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Group Number: ​2

Group Members:

1. Akhila Vishnupanthulu- 18050143010

2. Aman Girish Pande- 18050143059
3. Ancy Albert- 18050143011
4. Aneri Malavbhai Dudhia- 18050143031
5. Aneri Manish Naik- 18050143012
6. Anish Koul- 18050143013
7. Ankita Priya- 18050143014
8. Anushree Rathi- 18050143015
9. Apoorva V- 18050143016

Topic Selected: ​Business Etiquette

List of concepts the group intends to illustrate through the role-play:

● Communication Etiquettes
● Cubicle Etiquettes
● Meeting Etiquettes


Narrators: Ancy Albert, Akhila Vishnupanthulu and Ankita Priya

Employees: Apoorva, Aneri Naik, Anish Koul, Anushree Rathi and Aneri Dudhia
Manager: Aman Pandey


SIMC Limited is a India’s leading Communication and Entertainment company located in Pune.
The play here depicts the different scenarios what should and should not be done in a corporate
scenario. Business etiquettes helps in enhancing company profile among industry peers,
promotes cross-cultural awareness, fosters dignity and respect in the workplace, provides
positive impact on workplace code of conduct, improves internal and external customer relations
at corporate level. On an individual level, it builds self-confidence and self-esteem, impacts
career advancement and creates potential opportunities in competitive academic environment.

Sequence 1: ​Communication Etiquettes

Communication etiquettes on telephone conversations
The workplace has changed in many ways from past few years, but perhaps in no greater way
than proper communication can help develop business relationship. Our company employees,
Aneri Dudhia and Anushree Rathi along with the manager Aman Pandey will be showcasing
what not do scenarios with regards to communication etiquettes.

There are few sets of rules while interacting with other person over the phone:-
● Never call at odd hours
● Voice should be very pleasant
● Never ask "guess who i am" in any official call
● Always ask, "am i speaking to aneri?" Before starting conversation
● Exercise patience and listen carefully before speaking
● Content should be relevant and clear
● Never put on hold for too long
● There should be no noise in background

Communication etiquettes for one-to-one conversations

Most of us have no trouble talking, but many of us could use some help in effectively getting our
message across, especially when communicating in the workplace. First-rate leadership
embodies strong communication skills, as the successful exchange of information or ideas is
critical to any business. Clear communication builds engagement, harmony, and loyalty among

The employees of the company Anish and Apoorva will be depicting what not to do in a
workplace scenario during a one-to-one conversation.

Tips that should ideally be followed in such scenarios at workplace:

● Focus on the other person

● Be concise
● Timing is everything
● Ask questions
● Use your words to your advantage

Sequence 2: ​Cubicle Etiquettes

An office is a home away from home, but due to the formality of having work relations the only
way to conduct decent and appropriate behaviour in a cubicle to co-exist with colleagues and
maintain a healthy relationship in the office is of utmost importance for all work cultures.

To demonstrate the best practices for proper cubicle etiquettes, here there is a setting of two
cubicles next to each other with two colleagues, as the characters of the play, Aneri Naik and
Apoorva. The scene entails what not to do in a cubicle. The character Aneri Naik will be acting
out situations that are exactly opposite to the following listed actions that should generally be

● Knock before talking

● Make wise food choices
● Avoid Speaker phones
● Visit in person and not screw across the cubicles
● Avoid loud talking in your cubicle

Sequence 3: ​Meeting Etiquettes

Business meetings drive the day to day workings of any organization. It's a crucial element that
brings all the employees on the same page. Therefore it becomes imperative to have regular and
functional meetings at regular intervals.

All the members of the company were called for the meeting by the manager to discuss the
performance metrics of the team for the previous month and also to analyze the updates that they
will be seeing in the future with regards to the process.

Etiquettes to be observed during meetings

● Avoid using cell phones, replying to mails and taking calls during the meeting.
● Have an agenda circulated and maintain minutes of every meeting
● Have clearly established call to actions that is communicated to all.
● Avoid getting into fights, raising your voice and speaking in unruly manner.
● Avoid waking in late and moving out of a meeting unannounced.