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Jasmine Hudspeth

Tamera Davis

Comp 2

17, June 2019

Tamera Davis,

Here I have displayed six pieces that I chose to represent me as a writer. I begin with my

personal resume and cover letter written for Digital Finance. Three pieces in the portfolio are

from Comp 2, I enjoyed learning from Professor Davis and improving my skill set. I finished

with a piece that is not current as asked. It is however, an English Comp assignment picked from

a collection of 20 I wrote in 2008 for my senior portfolio. I believe the papers that I chose

present my growth in writing over a period of time.

The open to my portfolio is a representation to what I one day expect from my writing. A

piece written by my favorite poet and author Edgar Allan Poe. Over the next few years I hope

my writing blooms to become even half as great. My cover letter is an updated version of what I

actually used to obtain a substitute position within in a public school. It is written directly to the

organization that I had hoped to be granted employment. Originally it had many grammar flaws

and did not flow as well as it does now. I hope to improve my skills so that I can continue to

grow and add to my resume for a later more permanent position in teaching. Following my cover

letter is a resume showing organization skills in my writing and a format that is different yet

choice for this particular paper. This piece is my personal growth and small achievements not as
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a student but as an employee for a short period of time. My third choice is my discussion board

response to other writers. I feel this piece shows that I can find a connection between myself and

other authors whether I enjoy the writing or have no personal way to empathize with them. You

cannot grow as a writer without the ability to make a connection with readers. Clinical

depression is my next writing choice. I chose this topic because of how it has affected many

people that I know. Depression is something that can easily be hidden, eventually people over

look it so much that some cases become severe enough to lose a loved one. I see this as an

important and informative piece of writing that is well written. My last portfolio piece is one that

everyone could benefit from having a glance. This piece is so important because it shows the

way not only goals, but life can be turned to benefit or not to benefit someone. It all matters on

how determined you are at the small and big goals in life. This is one of my better flowing papers

this semester. I shared a piece; it is not current, but it is a poem of my own writing. I would

consider it free verse. This is a style of writing that I focused on after an English Literature

course I took in high school. I turned this in as an assignment for my graduating portfolio from

Enid High it received an A and was chosen for class day reading.

I have grown so much in these last few weeks that rereading some of my work in high

school has showed me how quickly I have the possibility of growing. There is so much to learn

in writing. I am nowhere near being at a graduate level but I intend to grow every year and am

eager to see where I go with my writing. My writing process starts out slow with breaking down

and categorizing things my pre-outlines could be better thought through without over thinking. I

believe I tend to over think the process and become overwhelmed and short on time. Looking at

Stephen Kings toolbox I will take with me his rule number eight. “Don’t worry about making

other people happy.” “To be a good write, you have to be rude sometimes” I have not dedicated
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as much time as I should to my school work this semester and I will be changing that for my fall

semester. I believe this will improve my work tremendously.

My strengths in writing is the ability to complete and follow through with assignments. I

can openly choose topics and formatting well. I struggle with citing my sources into my papers.

Next for me is continuing on with my prepared courses I am concerned about timing and life

interfering rather than my inability to be able to perform my duties responsibly. I need to address

my approach to assignments and staying on task. I feel that throughout the rest of attending

college I will be having various writings for government, arts, and history. I am more prepared

now then I was when I began this semester. I feel confident that I will be able to use my new

skills to help my writing.