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1. Travel agents will *confirm* your reservation for you.

a. Purchase

b. Verify >>>>

c. Exchange

d. Obtain

2. In the famous nursery rhyme about Jack & Jill, Jill *stumbled* down the hill after Jack.

a. Called

b. Fell >>>>

c. Ran

d. Flew

3. A good auditorium will assure that the sound is able to be *heard*.

a. Superior

b. Genuine

c. Audible >>>>

d. Contained

4. What may be considered courteous in one culture may be interpreted as *arrogant* in


a. Clumsy

b. Sleazy

c. Surly >>>>

d. Flimsy

5. *Unorganized* guessing will probably not raise a test score as significantly as choosing one
letter as a "guess answer" for entire paper.

a. Cryptic

b. Haphazard >>>>

c. Economical

d. Subsequent

6. The thief was apprehended, but his *accomplice* had disappeared.

a. People who saw him

b. Guns & Knives

c. Person who helped him >>>>

d. Stolen goods

7. Electrical energy may be divided into two components *specified* as positive and negative.

a. Confused

b. Designated >>>>

c. Accumulated

d. Separated

8. Attending a mosque is one way to make *agreeable* friends.

a. Enduring

b. Congenial >>>>

c. Elderly

d. Numerous

9. Quaid-e-Azam *detested* injustice

a. Recognized

b. Confronted

c. Suffered

d. Abhorred >>>>

10. Primary education in Pakistan must be *compulsory*.

a. Free of charge

b. Required >>>>

c. Excellent

d. Easy


11. The study of vision would seem to indicate that the mind must create a rough map of the
______ and _______ of a raw scene in order to reach a visual:

a. Terminals, Demarcation >>>>>??

b. Boundaries, Borders

c. Delimitation, Laterality

d. Dextrality, sinistrality

12. At a time of rampant environmentalism, it is perhaps worth noting that geological processes
amount to a _____ efficient, long term disposal and ______ system:

a. Extraordinary, closed

b. Very, mechanical

c. Satisfactory, regenerating

d. Remarkably, recycling >>>>>??

13. Parental deoction, especially if overly solicitous, has its _____, one of which is ______ a
child's progress toward maturity.

a. Delusion, envisioning

b. Excesses, ameliorating

c. Rewards, ameliorating

d. Pitfalls, protracting >>>>>??

14. Many sports writers have been caught up in the activities about which they write and have
become advocate and _____ when they ought to have been _____:

a. Promoters, colleagues

b. Participants, collaborators

c. Apologists, critics >>>>>

d. Opponents, antagonists

15. By subsidizing small farms, the new government is hoping to _____ the flow of people into
the cities and _____ farming:

a. Reverse, incorporate

b. Boost, initiate >>>>>??

c. Arrest, encourage

d. Enhance, regulate


16. When I saw him through the window, ____________

a. I ran out to open the door >>>>

b. I have run out to open the door

c. I should run out to open the door

d. I am running out to open the door

17. The income tax raid was too sudden __________:

a. So that the man escaped

b. For the man escaping

c. Then the man escaped

d. For the man to escape >>>>

18. He passed the examination in the first class because he ____________:

a. Worked hardly for it

b. Was hard working for it

c. Was working hard for it

d. Had worked hard for it >>>>

19. Where are my spectacles? ___________

a. There are they, on your nose!

b. There they are, on your nose! >>>>

c. Here are they, on your nose!

d. Here they are, on your nose!

20. I shall not be late for dinner __________:

a. Unless the train will be late

b. Unless the train will not be late

c. If the train is late

d. Unless the train is late >>>>


21. Which one of the options represents the phrase "Licking the dust":

a. Rebuke

b. Food poisoning

c. Humiliation

d. None of these >>>>

22. "Luxurious life" suggests a life of:

a. Exceeding comforts >>>>

b. Extravagance

c. Thrift

d. Prudence

23. The words "Plunder" and "Plunge" are:

a. Somewhat similar

b. The same

c. Not related >>>>

d. Opposite

24. Which one of the following is nearest in meaning to the word "deify":

a. Disobey

b. Adore >>>>
c. Oppose

d. Defy

25. "Red handed" means:

a. A hand stained with blood

b. A person with strong grip

c. Exceptionally rosy hands

d. In the act of committing a crime >>>>


26. Relinquish

a. Retreat

b. Verified

c. Stick to >>>>

d. Clarified

27. Persuade

a. Communicate

b. Force >>>>

c. Benefactor

d. Senseless

28. Animosity

a. Courageous
b. Daring

c. Lovable >>>>

d. Bravery

29. Brute

a. Humble >>>>

b. Capture

c. Secret

d. Arrange

30. Irk

a. Pry

b. Tinge

c. Soothe >>>>

d. Beguile


31. Abrupt

a. Alert

b. Quick

c. Pure

d. Sudden >>>>

32. Ambiguous
a. Docile

b. Certain

c. Uncertain >>>>

d. Array

33. Candid

a. Free

b. Frank >>>>

c. Jolly

d. Friendly

34. Intrinsic

a. External

b. Internal

c. Unnatural

d. Basic >>>>

35. Gregarious

a. Friendly

b. Youthful

c. Sociable >>>>

d. Aloof

36. He became addicted ____ drugs at quite an early age.

a. For

b. Into

c. To >>>>

d. in

37. My father will never assent ______ my spending the whole day abroad before I am 16:

a. For

b. To >>>>

c. With

d. In

38. He decided to break ____ from the party & seek re-election as an independent:

a. With

b. Away >>>>

c. Up

d. In

39. When Britain adopted the decimanl system for its money, it ______ relatively smoothly:

a. Changed over >>>>

b. Changed for

c. Changed to

d. Changed in

40. Confronted _____ evidence of half a dozen witnesses, the accused broke down & confessed:
a. To

b. With >>>>

c. In

d. Of

41. Istanbul is new name of:

a. Rome

b. Constantinople >>>>

c. Iraq

d. Athens

42. Baytal Hikmah was a:

a. Translation Bureau >>>>

b. Observatory

c. Medical University

d. None of these

43. The conqueror of Central Asia:

a. Khalid ibn Waleed

b. Qutayba bin Muslim >>>>

c. Muhammad bin Qasim

d. None of these

44. Ghaza is the famous city of:

a. Egypt
b. Palestine >>>>

c. Jordan

d. Iran

45. "With his death, ended the glory of Abbasids", the dead caliph was:

a. Harron ur Rasheed

b. Mamoon

c. Al-Wasiq Billah

d. Al-Mutasim Billah >>>>

46. The first great Arab chemist was:

a. Ibne Sina

b. Jabar ibn Hayan >>>>

c. Al-Razi

d. Yahya bin Mansoor

47. The main characteristic of Indus valley civilization is:

a. Drainage system

b. Town planning >>>>

c. Pucca houses

d. Well laid out roads

48. The script of Indus valley civilization was:

a. Persian

b. Dravidian
c. Sanskrit

d. Indecipherable >>>>

49. The Indus valley civilization worshipped:

a. Fire

b. Water

c. Mother goddess >>>>

d. Sun

50. The stone age people had the first domestic:

a. Asses

b. Dogs

c. Horses

d. Sheep

51. Aryans first settled in:

a. Punjab

b. Kashmir

c. Sindh

d. Gujrat

52. Who among the following Mughal rulers has been called as the "Prince of Builders"?

a. Jehangir

b. Akbar

c. Babur
d. Shah Jahan >>>>

53. The Mughal painting reached its zenith during the reign of:

a. Akbar

b. Jehangir >>>>

c. Shah Jahan

d. Babur

54. Who build Char Minar?

a. Quli Qutab Shah >>>>

b. Ibraham Qutb Shah

c. Ali Adil Shah

d. None of these

55. Buland Darwaza is to commemorate the victory of:

a. Orissa

b. Gujarat >>>>

c. Bengal

d. Delhi

56. Indus Water Treaty was signed in:

a. Delhi

b. Dacca

c. Lahore

d. Karachi >>>>
57. Objective Resolution was passed on Mar 12 _____ :

a. 1947

b. 1948

c. 1949 >>>>

d. 1950

58. Pakistan ratified Shimla agreement on July _____ 1972:

a. 11

b. 13

c. 15 >>>>

d. 17

59. Border between Pakistan & India is:

a. 1610 >>>>

b. 1710

c. 1810

d. 1910

60. Standard time of Pakistan is GTM _____:

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5 >>>>
61. National Anthem approved in Aug ______:

a. 1952

b. 1953

c. 1954 >>>>

d. 1955

62. Karakoram Pass connects Kashmir with:

a. India

b. Iran

c. China >>>>

d. Afghanistan

63. Khyber Pass connects _________ with Kabul:

a. Peshawar >>>>

b. Quetta

c. Karachi

d. None of these

64. Gomal Pass is situated in ________ mountains:

a. Waziristan Hills >>>>

b. Safed Koh

c. Sulaiman

d. Hindu Kush

65. Rachna Doaba is between River Chenab and:

a. Ravi >>>>

b. Jhelum

c. Indus

d. None of these

66. Kalabagh Dam is planned to be built on River ________:

a. Indus >>>>

b. Jhelum

c. Kabul

d. None of these

67. Warsak Dam is planned to be built on _______ river:

a. Sindh

b. Kabul >>>>

c. Jhelum

d. None of these

68. The range of Ghauri-1 Missile is ______ kms:

a. 1200

b. 1500 >>>>

c. 1600

d. 2000

69. Crips Mission:

a. 1927
b. 1939

c. 1942 >>>>

d. None of these

70. Vasco de Gama landed in India at:

a. Bombay

b. Calicut >>>>

c. Cochin

d. None of these

71. Earth Day

a. 22 Mar

b. 22 Apr >>>>

c. 22 May

d. 5 June

72. Stockholm decleration on environment was approved in:

a. 1972 >>>>

b. 1983

c. 1992

d. 1997

73. Unit of noise:

a. Hertz

b. Joule
c. Decibels >>>>

d. PPM

74. Aerobic means in the presence of:

a. Sulfate

b. Nitrate

c. Oxygen >>>>

d. Hydrogen

The undesirable change in physical, chemical or biological characteristics of air, land and water is
called ______:

a. Pollutants

b. Eco-destructions

c. Pollution

d. All of these

76. Polar ice caps are part of ______:

a. Hydrosphere >>>>

b. Atmosphere

c. Lithosphere

d. Troposphere

77. Turbidity is a ________ water quality parameter:

a. Chemical

b. Biological

c. Physical >>>>
d. Microbial

78. Mega represents:

a. 1000

b. 10,000

c. 100,000

d. 1,000,000 >>>>

79. HDI stands for:

a. Hydrogen Decreasing Initiative

b. Horomonal Deficiency Index

c. Human Development Index >>>>

d. None of these

80. BDO stands for:

a. Biotic oxidation demand

b. Biological oxidation demand

c. Biological observed demand

d. Biochemical oxygen demand >>>>

81. Environment day:

a. 22 Apr

b. 5 May

c. 5 Jun >>>>

d. 5 Jul
82. Noise is any:

a. Constant sound

b. Loud sound

c. Sound of high frequency

d. Unwanted sound >>>>

83. Which of the following prepare their own food?

a. Consumers

b. Producers >>>>

c. Decomposers

d. Carnivores

84. CNG stands for:

a. Common National Gas

b. Compressed Natural Gas >>>>

c. Common Natural Gas

d. Certified Natural Gas

85. Water Day:

a. 22 Mar >>>>

b. 28 Mar

c. 22 Apr

d. 28 Apr
86. UN Conference held at Rio in 1992 was on __________

a. Environment

b. Earth >>>>

c. Poverty Allevation

d. Sustainable Development

87. Afforestation means:

a. Forest research station

b. To convert land into forest >>>>

c. Utilization of forest product

d. All of these

88. Earth surface covered by water:

a. 60%

b. 70% >>>>

c. 80%

d. 90%

89. Ozone molecule contain number of atoms:

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3 >>>>

d. 4

90. Climate of Pakistan is mostly ________:

a. Hot and moist

b. Hot and dry >>>>

c. Cold and moist

d. Cold and dry

91. Act of shortening prayer in journey?

a. Nafal

b. Wajib

c. Sunnah

d. Qasr >>>>

92. Five pillars of Islam are Namaz, Roza, Zakat, Hajj & :

a. Jihad

b. Tauheed >>>>

c. Beliefs on Prophets

d. None of these

93. First person to confirm Holy Prophet's (SAWS) statement regarding Mi'raj:

a. Ali RA

b. Usman RA

c. Ummar RA

d. Abu Bakr RA >>>>

94. __________ was called Ameer ul Momineen for the first time Islamic history:

a. Abu Bakr RA
b. Usman RA

c. Umar RA >>>>

d. Ali RA

95. Other names of Qur'an:

a. al-Furqan & al-Kitab

b. al-Zikr & al-Noor

c. al-Huda & al-Furqan

d. All of these >>>>

96. What number comes next in the series: 120,108,97,87,78,__:

a. 70 >>>>

b. 45

c. 85

d. 80

97. Which one is different from the rest?

a. Sure

b. Vague >>>>

c. True

d. Certain

98. Saw is to cut as iron is to:

a. Hard

b. Metal
c. Press >>>>

d. Oven

99. Complete the series: 20,33,46,___

a. 52

b. 56

c. 59 >>>>

d. 49

100. Complete the series: 40,35,25,20,15,____

a. 7.5

b. 5

c. 10 >>>>

d. 0