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SPEAKING TEST (B2) The test has 4 parts and it lasts aprox 14 minutes:

1- Breaking the ice: conversation with the examiner,
who asks you personal information and opinion.

2- Compare two photographs, answer a question
about your photos. Answer a question about your
partner’s photos.

3- Pair discussion, reach a decision.

4- Further discussion about the topic in task 3  
 PART  1    Monologue  

•  the  examiner  will  ask  you  simple  ques:ons  

about  yourself,  your  family,  sports,  
ac:vi:es,  hobbies,  likes,  dislikes,  your  
educa:on,  where  you  live,  etc.  
•  Ques:ons  may  also  be  about  past  
experiences  and  future  plans.  
•  You  do  not  interact  with  your  partner.  
•  Your  answers  should  not  be  longer  than  
20-­‐30  seconds.  
   PART  2    Long  turn   How  to  do  Part  2  
•  the  examiner  will  give  each  of  you  a  set  of  2   ü  Briefly  talk  about  the  general  ideas  the  photos  show  (20  
photos  to  talk  about.   sec).  Don’t  try  to  describe  them  in  detail.  
•  you  will  have  to  speak  about  them  for  1  min     ü  You  can  say  what’s  similar  and  what’s  different  in  them.  
•  you  will  have  to  briefly  contrast  the  2  photos   ü  Compare  the  ideas  the  two  photos  show  in  rela:on  to  the  
and  answer  a  ques:on  about  them.   ques8on  (which  is  printed  with  the  photos).  
•  the  ques:on  will  be  shown  on  the  exam   ü  Support  your  answer  to  the  ques:on  with  reasons  and  
paper   explana:ons.  
•  Then  you’ll  need  to  briefly  answer  a  ques:on   ü  When  you  are  not  sure  what’s  happening  in  a  photo,  
about  your  partner’s  pictures.   speculate  (she  seems  to  be...,  He  might  be...,  etc.)  
ü  Show  grammar,  vocabulary  and  structure!  (modals,  express  
possibility,  certainty,  link  your  ideas  adequately)  
whereas/  while  in  the  second  photo...  
 PART  3    Discussion  

•  This  part  of  the  speaking  is  divided  in  two  parts  and  
it  is  a  collabora:ve  task.  
•  In  the  first  part,  which  takes  2  minutes,  you  are  given  
a  page  with  a  ques:on  and  five  prompts.    
•  You  have  15  seconds  to  consider  the  op:ons  before  
you  begin  speaking.  
•  You  should  discuss  the  ideas  together,  exchanging  
and  jus:fying  opinions,  agreeing  &  disagreeing,  
sugges:ng,  specula:ng  and  assessing.  
•  In  the  second  part,  the  examiner  asks  you  to  
summarise  your  thoughts,  for  example  by  choosing  
the  op:on  that  is  best  and  saying  why.  You  have  one  
minute  for  this.  
   PART  4  Opinion  ques8ons  and  discussion  

•  The  examiner  asks  both  of  you  ques:ons  about  your  

opinions  connected  with  the  topic  you  discussed  in  
Part  3.    
•  You  may  be  asked  the  same  ques:ons  as  your  
partner,  if  you  agree  with  your  partner’s  answer,  or  a  
completely  different  ques:on.  
•  Part  4  lasts  about  4  minutes.  
Useful  language  
Most  of  the  :ps  here  have  been  extracted  from  Complete  First,  Cambridge  English.