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PJC is the regional leader in corporate tax, including tax compliance, representation, litigation, pre-transaction advisory, and tax risk assessment. We are leading tax advisors in Mumbai aims at providing the best Taxation Regulatory & Advisory Services.

PJC views tax services not as tax reduction exercise but as a strategy to obtain tax efficiency keeping low risks. The firm provides Taxation Regulatory & Advisory Services in respect of Corporate Taxation, International taxation, and GST.

Attitudes to tax are changing. Tax decisions are under scrutiny like never before. Organizations, from the middle market to multinationals, are ever more exposed to changing trends in tax regulations. Large corporate groups need specialist advice and services to manage their tax obligations. They are involved in complicated transactions and usually have unusual structures that are in place for historical reasons. In addition, there are special tax rules that relate specifically to corporations and corporate groups. The tax function’s new role is based on contributing value to the company’s overall strategy as an integral part of the business.

Our Taxation Services

Planning & Advisory

Pre-Transaction Advisory

Tax Risk Assessment

Corporate Tax Planning

Tax Holiday Planning

Supply Chain Taxation


Corporate Tax Returns

TDS Returns

Individual Tax Return


Tax Health Checkup

International Taxation

Today’s business is global. For businesses to grow and compete, they need to develop internationally. Tax and Revenue authorities around the world are getting more sophisticated; they share information, both on taxpayers and in developing tax laws.

Any cross-border transaction involves tax implications at both ends of the transaction as well as each jurisdiction affected by such a transaction. In the context of cross-border taxation, income characterization and jurisdictions play key role in tax implications and by structuring the transaction appropriately, overall tax incidence can be minimized. At PJC, we have the capability as well as experience to understand the transaction from the perspective of India as well as overseas country’s tax laws, so that we efficiently structure the transaction.

International Taxation Services

Global Tax Strategy

Global Investment Structure

Global TP Policy

IPR Holding Structure

Dispute Resolution

Advance Rulings

Advance Pricing Agreements

Mutual Agreement Procedure

Planning & Advisory

Transaction Advisory

Expatriate Arrangement Structuring

TP Planning Studies


Tax Returns

Withholding Tax Certification

Global TP Documentation

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