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lenalid 5mg

Lenalid 5mg contains Lenalidomide as an active substance which

belongs to thalidomide analogue. Lenalid 5mg tablets contains some
pharmacological activities like immuno modulatory, anti-neoplastic, &
anti-angiogenesis. Lenalid 5mg is a prescription medicine; used under
the supervision of medical oncologist. Lenalid 5mg is used by
combining with dexamethasone.

Indication of Lenalid :
The most common indications of Lenalid 5mg are; Multiple myeloma:
Lenalid 5mg should be used in combination with dexamethasone.

Myelodysplastic syndrome: Lenalid 5mg is used to treat this condition

Mantle cell lymphoma: Lenalid 5mg dose is used for this condition, if
patients are not responding to the Bortezomib treatment.

Mechanism of Lenalid :
Lenalid includes in the restraint of tumor rot factor alpha arrangement,
which support the T-cells and causes lessening serum levels of cytokines
vascular endothelial development factor and fundamental fibroblast
development factor. Lenalid is additionally engaged with the preclusion
of angiogenesis. Lenalidomide is additionally empowered G1 cell cycle
capture and apoptosis of ruinous cells.

Dosage & Administration :

The usual prescribed dose of Lenalidomide in myelodysplastic
syndromes is 10mg should be given as once a day.

For renal damaged patients;

In Patients with CrCl>60ml/min should not require dosage adjustment
of Lenalidomide.
In Patients with CrCl 30 to 60ml/min, 5mg of Lenalidomideshould be
given orally as once a day.
In Patient with CrCl <30ml/min, 2.5mg of Lenalidomideshould be
administered orally as a once a day.


Drops to <50000/mcL, therapy should be interrupted. Back to > or

equal to 50000/mcL, continue the Lenalidomideof 5mg/day.


Drops to <500/mcL, therapy should be postponed. Back to > or equal to

500/mcL, treatment should be continue to 5mg/day.


In this condition, Lenalidomideis concomitant with dexamethasone. The

usual dose of Lenalidomideis 25mg should be administered as once daily
on day 1 to 21. The dose of dexamethasone; 40mg of dexamethasone
should be followed on day 1 to 4, 9 to 12 & 17 to 20 of each 28 day cycles.
Patient with >75 years, 20mg of dexamethasone should be
recommended on day 1, 8, 15, & 22.


The advised dose of Lenalidomidefor this condition is 25mg should be

administered orally as once daily.

For renal damaged patients

Patient with CrCl 30 to 60ml/min, 10mg of Lenalidomideshould be
administered as once daily.
Patient with CrCl<30ml/min, 15mg of Lenalidomideshould be used for

The potency & effectiveness of Lenalidomide has not been evaluated in
pediatric patients with age of <18 years.
Drug interaction :
 Lenalid 5mg tablets interaction with digoxin, causes increased
concentration of digoxin causes increased risk of adverse effects
related to digoxin.
 Lenalid 5mg interaction with Erythropoietic agents, leads to
produced increased risk of thrombosis. Counsel the patients before
starting this combination treatment.
 Lenalid 5mg interaction with warfarin, causes increased exposure
of bleeding disorders. Monitor the INR value & prothrombin time.

Lenalid 5mg Warning :

The most common life threatening condition like: Embryo fetal damage,
Hypersensitivity reactions, Venous & arterial thromboembolism, Blood
clotting effects, Hematological disorders, For all these conditions, some
supportive measures should be used and provide safety measures.

Contraindication :
Lenalid 5mg should be contraindicated to pregnancy period.
Hypersensitivity reactions are produced due to patients are
contraindicated to the Lenalid 5mg component.

Pregnancy :
Pregnancy category X Lenalid 5mg causes fetal damage leads to death
Breast feeding should not be allowed..

Storage :
Lenalid 5mg capsules should be stored at 20°C to 25°C Protect the
container from light Keep away from moisture & heat.

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