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Oral Communication

Matalote, Angeline

June 24, 2019

12 – St. Anne Mrs. Marilou Cruz

Millennial" I am Angeline Matalote, born on September 25, 2001. And i consider myself
as Millennial. We millennials are the people born from 1982 to 2004 according to Strauss.
Diversity is what makes us a millennials and we have different version of ourselves depending
on what we want to show to the world. Being a millennial varies across regions and not all
millennials possess the very same character. Me as a Millennial I described myself as a social
media-dependent where in I usually spending my time online, watching YouTube's videos,
Playing online games, Browsing, Scrolling Newspeeds, Re-tweeting , and sharing Photos and
Videos. I do not usually read newspaper instead using Google for information. In term of
socialization I am pretty confident in talking and chatting with different people. I have my own
decision and affirmation in everything I do. In my opinion millennials nowadays are too advance
in such things especially when it comes to technologies, they can easily do things using internet.
And also the good thing is they can be an independent millennials, they are doing their best to
come up on their problem especially when it comes to studying. In the other hand, there are also
millennials that doing bad things and abusing themselves. For example in taking drugs thay may
not help them perhaps it will ruin their lives. Also millennials are comfortable and confident with
what they do. They easily decide without knowing its consequences. However, most of
millennials right now tend to drag their selves down. they think they can't do things, they can't
pursue things they wanna pursue. In short, their self-esteem and trust for theirselves are too low
because of the society.