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Auditor’s Certificate

The Board of Directors

(a). M/s Anuyug Bearing Private Limited;

(b).M/s.Citimac Consultancy Private Limited ;
©. M/s. Dhandapani Traders Private Limited;
(d). M/s. Newera Properties & Finance Private Limited;
(e). M/s. Belfast Commodities Private Limited;

1. We have examined the proposed accounting treatment specified in clauses-12,13,

and 14 of part v of the draft Scheme of arrangement between M/s Anuyug
Bearing Private Limited, M/s Citimac Consultancy Private Limited, M/s
Dhandapani traders Private Limited, M/s Newera Properties & Finance Private
Limited and M/s. Belfast Commodities Private Limited in terms of the provisions
of section 233 and other applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 with
reference to its compliance with the applicable Accounting Standards notified
under section 133 of Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 7 of the Companies
(Accounts) Rules, 2014 and other Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

2. The responsibility of the prepation of the draft Scheme and its compliance with the
relevant laws and regulations, including the applicable Accounting Standards as
aforesaid, is that of the Board of Directors of the Companies involved. our
responsibility is only to examine and report whether the accounting treatment
contained in the Draft Scheme Complies with the applicable Accounting Standards
and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Nothing contained in this
certificate, nor anything said or done in the course of, or in connection with the
services that are subject to this certificate, will extend any duty of care that we may
have in our capacity to examine the financial statements of the company.We carried
out our examination in accordance with the Guidance Note on Reports or
certificates for special purposes (revised), issued by the institute of Chartered
Accountants of India.

3. Our examination did not extend to any aspects of a legal or propriety nature coverd
in the clause 10 of the draft Scheme of arrangement.

4. Read with Paragraph 3 above and based on your examination and according to the
information and explanation given to us, we hereby state, that the accounting
treatment in respect of demergers is not directly addressed by any of the
Accounting Standards specified by the Central Government under Section 133
of the Companies Act, 2013, read with rule 7 of the companies (accounts)
Rules, 2014. Accordingly, in our view, the Accounting requirements of the draft
Scheme contained are not in violation of the requirements of section 133 of the
Companies Act, 2013, read with Rule 7 of the companies (Accounts) Rules 2014.
Place: Kolkata

For Anuyug Bearing Pvt. Ltd



Statement of Assets and Liabilities as at 30th September 2018

Name of the Company: Anuyug Bearing Pvt. Ltd.


Book Value Estimated Realizable Value

1.Balance at Bank 201136.00 201136.00
2. Cash in hand 306565.00 306565.00
3. Marketable Securities 0.00 0.00
4.Bills Receivables 0.00 0.00
5. Trade Debtors 0.00 0.00
6.Loans & Advances 4776212.00 4768534.00
7. Unpaid Calls 0.00 0.00
8.Stock –in -Trade 0.00 0.00
9. Work in Progress 0.00 0.00
10.Freehold Property 0.00 0.00
11.Leasehold Property 0.00 0.00
12. Plant & Machinery 0.00 0.00
13.Furniture ,Fittings 0.00 0.00
,Utensils etc.
14. Patents,Trademarks etc. 0.00 0.00
15. Investments other than 0.00 0.00
Marketable Securities
16. Other Property 0.00 0.00

5283913.00 52762350.00


Estimated to rank for payment (to the nearest rupee)

1.Secured on specific assets 0.00
2.Secured by Floating 0.00
3. Estimated cost of 0.00
liquidation and other
expense including interest
accruing until payment of
debts in full.
4.Unsecured 0.00
estimated to rank for
(a)Trade Accounts 0.00
(b)Bills payable 0.00
© Accrued expense 11850.00
(d) Other Liabilities 4881.00
(e) Contingent Liabilities 0.00
Total 16731.00
Total estimated value of 5276235.00
Total Liabilities 16731.00
Estimated Surplus after 5259504.00
paying Debts in full