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Department of Education

Region VI - Western Visayas

Division of Negros Occidental
Grade 11 A- SMAW

TEST I: MULTIPLE CHOICE. Read the sentences carefully choose the letter of your answer from the choices given.
1. It is a paragraph explaining a term or subject, c. Individual brainstorming
so your audience comprehends the topic of the d. Question brainstorming
paragraph. 6. These are concepts, ideas and statements that
a. Narration are generally assumed true, real and/or
b. Description existing.
c. Negation a. Facts
d. Exemplification b. Anecdotes
2. Its main function is to provide visual aids to c. Negation
facilitate learning and instruction. d. Cause and effect
a. Graphic organizer 7. It is the cognitive process of decoding symbols
b. Outline to derive meaning from a text.
c. Brainstorming list a. Reading process
d. Presentation b. Cause and effect
3. It is a kind of brainstorming where participants c. Denotation
are asked to write their ideas anonymously and d. Comparison and contrast
then the facilitator collects the ideas and the 8. It is the second meaning of the word.
group votes on each idea. a. Cause and effect
a. Team idea mapping method b. Comparison and contrast
b. Group passing technique c. Connotation
c. Nominal group d. Denotation
d. Question brainstorming 9. It is always the interaction between the text
4. This process involves brainstorming the and the reader.
questions, rather than trying to come up with a. Denotation
the immediate answers and short – term b. Reading process
solutions. c. Connotation
a. Team idea mapping method d. Context clues
b. Group passing technique 10. It is the primary, explicit or literal meaning of
c. Nominal group the word.
d. Question brainstorming a. Denotation
5. This is a variation of electronic brainstorming. It b. Reading process
can be manually or with computers. c. Connotation
a. Directed brainstorming d. Context clues
b. Guided brainstorming
TEST II: TRUE or FALSE. Write LIKE if the statement is correctly stated and write UNLIKE if otherwise.
11. Brainstorming is writing down your thoughts nonstop, in the exact order, language and form in the way you
think them because it uses the force of narration.
12. Good writing is the product of good thinking.
13. The thesis statement is a supporting statement of the essay.
14. There are no significant difference between reading and writing an outline.
15. Accuracy and appropriateness of ideas should be well- communicated.
16. A structure plan is not beneficial in writing paragraphs.
17. Reading is a skill that can be improved through consistent practice.
18. Denotation is the process of breaking down a concept into its constituent parts.
19. Good writer uses accurate or vivid words to communicate their ideas.
20. It is that affect writing such as connected discourse.

TEST IV: CLASSIFICATION. Examine the differences in the words below. Analyze which of the following are positive,
negative or neutral connotation.
36-38 chubby, voluptuous, fat
39-41 chatty, glib, loudmouthed
42-44 common, routine, trite

TEST V: Based from the selection below, organize information given through a sentence outline.

There are different types of rock music namely; alternative rock, classic rock, and hard rock, also known as
metal. Alternative rock features a steady bass drum laying down the beat, with easy flowing guitar riffs over the top.
The bass line is toned down and the lyrics are sung with intensity and authority.

Depending on the song, the guitars can either be acoustic guitars or electric guitars. Classic rock combines a
steady driving bass drum sound, with high share overtones, constant and often than not all electric guitars and
often repeating guitar riffs and complete bass line. The lyrics are sung with style and enthusiasm. Hard rock or metal
features a hard rolling bass drum with abundant amount of cymbal work. This style of rock uses several electric
guitars with heavy distortions to bring heavy a very intense sound.

It does not matter what your preference is, each different style of rock music is unique of its own.

45. First main idea:

46. Supporting detail:
47. Second main idea:
48. Supporting detail:
49. Supporting detail:
50. Third main idea or conclusion:

“Believe that you can and you’re halfway there”

God Bless