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History 20

Mr. Letkeman’s Class

Adolf Hitler Biographical Pamphlet

1. I would like you to research and create a biographical pamphlet on Adolf Hitler.
In this biography I would like you to cover the following things:

• His early life (place of birth, parents, schooling, important events,

• Hitler’s time in the Wehrmacht (German army) during WWI.
• What were Hitler’s beliefs about “racial purity” (see Aryan, non-
• Hitler’s rise to power and becoming Germany’s Fuhrer.
• The circumstances of Hitler’s death

Bonus question  Did Hitler have a Jewish heritage?

**Please be sure to include relevant images and symbols within your pamphlet.**

2. One page of your pamphlet will be a cover page that includes a title, a picture,
and your name.

3. Your essay must contain an introduction and a conclusion in addition to the

required content from #1.

4. I would like you to attach a Bibliography (as a separate page) to your pamphlet.
I want your bibliography to have at least 3 sources, one of which must be a
book or video. Feel free to examine video documentation of Hitler’s life – just
be sure to include it in your bibliography. Remember to alphabetize your entries.

The pamphlet will be marked out of 36 marks. Please see the rubric on the next
CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Attractiveness & The brochure has The brochure has The brochure has The brochure's
Organization exceptionally attractive poorly-organized formatting and
attractive formatting and information. organization of
formatting and well-organized material are
well-organized information. confusing to the
information. reader.
Bibliography The bibliography Almost all of the Half of the Less than half of
is perfectly bibliography is bibliography is the bibliography
alphabetized, and alphabetized alphabetized is alphabetized
the entries are and/or the entries and/or the entries and/or the entries
properly laid out are properly laid are properly laid are properly laid
as shown. out as shown. out as shown. out as shown.
Graphics & Graphics go well Graphics go well Many Graphics Graphics selected
Pictures with the text and with the text, but don’t go well are poor,
there is a good there are some with the text or irrelevant, or
mix of text and that distract from are ill-placed. misplaced.
graphics. the text.

Writing Capitalization, Capitalization, There are 3-4 There are several

Mechanics spelling, and spelling, and capitalization, capitalization,
punctuation are punctuation spelling, and/or spelling, or
correct mostly correct punctuation punctuation errors
throughout the with 1-2 errors in the in the brochure.
brochure. instances. brochure. Proof- Proof-reading is
reading is not not evident.
Content & 20 15 10 5
Accuracy All facts in the Most of the facts Many (half) of Fewer than 50%
brochure are in the brochure the facts in the of the facts in the
accurate and are accurate brochure are brochure are
meet and/or meet accurate and/or accurate and/or
requirements. requirements. meet meet
requirements. requirements.

Please note: Any occurrence of outright plagiarism will result in a “0%”.

Please see the last page of this assignment booklet for a guide to properly
citing you’re your sources within the text, and writing a proper bibliography at
the end.
Resource Page

Quality Video: A&E Biography – Hitler and Stalin

These videos can also be located in my outbox. Feel free to put them onto a jump-
drive to watch at home as you prepare this assignment.

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3

Part 4 

Part 5 

Quality Websites:

1. “Der Fuhrer” [“The Leader”] Adolf Hitler Biography

2. “Adolf Hitler” (from Spartacus Educational)

3. “Mein Kampf” (from Spartacus Educational)

4. “The Rise of Adolf Hitler” (From BBC)
In-text Citations

When you are writing the information into your pamphlet, I would like you to cite your sources
right in the text. Please observe the following two examples.

Example #1 (using an internet source)

While Adolf Hitler was imprisoned, he wrote his famous book, Mein Kampf, which means “My
Struggle” (

Example #2 (direct quotation from a book)

When speaking about the Nazi movement and its popularity, Adolf Hitler once said, “All great
movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and
emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress” (Blackwell, 1987, p. 6).

Bibliography Examples

Book (example)

Blackwell, J.R. (1987). Adolf Hitler: The fascist leader of the resurrected Germany. New York,
NY: Penguin Books.


Bergmann, P. G. (1993). Adolf Hitler. In The new encyclopedia britannica (Vol. 26, pp. 501-
508). Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica.

Internet (example)

Angeli, E. (2010, May 5). Adolf Hiter. Retrieved from


DVD or VHS (examples)

Zaillan, Stephen (Producer), & Spielburg, Steven (Director). 1993. Schindler’s List. United
States: Universal Studios.