b. To increase the boiling point 64. If 13.6eV energy is required to ionize
c. To detect the gas leakage by smell the hydrogen atom, then the required
d. Both a and c

energy to remove an electron from 69. Choose the mineral considered as

n=2 is: macronutrient and is essential for
a. 10.2eV human life:
b. 0eV a. Iodine
c. 3.4eV b. Iron
d. 6.8eV c. Zinc
65. Keeping magnetic field B and d. Calcium
velocity of the particles same, which 70. The IUPAC name of the compound
particle will show the most deflection CH3
when passes through the magnetic I
field: CH3-CH-CH2-CH=CH-CH3 is:
a. 𝛽-particles a. 2 methyl -4- hexane
b. 𝑎−particles b. 4 isoprophy 2-butene
c. 𝛾-rays c. 5-methyl -2- hexane
d. Neutrons d. 5,5- dimethyle -2-pentene
66. In vacuum all electromagnetic waves 71. Which reaction do you think has
have the same: highest value of Kc?
a. Energy a. H2+l2= 2HI
b. Speed b. Ester + water = acid + alcohol
c. Frequency c. CL + Cl = Cl2
d. Wavelength d. C + 2H2 = CH4
67. The molecules of Maltose sugar is 72. Choose the correct sentences.
given below, it bears: a. I am not going to the show
a. Ether linkage because won’t have time.
b. Peptide linkage b. I am not going to the show
c. Ester linkage because I don’t have time.
d. Carbon carbon linkage c. I am not going to the show
68. The correct product of the complete because I didn’t have time.
reduction of propionic acid is: d. I am not going to the show
O because I will not have time.
II 73. The differential equation of
𝐿𝑖𝐴𝐿𝐻4 orthogonal trajectories of the curve
CH3-CH2-C-OH 𝑒𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑟
y= cx3 is:
a. CH3-CH2-C-CH2 𝑑𝑦 3𝑦
b. CH3-CH2-CH2-OH a. =−
𝑑𝑥 𝑥
𝑑𝑦 𝑥
O b. = − 3𝑦
II 𝑑𝑦 −3𝑥
c. CH3-C-H c. =−
𝑑𝑥 𝑦
d. CH3-CH2-OH 𝑑𝑦 −𝑥
d. =−
𝑑𝑥 𝑦

74. If z = f (x,y) is a function of two J, the maximum kinetic energy of
variable x and y, then fx will be. emitted electron will be:
𝑙𝑖𝑚 𝑓(𝑥+∆𝑥,𝑦)−𝑓(𝑥,𝑦) a. 5 eV
∆𝑥 → 0 ∆𝑦
b. 10 eV
𝑙𝑖𝑚 𝑓(𝑥+∆𝑥)−𝑓(𝑥,𝑦)
b. c. 15 eV
∆𝑥 → 0 ∆𝑥
𝑙𝑖𝑚 𝑓(𝑥+∆𝑥,𝑦)−𝑓(𝑥,𝑦) d. 20 eV
c. 80. 1 mole of an ideal gas was allowed to
∆𝑥 → 0 ∆𝑥
𝑙𝑖𝑚 𝑓(𝑥,𝑦+∆𝑦)−𝑓(𝑥,𝑦) expand from 20dm3 to 30dm+3
∆𝑥 → 0 ∆𝑦
against a constant external pressure
75. The correct option for cos-1 (-x) + cos- 50atm. The work done is equal to:
(x)= a. 50 atm dm3
a. Zero b. 2500 atm dm3
b. 𝜋 c. 15 atm dm3
c. 𝜋⁄2 d. 500 atm dm3
d. 3𝜋⁄2 81. Compound with a greater number of
76. In what way do the atoms of the hydrogen bonding is:
isotopes 126𝐶 , 136𝐶 and 146𝐶 differ? a. CH3OH
a. Different charge b. H2O
b. Different numbers of electrons c. HF
c. Different numbers of neutrons d. H2SO4
d. Different numbers of protons 82. The liquid with highest rate of
77. A body of mass 1kg is suspended evaporation among the following is:
from a balance in the elevator which a. Water
is accelerating downward with an b. Ethyl alcohol
acceleration of 4 ms-2, the reading of c. Ammonia
the balance will be: d. N-pentane
a. 9.8N 83. One should keep one’s promises.
b. 13.8N (Choose the correct voice)
c. 5.8N a. Promises should be kept.
d. Zero b. One should keep his promises
78. Work function for a certain surface is c. One’s promises are kept.
13.26eV. minimum frequency, light d. One’s promises should be kept by
must have in order to eject electron him.
from surface will be: 84. The shortest distance of line
a. 1.6 x 1015 Hz ax+by+c=0 from origin is:
𝑙𝑎𝑥1 +𝑏𝑦1 +𝑐𝑙
b. 3.2 x 1015 Hz a. √𝑎 2 +𝑏2
c. 4.8 x 1015 Hz 𝑙𝑎𝑥+𝑏𝑦+𝑐𝑙
d. 6.4 x 1015 Hz √𝑎 2 +𝑏2
79. When light of energy 10 eV falls on a c. √𝑎 2 +𝑏2
metal surface of work function 8x10 - d. √𝑎2 + 𝑏2

85. The geometrical statement, “a d. 6.0

coincides with b or lies to the left of 90. The molality of 2.0 g NaOH (Mr= 40
b” is expressed as: g/mol) in 250 g distilled water a 40C
a. a < b will be exactly equal to:
b. a > b a. 0.20 m
c. a ≤ b b. 0.25 m
d. a ≥ b c. 1.20 m
86. The equation of the ellipse whose foci d. 0.5 m
1 91. Neutralization is always an
are (±2, 0) and accentricity 2 is:
𝑥2 𝑦2
exothermic phenomena. Which
a. + 16 = 1 neutralization reaction given below
𝑥2 𝑦2 evolves more heat:
b. + 12 = 1
a. NaOH(aq) + HCLO4(aq)
𝑥2 𝑦2
c. + =1 b. KOH(aq) + HNO3(aq)
16 8
𝑥2 𝑦2 c. NaOH(aq) + H2SO4(aq)
d. + 16 = 1
12 d. All evolve same heat.
87. A piston in a gas supply pump has an
92. The cashier says to them, “have you
area of 500 cm2 and it moves a
counted money”.
distance of 30 cm during one stroke.
(choose the correct indirect speech).
The pump moves the gas against a
a. The cashier told them that they
fixed pressure of 4000 Pa. the work
have counted the money.
done by the piston during on stroke is:
b. The cashier says to them if they
a. 60 J
have counted the money.
b. 6.0 x 103 J
c. The cashier says to them if they
c. 6.0 x 105 J
had counted the money.
d. 6.0 x 107 J
d. The cashier asks them if they have
88. Atmospheric pressure is measured
counted the money.
93. The derivative of the function in
a. Hygrometer
[cos(Inx) is:
b. Barometer 𝑥
c. Pyrometer tan(𝑖𝑛 𝑥)
tan(𝑖𝑛 𝑥)
d. Spherometer b. 𝑥
89. A displacement time graph for a tan(𝑖𝑛 𝑥)
c. −
transverse wave is shown in the 𝑥
cot(𝑖𝑛 𝑥)
diagram. d.
The phase difference between X and 94. The line ax + by + c = 0, will be
Y can be expressed as n𝜋. What is the vertical, when _______ ?
value of n? a. B = 0
a. 1.5 b. A = 0
b. 2.5 c. A ≠ o, b = 0
c. 3.0

d. A ≠ 0, a ≠ 00 100. An alternating current is represented

95. Equation of a circle centre at (-5, 4) by the equation / = l0 sin 𝜔t, which
and tangent to y – axis is: one of the following equation
a. (x + 5)2 + (y – 4)2 = 25 represent an alternating current that
b. (x + 5)2 + (y – 4)2 = 16 has the half amplitude and double the
c. (x + 5)2 + (y – 4)2 = 25 frequency.
d. (x + 5)2 + (y – 4)2 = 16 a. / = 2l0 sin2𝜔t
96. Two objectives of different masses 1
b. 2/ = l0 sin( 𝜔𝑡)
falling freely from the same heights 1
above the earth’s surface will c. l = 2 𝑙0 sin2𝜔t
experience the same. d. 2l = l0 sin𝜔t
a. Change in momentum per unit 101. The collision of the gas molecules
time. with the wall of the container is
b. Change in velocity per unit time. responsible for gaseous pressure.
c. Decrease in gravitational According to van der walls (after
potential energy per unit time. pressure correction) which gas will
d. Increase in kinetic energy per unit exert more pressure if temperature is
time. kept constant:
97. Which one of the following varies a. Real gas
when an object execute simple b. Ideal gas
harmonic motion? c. Non ideal gas
a. Angular frequency d. All exert same pressure
b. Total energy 102. The magnetic quantum number for
c. Force the last sub orbit having 3 electrons in
d. Amplitude 31
phosphorous 𝑃 is:
98. For a non-zero complex number z, 15
1 a. -1, 0, +1
which of the following is true for “𝑧”.
b. -1, 0, -1
a. |𝑧|2
c. 0, -1, +2
𝑧 d. -1, +1, -2
103. According to VSEPR theory, in
c. |𝑧|2 which of the following molecules the
𝑧 electron pair geometry is pyramidal:
d. |𝑧|
a. CH4
99. Krichhoff’s first law is based upon
b. NH3
law of conservation of:
c. BF3
a. Charge
d. None of the above
b. Energy
104. The passenger said to the taxi driver,
c. Mass
thank you.
d. Momentum
(Choose the correct indirect speech)

a. The passenger said to the taxi c. 49 ms-1

driver thank you. d. 27 ms-1
b. The passenger said thank you to 110. A girl sitting on a spinning bar stool
the taxi driver. with her legs folded, suddenly
c. The passenger tanked the taxi outspreads them. Her angular velocity
driver. will:
d. The passenger thanks the taxi a. Decrease
driver. b. Increase
105. The multiplicative identity in the set c. Remain the same
of complex number is. d. First increase and then decrease
a. (0,0) 111. Two forces having magnitudes 3.5 N
b. (0,1) and 5.5 N are acting on a body. Which
c. (1,0) one of the following cannot be the
d. (1,1) resultant of their possible sum?
106. A line y = mx + c will be tangent to a. 1.5N
parabola y2 = 4px if ________? b. 2.5N
a. p + mc = 0 c. 4.5N
b. pm = c d. 6.5N
c. pc – m = 0 112. Thermal stability is related to the
d. p – mc = 0 polarizing power of the cation in the
107. if det (A+-1) = 5, then det(A) = compound. Which of the following
a. 5 compounds having cation with a
b. -5 strong polarizing power?
1 a. MgCL2
1 b. ALCL3
d. − 5
c. LiCL
108. A particle moves along a curve with d. BaCL2
position vector R = cost ȋ + tĵ + sin t 113. Compound having the ability of
k, then its speed for t = 2sec, will be: showing inert pair effect is:
a. √2 a. NH3
b. √3 b. H2O
c. 1 c. SnCL2
d. None of the above d. All of the above
109. A ball of iron, mass 1 kg, is dropped 114. Which of the reactant pair you think
from the top of the building. The ball gives fastest reaction?
reaches the ground in 5s. What is the a. CH3 – l + F2
velocity, in m/s, of the ball when it b. CH3 – Cl + F2
strikes the ground? c. CH3 – Br + Cl2
a. 150 ms-1 d. CH3 – F + l2
b. 99 ms-1

115. A body in equilibrium must not a. (G)4

have: b. (G)1/4
a. Kinetic energy c. (G)8
b. Velocity d. (G)16
c. Momentum 121. Which of the following ordinary
d. Acceleration differential equation is nonlinear.
116. The oxidizing and reducing agents 𝑑2 𝑦 𝑑𝑦
a. + 2𝑥 𝑑𝑥 + 𝑦 = 3
𝑑𝑥 2
respectively in the reaction given
𝑑2 𝑦 𝑑𝑦 2
below are: b. + 4𝑦 (𝑑𝑥 ) + 2𝑦 = 𝑐𝑜𝑠𝑥
𝑑𝑥 2
H2S + 2FeCl4 -> 2FeCl2 + 2HCL + S 𝒅𝒗
c. = −𝟑𝟐
a. S2-, Fe3+ 𝒅𝒕
𝑑2 𝑦 𝑑𝑦
b. Fe2+, S2- d. 𝑑𝑥 2
+ 3 𝑑𝑥 + 11𝑦 = 3𝑥
c. Fe3+, S2- 2𝑥+1
122. Let f (x) = , then domain of f-1
d. S2-, Cl1- 𝑥−1
(x) is:
117. The orbital with highest energy is:
a. R – {1}
a. Hybrid
b. R – {2}
b. Un-hybrid
c. R – {-1}
c. Molecular
d. R – {-2}
d. All are of equal energy
123. If the momentum of a body
118. The melting point of a crystalline
decreases by 20% the percentage
solid by the addition of impurities.
decrease in K.E will be:
a. Increases
a. 44%
b. Decreases
b. 36%
c. Remains the same
c. 28%
d. 1st decreases then increase
d. 20%
119. The teacher said to the students,
124. Which compound with the given
“You can go out for a short break”.
information has greater mass in Kg?
(Choose the correct indirect speech)
a. 22.4 km3 N2 at STP
a. The teacher asked the students to
b. 2 mole of CO
go out for a short break.
c. 6.02x1023 molecules of C2H4
b. The teacher allowed the students
d. All have equal mass
to go out of a short break.
125. 2KClO3(s) -> 2KCl(s) + 302(g)
c. The teacher requested the
MrKCLO3 = 122.5 g/mol for the
students to go out for a short
production of 33.6 dm3 of O2 at STP
the mass of KClO3 to be decomposed
d. The teacher ordered the students
to go out for a short break.
a. 245.0g
120. If G1, G2, G3, G4 are four geometric
b. 61.25g
means between two numbers a and b,
c. 122.5g
then (G1, G2, G3, G4)4= _____?
d. 367.5g

126. All are anisotropic at room 132. Which test of the following would
temperature except. you suggest to distinguish between
a. CCl4 the compounds?
b. AgNO3 O O
c. CdS R - C – H and R – C- R
d. BaCO3 a. Baeyer’s reagent
127. For an average man it is very hard to b. Lucas reagent
earn bread and butter in many c. Tollens reagent
countries. (Choose the correct d. None of the above
meaning of the underlined idiom). 133. Choose the correct sentence.
a. Meals a. The new sultan, entitled to four
b. Livelihood wives prefer, monogamy.
c. To earn their names b. The new sultan, entitled to four
d. Bread along with butter wives preference monogamy.
128. The nth term formula for c. The new sultan, entitled to four
2,3,5,6,11…….. is? wives preference monogamy
a. 2n – 1 d. The new sultan, entitled to four
b. 2n + 1 wives, prefers monogamy.
c. an 134. Choose the correct option for
d. none of the above parabola, f (x) = -x2 + 4x – 5
129. for the inequality 2x – 5y ≥ 10, the a. Vertex (2, -1) opens upward
intercepts are? b. Vertex (2, 1) opens downward
a. (5,-2) c. Vertex (2, -1) opens downward
b. (5,2) d. Vertex (2, 1) opens upward
c. (-2,5) 135. The co-efficient of middle term in
d. (2,-5) 𝑥 9 2
the expansion of ( 9 + 𝑥) is:
130. If a, b, c are the three non-zero
vectors, then the expression a. (b.c) is: a. ( )
a. Scalar triple product 2
b. ( )
b. Volume of parallelepiped 1
c. Dot product 2
c. ( )
d. Meaningless 2
d. None of the above
131. The maximum kinetic energy of
136. The major axis of the ellipse 4x2 +
photoelectrons emitted depends
25y2 – 8x + 100y + 4 = 0 is:
a. Parallel to x – axis
a. Intensity of incident light.
b. Parallel to y – axis
b. Frequency of incident light
c. On x – axis
c. Temperature of the metal surface
d. On y – axis
d. None of the above

137. Two electrically neutral materials on 240 V, which bulb will glow most
are rubbed together. One acquires a brightly:
net positive charge. a. 60 W
a. Lost electrons b. 80 W
b. Gained electrons c. 100W
c. Lost protons d. All will bun equally bright
d. Gained protons 143. The SI unit of magnetic flux density
138. If 1 ng of mass converts into energy, is:
how many joules of heat will be a. N A-1 m
generated? b. N A-1 m-1
a. 3 x 10-3J c. N A m-1
b. 3 x 103J d. N A m
c. 9 x 10-3J 144. An electron volt is a unit of:
d. 9 x 104J a. Electric potential
139. When the light form two lamps falls b. Charge
on a screen, no interference pattern c. Electric current
can be obtained. Why is this? d. Energy
a. The lamps are not point sources 145. “The energy change in a closed
b. The lamps emit light of different cycle form initial to final state is
amplitudes. zero”. This statement is obeyed by:
c. The light form the lamps is not a. Born Haber cycle
coherent b. Law of conservation of energy
d. The light form the lamps is white. c. First law of thermodynamics
1 d. All of the above
140. ∫ dx = ______________
1/4−𝑥 2
146. Chrome plating is related no:
a. In |1+2𝑥 | a. Daniell cell
1+2𝑥 b. Voltaic cell
b. In |1−2𝑥 |
1 4+𝑥
c. Electrolytic cell
c. in |4−𝑥| d. Fuel cell

1 1+4𝑥
in |1−4𝑥| 147. X – rays with lowest energy is:
a. K𝛼
141. For a square matrix A = [aij], the
b. L𝛼
condition aij = 0, ∀ 𝑖 ≠ j and aij = -1,
c. K𝛽
∀ 𝑖 = j hold for:
d. K𝛾
a. Diagonal matrix
148. Altruistic
b. Unit matrix
a. Unselfish concern for the welfare
c. Scalar matrix
of others
d. Skew-symmetric
b. Avoiding disturbance
142. Three bulbs of rating 60w, 80 W and
c. Hating people for no particular
100W are connected in series to work

d. Artistic tendencies d. g/9

149. The fourth derivative of f (x) = 84x 155. Regarding liquefaction of gases, the
is highest critical temperature at a fixed
a. 64 84x (log 8) pressure of:
b. 256 84x (log 8)4 a. SO3(g)
c. 256 84x (log 8) b. NH3(g)
d. 64 84x (log 8)8 c. Cl2(g)
150. The range of the function, d. CO2(g)
(3𝑥 + 4), 𝑓𝑜𝑟 3𝑥 + 4 ≥ 0 156. A student dissolved 50.5 g KNO3
f(x)={ } 𝑖𝑠
−(3𝑥 + 4), 𝑓𝑜𝑟 3𝑥 + 4 < 0
(KNO3 = 101.0g/mol) in 1000 g
a. (- ∞, 0) distilled water and allowed to boil.
b. (0, ∞) The solution started boiling at:
c. (0, ∞) a. 100.52 0C
d.(−∞, 0) b. 100 0C
151. The graph of y = sec x, does not c. 101.04 0C
meet: d. KNO3 is insoluble in water
a. x – axis 157. At a temperature of -10 0C which
b. y – axis one doesn’t be have the property of
c. At x = 00 with y – axis molecular crystal among the
d. None of the above following is:
152. What is the magnitude of the linear a. Phosphorous
momentum of a particle if its de b. Water
Broglie’s wavelength is 0.02 nm? c. Sucrose
a. 0.5 h d. None of the above
b. 50 h 158. The hunter’s fatal accident ___ in
c. 5x107 h the newspaper yesterday.
d. 5x1010 h a. Is reported
153. A photon is: b. Will be reported
a. A charged particle c. Was reported
b. An electron-positron pair d. Was reporting
c. A packet of energy 159. Wire a has the same length and
d. Neutron resistance a wire B. the diameter of A
154. The gravitational field strength on is double that of B. what is the ratio of
the surface of the Earth is g. the the resistivity of wire A to that of wire
gravitational field strength on the B?
surface of a planet of thrice the radius a. 1 : 2
and the same density is: b. 4 : 1
a. 4 g c. 1 : 4
b. 6 g d. 2 : 1
c. 3 g

160. Three resistors of resistances 2Ώ, 4 a. Would have eaten

Ώ and 6 Ώ are connected in parallel b.Had eaten
across a D.C supply. The ratio of the c. Ate
current through the 2Ώ resistor to the d.Have eaten
current through the 4 Ώ resistor is: 165. The series 12 + 32 + 52 + …. + 992,
a. 1: 2 can be expressed as:
b. 2 : 1 a. ∑99
𝑘=1(2𝑘 − 1)

c. 1 : 4 b.∑99
𝑘=1(2𝑘 + 1)

d. 1 : 6 c. ∑50 2
𝑘=1(2𝑘 − 1)
161. If required conditions are provided, d.∑50 2
𝑘=1(2𝑘 + 1)
which compound on reaction with 166. Which one of the following terms is
HOCl will not follow not related to population?
Markownikkof’s rule: a. Noise
a. CH3 – CH = CH – Br b.Air
b. Br c. Radiation
d. None of the above
c. F 167. The compound of Cr (Chromum)
with a strong reducing power is:
d.CH3-C = CH2 a. K2 Cr2O7
b. CrCl2
162. The number of Chiral center in the c. Cr2O3
compound given below is/are: d. None of the above
O H O 168. Most of the students are keen ____
II I II their studies.
CH3 – CH2 – C – CH – C – C2H5 a. In
a. 2 b. On
b.3 c. Of
c. Zero d.All of the above
d.1 169. The domain of f(x) = sec x is:
163. San alkyne that gives aldehyde on a. (0, 𝜋) – { 𝜋/2}
hydrolysis with water under proper b. [− 𝜋/2), 𝜋/2] – {0}
condition is: c. [o, 𝜋] – { 𝜋/2}
a. CH3 – C = C – CH3 d. (-𝜋/2, 𝜋/2)
b.CH3 – C = CH 170. Which function obeys Euler’s
c. CH3 – CH2 – C = C theorem directly?
I 𝑥 2+𝑦 2
CH3 a. Tan-1 ( )
d. None of the above 𝑥𝑦 2
b. Sin (𝑥 3+𝑦 3 )
164. When Ahmad reached home last
𝑥 2−𝑦 2
night, his family ______ their dinner. c. tan ( )

d. In (√𝑥 +√𝑦) 176. X = 0, is the solution of the

171. If sum of even co-efficient in the inequality
expansion of (1+x) n is 256, the value a. X > 0
of n is b. 3x + 4 < 0
a. 7 c. 2x + 3 < 0
b. 8 d. X – 2 < 0
c. 9 177. What is represented by the gradient
d. 10 of a graph of force F (vertical axis)
172. The first law of thermodynamics is against extension x (horizontal axis)?
a statement which implies that: a. Elastic limit
a. No heat enters or leaves the system. b. Spring constant
b. The temperature remains constant. c. Stress
c. All work is mechanical d. Young modulus
d. Energy is conserved 178. The minute hand of a large clock is
173. A generator produces 100 KW of 3.0m long what is its mean angular
power at a potential difference of speed?
10kV. The power is transmitted a. 1.4x10-4 rad s-1
through cables of total resistance 5Ώ. b. 1.7x10-3 rad s-1
How much power is dissipated in the c. 5.2x10-4 rad s-1
cables? d. 3.0x10-1 rad s-1
a. 50 W 179. If a stationary electron is subjected
b. 250 W to a uniform magnetic field it will be:
c. 500 W a. Accelerated in the direction of
d. 1000 W field.
174. If a hole is bored through the center b.Caused to move in a circular path.
of the earth and a pebble is dropped in c. Caused to oscillate about a fixed
it, then it will: point.
a. Stop at the center of the earth d. Unaffected.
b. Drop to the other side 180. Alkene that do not follow cis-trans
c. Execute SHM isomerism is:
d. Fall with a constant velocity a. But-2-ene
175. The sum of infinite artithmetic- b. 1 chloroprene
geometric series is c. 1,1 dichloropropene
𝑎 𝑑𝑟 d. 1,2 dichloroethene
a. +
1−𝑟 1−𝑟 181. 2- Bromopropene on reaction with
𝑎 𝑑𝑟
b. 1−𝑟 - (1−𝑟)2 C2H5S- thio alcohol under goes:
𝑎 𝑑𝑟 a. Elimination reaction
c. + (1−𝑟)2
1−𝑟 b. Substitution reaction
d. if |𝑟| < 1 c. No reaction because C2H5S- is a
stronger base

d. Addition reaction c. V2 ∝ 1/r

182. The oxidation number of carbon in d. V ∝ 1/r2
Mg (HCO3)2 is: 187. The unpaired electron in the
a. +4 molecule of NH3 is:
b. -4 a. 0
c. -2 b. 1
d. Zero c. 2
183. He said, “I do not want to see any of d. 3
you; go away.” 188. Choose the one that cannot be
a. He said that he did not wish to see classed as buffer system:
any of you and go away. a. KH2 PO4 / H3 PO4
b.He said that they did not wish to see b. NaClO4 / HClO4
any of us and went away. c. CH3 COOH / CH3 COONa
c. He said that he did not wish to see d. NH4 OH / NH4Cl
any of them and went away. 189. White phosphorous catch fire
d.He said that he did not wish to see spontaneously in air forming mixture
any of them and ordered them to of oxides. Select the correct oxides:
go away. a. P4O6 and P2 O3
184. An object travels at constant speed b. P5O10 and P3 O6
around a circle of radius 1.0 m in 1.0s. c. P2O4 and P4 O8
what is the magnitude of its d. P4O6 and P4 O10
acceleration? 190. Saqib was arrested and charged
a. Zero ______ murder.
b. 1.0 ms-2 a. Into
c. 2π ms-2 b. On
d. 4 π2 ms-2 c. With
185. A source contains initially N0 nuclei d. near
of a radioactive nuclide. How many 191. Let an oblique triangle with
of these nuclei have decayed after a dimensions a = 30, b = 70 and 𝛽= 850.
time interval of three half-lives? Then for finding “∝”, we use _____?
a. N0/8 a. Sine law
b. 2N0/3 b. Cosine law
c. N0/3 c. Tangent law
d. 7N0/8 d. Both (A) and (B)
186. Satellites revolve around the earth 192. The nth term of A.P in the series,
in a circular orbit. What is the 1+4x+7x2+10x3+…. Is
relationship between the radii r of a. 3n + 2
their orbits and the orbital speeds? b. n + 1
a. V ∝ r2 c. n + 3
b. V ∝ r d. 3n - 2

193. In a magnetic field the charge at rest c. By pumping the ocean cannot dried
experiences: by you.
a. No force d. The ocean cannot be pumped dry
b. Maximum force by you.
c. Minimum force 199. For the approximate root of f(x)= 0
d. Perpendicular force in [a,b], it is necessary that:
194. Two bodies with kinetic energies in a. F(x) is continuous and f(a) > 0, f(b)
the ratio of 4:1 are moving with equal >0
linear momentum. The ratio of their b. F(x) is continuous and f(a) < 0, f(b)
masses is; <0
a. 1: 2 c. F(x) is discontinuous and f(a) > 0,
b. 1: 1 f(b) < 0
c. 4: 1 d.F(x) is continuous and f(a) > 0, f(b)
d. 1; 4 <0
195. The solubility of Ag2Cr2 O7 at 250C 200. Angle of rotation for removing “xy”
was 2.0x10-5M Ksp value is: term from conic equation is
a. 3.2x10-14 1 2ℎ
a. 𝜃 = 2tan-1 (𝑎+𝑏 )
b. 4.0x10-10 1 2ℎ
c. 8.0x10-25 b. 𝜃 = tan-1 ( )
2 𝑎−𝑏
d. 8.0x10-10 1 ℎ
c. 𝜃 = 2tan-1 (𝑎−𝑏 )
196. The specie with a strongest 1 2ℎ
conjugate base in aqueous solution d. 𝜃 = 2tan-1 (𝑎−𝑏 )
among the following is:
a. Hl
b. HNO3
d. HClO4
197. Higher the activation energy for a
a. Slow is the rate of reaction
b. Fast is the rate of reaction
c. Moderate is the rate of reaction
d. Activation energy is not related
to rate of reaction
198. You cannot pump the ocean dry.
a. The ocean cannot be dry pump by
b. You cannot dry the ocean by