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SWOT Analysis

Consor International SWOT 1: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

The SWOT is a strategic analysis commonly known to pinpoint Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats in a project. A Consor International SWOT is conducted hands on.
We do everything from the grass root level to the highest authority associated with the project.
We conduct our own Scouting, Exploration, Mining and Reclamation.

Consor International SWOT 2: Strengths With Substance

• Direct hands on extractors. We mine the minerals ourselves. We only use contractors
as support.
• We control currently 1.6 million acres of goldfields, with proven reserves.
• Strapping, strong, intelligent and experienced leadership team.
• We own and/or control the mineral rights and/or the land and/or majority shares of
every project.
• Six large scale projects we own outright with no carry forward amount or clauses.
• We have zero ($0) debt.
• We have some cash, heavy and small equipment and machinery.
• We own the mining concessions and minerals rights, obtain from the Central
• We directly give back to the communities (education, infrastructure, etc.)
• Our relationship with the Governments, Ministries and Commissions is superb.
• We work directly with the Heads of State, Kings, Paramount Chiefs, Queen Mothers,
Tribal Leaders, Village Elders and Key Middle Government Personnel.
• Our teams are multi-skilled in 6-8 jobs/area of work.
• We have land that has been set aside for our future growth.
• Our personnel is capable of doing bush and industrial mining.
• We are able to directly extract to ensure supply from 3 continents
• We are diverse in dialects and languages (English, Spanish, Ashanti Twi, Ga (Kwa),
French, Akan, Fanti, Ewe, Swahili, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Igbo, and other Bush
Languages and Dialects.
• Our advantage is our properties have proven reserves, previous exploration as well as
our own direct exploration programs.
• Our specialist and craftsmen’s are proven bush explorers and miners often facing harsh
conditions and situations.

Consor International SWOT 3: Strengths

• The present international economy is hugely commodities inefficient, giving us plenty of
room for rapid adjustment and growth especially with precious metals.
• Our use of technology and equipment in the short term is increasing our large-scale
• Our ability ranges outside of mining to contractors, buyers, refining, etc.
• Certain minerals we mine is used as an supplied for diverse marketable sources, gold is
at an all time high.
• We have worked through the change of several government reigns.
• In the process of extracting precious metals we often are able to extract varies of other
priceless minerals in commercial quantity.
• Our teams are diverse on culture, religion, education, skill, color, race, (Ghana, Spain,
Costa Rica, Colombia, United States, Liberia, Uganda, China, Nigeria, etc.)
• Gold is expected to reach $2000 per ounce by the year end.
• Countries from which we are able to extract have stable governments and we have
friends in key/high position of government.
• We have a strong corporate reputation that makes us a preferred partner for host
governments and local communities.
• We possess a reputation for excellent no non-sense project management, commercial
skills and mining expertise that has given us entry to major international projects.
• We have extensive mining and geological knowledge and experience.
• We practice simple, proven and cost effective geochemical and geophysical search
techniques to locate and extract minerals.
• We have a proven track record of developing and applying innovative technologies to
resolve specific challenges.

Consor International SWOT 4: Weaknesses

• Mainly aspects of the stereotypes of the African and South American cultures. Some
stereotypes will change quickly in response to the changing conditions, especially as the
social economics of the country changes.
• We face a daunting task of people not understand mining for gold is real. Most people
don't even know a miner and even less people know an actual gold miner (extractor).
• Sometimes or personnel is burden with people thinking Africans are lazy workers and
South Americans sell drug.
• Mining is effected by propaganda, previous acts of violence, and nature challenges.
• Our mine locations are sometimes in remote areas of a country and this can be a
problem during the rainy seasons.
• Existing mind-sets (conventional wisdom) about mining and agriculture efficiencies, with
corresponding inappropriate and hard to change regulatory barriers and perverse
• A less obvious weakness, but one that needs to be addressed, is the misconception
evident in international laws and deregulation.
• Buyers and Investors not fully understanding the processes of production and recovery.

Consor International SWOT 5: Opportunities

• We maybe be able to offer several projects to the stock market (public offering).
• We have access to extremely large plots of proven mineral reserves hold varies types of
minerals and natural resources.
• We have to ability to extract on a commercial scale.
• We can make a difference through the economic natural resources such as gold and
bring sustainably to the impoverished communities.
• The connection we have inside a country with a wealth of underutilized and in most
case untapped natural resources
• Work directly with the Heads of State and Ministries
• To conduct ocean and waterway mining
• Invest immediately into other industries that can build our projects (banks,
health/wellness, etc)

Consor International SWOT 6: Threats

• The primary threats are the declining availability of natural resources. This is why we
also conduct agricultural projects.
• For actual buyers the threat is higher as broker activities are increasing and direct buyer
to miner relationship is easily broken and manipulated.
• Other precious metals growing more popular than gold.
• Lies about depletion of gold and other precious metals and precious stones/gems to be