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Date:1/04/2019 Content Standard: Domains (PPEO)

Subject: English Personal

Main skill :Literature In Action
Class: 2 Dahlia Public
Time:1:45-2:45 5.1 Engage with, respond to and interpret a variety of literary Educational /
Mins:60 mins Occupational
text types
Attendance:32/34 HOTS:
Complementary Skill: Literature in Action Analyse
Topic:Literature Apply
(MY HERO) 5.3 Express an imaginative response to literary texts Evaluate
Create /
Theme : Sample HOTS Qs:
People & Learning Standard: NA
Main skill :Literature in Action
Science &
Technology 5.1.1 Explain in simple language connections between Thinking tools:
Health & characters, places or events in texts and their own lives. Creating Poem
Consumerism Moral value:
& Financial Complementary Skill : Literature in Action Respect
5.3.1 Respond imaginatively and intelligibly through creating Resources:
Skills / elements : poems, board games, puzzles and quizzes pictures,a4 paper
L&S ,colour
Reading Other imaginative paper,mahjong
Grammar Assessment /
Action- Learning Objectives: PBS: A4 Paper
oriented By the end of the lesson, pupil will be able to :
LiA / 1. Identify the characteristic mention in the poem “My Hero”
2. Use the vocabulary related to the poem

Success Criteria (SMART):

The pupils can/ will produce:
1. Identify their own favourite hero/heroin and their
2.create own new poem entitle “My Hero”

SESS 2017
Set Induction(Class) (5mins):
1. Teacher show few 5- 6 hero pictures from movies.
2. Students respond to questions such as :

- Who is he/she? They act in which movie?

- What is their role in this movie?
- What are the characteristic the played in the movie?
Main Activities:
Activity 1(Class) (15min):
1. Teacher introduced the poem of the day “My Hero” and
explain it in details.
 Setting
 Themes
 Stanza
 Mood tone
 Word power
 Literacy devices

2. Students identify and list down the characteristic of the dad

in the poem.
Activity 2 (individual) (15mins):
1. Teacher place 2 mahjong Paper on the board with 2
question such as :
 ~ Who is your hero/heroin?
 ~ What are the characteristic of your hero and
2. Each of the students will be given post -it note to write with
different colour paper.

SESS 2017
3. Teacher pick the students randomly and let them share
their own hero/heroin and their characteristic to the class.

Activity 3 ( Group) (20 mins):

1. Students divided into group of 5 groups per group contain
5 pupils.
2. Students are required to create their own new poem entitle
“My Hero” using the guide of words that been use in the
poem “my hero”. They need to creative as much as they
3. Each group will receive one A4 paper to write down their
4. Each group present their findings.

Closure: (Class) (5 minutes)

1. The class conclude some verbal question to check their
understanding such as?

~ Do you think the persona father is a hero? Why?

~What happen in the end to the father?
~Do you think the title of the poem is suitable? Why?
- 8 pupil needed more guidance and encouragement in order to
create own poem.

SESS 2017