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1. Drawing

2. Printing

3. Painting

4. Construction


To help pupils:

_ develop their fine motor skills through handling of materials.

_ express themselves in drawing, printing, painting and construction.

_ appreciate the aesthetic value of Art as a whole.

1 Drawing _draw patterns Art Syllabus Crayons 1.Pupils study the teacher’s sample. 2. Draw patterns in
Patterns decoratively. page 22 the air.
Sample 3. Draw the patterns in the sand.
4. Draw the patterns decoratively on paper.
2 Free drawing _ express Art Syllabus Pencils 1. Study pictures in books, on walls, in magazines.
_ a house themselves freely page 22 Crayons 2. Say what they want to draw. 3. Collect materials.
_ a day through drawing on 4. Individuals draw freely on paper.
_ a tin etc paper. 5. Show their work to friends.

3 Printing _make creative prints Art Syllabus Paint 1. Study the teacher’s samples.
Finger printing using fingers. page 5 Samples 2. Observe the teacher demonstrating.
String 3. Individuals make their own designs.
4. Put articles out to dry.
5. Cleaning and clearing.
4 Painting _make creative Art Syllabus Newsprint 1. Teacher demonstrates.
String pulling designs by pulling page 5 Paint 2. Group leaders give out materials.
painted strings. Brushes 3. Pupils make prints.
4. Clearing
5. Display their finished articles.
5 Printing _ make foot or palm Art Syllabus Sample 1. Talk about finger printing.
Foot / Palm prints. page 5 Glue 2. Teacher demonstrates foot and palm printing.
Printing Chalkdust 3. Pupils do foot / palm printing.
4. Cleaning and clearing.
5. Display their work.
6 Collage _make creative Art Syllabus Crayons 1. Discuss the teacher’s sample.
Sprinkle collage designs using glue page 5 Handpaper 2. Demonstration of the art stage by stage.
and send or Scissors 3. Pupils watch and copy.
chalkdust. Glue 4. Do some dialogues using their finished puppets.
7 Construction _ make puppets Art Syllabus Leaves 1. Observe the teacher demonstrating. 2. Pupils collect
_Puppets using paper. page 5 News print materials. 3. Teacher and some pupils demonstrate leaf
Glue rubbing.
Crayons 4. Pupils practise individually.
5. Cut out prints and make designs.

8 Printing _ demonstrate leaf Art Syllabus Coins 1. Talk about leaf rubbing.
Leaf rubbing rubbing. page 5 Crayons 2. Practise coin rubbing.
Newsprint 3. Cut out prints to make a collage.
4. Display their articles.

9 Printing _demonstrate coin Art Syllabus Paper 1. Study a given sample. 2. Teacher demonstrates.
Coin rubbing rubbing. page 5 crayons 3. Pupils follow the teacher’s example.
4. Display their finished articles.
10 Paper construction _construct a dog Art Syllabus Paper 1. Study a given sample. 2. Teacher demonstrates.
A dog face face using paper. page 5 crayons 3. Pupils follow the teacher’s example.
4. Display their finished articles.
11 A paper house _make a paper Teacher’s file Paper 1. Pupils are shown a sample.
house crayons 2. The teacher demonstrates.
3. Pupils follows the teacher’s example.
4. Display their articles.
12 Funny collage _make some funny Teacher’s file Pictures 1. Discuss the teachers sample.
collage using paper Magazines 2. Cut out pictures and make some funny collage.
pictures. Newsprints 3. Discuss each other’s work.
Glue 4. Display their articles.