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It’s the


What problems are

we trying to solve?


When you have a business and you want for that business to be successful, you
are going to have to make some crucial decisions. The entity relies on the people who
manage the business which is why you have to consider a lot of things when you want
to make decisions. The thing here is that when you don’t make decisions that really
matter, things start to just crumble down and the entity will just end up a failure. Now
why do we need a lot of people and why do we need to consider a lot of factors?
Answer is simple, you can’t make decisions based on your own especially when the
business is at stake here, you need a lot of people who can give you advices and who
can relay to you the facts on what’s really going with the business and what’s the
current situation. This process is all about brainstorming ideas and reaching a
conclusion on the best idea and implementing that idea to make the business
successful or at the very least, solve some problems that the business was
experiencing in the first place.
This is the plan. We have to
optimize our resources in
producing the goods.


The way we progress with things or the way we make sure the business is stable
is through planning. Planning makes things organized not only in a business but in our
lives as well. You can never really go wrong with planning. However, you have to make
sure that what you are planning are also the essential things that the business needs.
We need to make sure that things are in order. Planning also helps a business because
if something happens, we can always backtrack to what happened or what were the
things we messed up. Businesses and people use planning to make life a whole lot
easier. It increases productivity, allows you to see what things are important, and what
should be done first and what should be done last. It saves you a lot of time. Basically
saying, it’s a life saver in a business and in a person’s life. Imagine a life wherein you
don’t really plan anything, where you just do things without thinking things through, your
life would basically be complicated. Same concept applies with running a business, if
you don’t plan, things are bound to get complicated and more confusing.
This is the Human Resource
Management team, which is led by
me, the manager!


If you observe closely, Planning and Organizing go hand in hand. With planning
comes organizing. If you plan something you are expected to organize all your events or
plans so as to make sure that things wont get complicated. Now in organizing, it doesn’t
really talk about just the plans but it can also apply to the manpower a business has.
When we think about businesses, we always know that there are a lot of people working
on a certain business and each and every one of them have different roles. Businesses
do this for a reason and this reason being so that people can be more productive. Think
about it this way, if an individual will do all the operations in the business, if only one
single individual does all the work, productivity is really really slow. Each individual or
each employee must be organized into different operations of the business according to
the skill which they are good at. This is exactly what the definition of Organizing means
which is I quote “Organizing is the process of defining and grouping activities, and
establishing authority relationships among them to attain organizational objectives” end

In Organizing, we talked about grouping people to achieve goals efficiently and

easier. Here in staffing, this is all about finding the right people for the right job. You see
in businesses, not only do you have to pay attention to the operations of your business
but you have to consider the people running the operations of your business. The
operations can do their job just fine but if the people behind the wheel are not doing
their jobs, then it’s equivalent to nothing. A business needs strong and loyal manpower,
Of course, loyalty is essential but what the entity wants are people who can actually get
the job done and who knows what they are doing. It’s not possible to run a business
without strong manpower. I say strong manpower because even if you do have
manpower, but if they are being lazy on the job, you can’t expect for your business to
produce excellent results.

Leading here is probably what every business must have and must possess.
Well probably not the business but a person who is willing to step up and lead the
people. Everyone can be a leader to be honest, it’s not easy because you have to
possess certain qualities in order to be considered a good leader. But I think a good
leader must have Clarity, Decisiveness, Courage, Passion, and Humility. Here’s the
thing, if you want to achieve goals and objectives then you need a leader. We are
human beings who follow orders from people who know what they are doing or from
someone superior. That someone superior who is being referred to here, is the leader.
Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency
and to achieve organizational goals. So let’s talk about what are the uses of having a
leader. Like I said, people need someone to look up to or someone to tell them what to
do. Now a leader has a sense of direction or a vision that makes a business successful
and that’s what gives them the drive to make sure that everything is in order or that the
staff is doing their job so as to achieve that vision that they have. Every business must
have a leader to make sure that the entity is in the right path towards success.