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Wedge 563® Printed on: 18/12/2018

Min. Wall 87.5% (*)GradeP110


Outside 5.500 in. Connection OD REGULAR Coupling Pipe Body

Diameter Option

Wall Thickness 0.476 in. Drift API Standard Body: White 1st Band:

Grade P110* Type Casing 1st Band: - 2nd Band: -

2nd Band: - 3rd Band: -

3rd Band: - 4th Band: -


Nominal OD 5.500 in. Nominal 26.00 lbs/ft Drift 4.423 in.

Nominal ID 4.548 in. Wall 0.476 in. Plain End 25.56 lbs/ft
Thickness Weight

Body Yield 826 x1000 lbs Internal 16660 psi SMYS 110000 psi
Strength Yield

Collapse 17390 psi

Connection 6.125 in. Coupling 9.75 in. Connection 4.498 in.
OD Length ID

Make-up 4.300 in. Threads per 3.06 Connection REGULAR

Loss in OD Option
Tension 100.0 % Joint Yield 826.000 x1000 Internal 16660.000 psi
Efficiency Strength lbs Pressure

Compression 100.0 % Compression 826.000 x1000 Max. 92 °/100 ft

Efficiency Strength lbs Allowable

External 17390.000 psi Coupling 243000 lbs

Pressure Face Load
Make-Up Torques
Minimum 11000 ft-lbs Optimum 13200 ft-lbs Maximum 19300 ft-lbs
Operation Limit Torques
Operating 31000 ft-lbs Yield 37000 ft-lbs
Torque Torque
Minimum 18700 ft-lbs Maximum 21000 ft-lbs

This connection is fully interchangeable with:

Wedge 553® - 5.5 in. - 26 lbs/ft

Wedge 563® - 5.5 in. - 26.8 / 28.4 lbs/ft

Wedge 563® Tubing - 5.5 in. - 26 lbs/ft

Connections with Dopeless® Technology are fully compatible with the same connection in its Standard version

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