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We Are Learning Too

WALT: “Use adjectives in our work”

What I’m Looking For

WILF: “For students to use Adjectives to
describe their nouns”

This Is Because
TIB: “It is important for us to use adjectives in our

Name: Date

Mr Howley’s Day at the Crazy Zoo.

1. Highlight the adjectives in Mr Howley’s Story.

One Day I went to the Crazy Zoo. First, I saw a giant hairy Gorilla. Then,
I saw a strong, scary and stripy tiger. I saw a long slimy snake that had
sharp fangs. I saw so many colourful birds and fish. I saw smelly
monkeys with long arms. I liked the graceful giraffes the best because
they had an elongated neck so it could eat the leaves off the green
leafy trees. After, I saw an angry spotted cheater. Then, I saw a stocky
hippopotamus. I saw the enormous elephants quickly shoot out water
from their thick trunks. I was so tired that I laid on the grass and had a
short nap. I had a great day at the amazing zoo!
2. Now think of 5 of your favourite animals and describe how you saw
them at the zoo.

Your Day at the Zoo

One day I went to the zoo. First, I saw a

. Then, I saw a
. I saw a
that had . I saw so many
. I saw
with . I liked the
the best, because they had a
. After that, I saw the
. Then, I saw a .
I saw the . I had a great
day at the zoo.

Name: Date

1. Use adjectives to describe yourself.

I am:




2. Create a sentence using the adjectives above.





3. Draw a picture of yourself using the adjectives you used to describe