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Wednesday' fune 19, 2019

GMAto hdp PamPanga

megalopotis' after Politics
N. otre Cnuz panga MegaloPolis Plan aims to ad-
Bv |ovru MenIe
9 qloveemarie ir"i .ottg"ttion in Metro Maniia'
She said the 'vision for PamPan-
f1 HE will retire from Politics g#'isfor it to be a "counter-magnet
\ Urra former President and ior Metro Manila because it is al-
ready so congested'''
tJ to* SPeaker Gloria Maca- Tire plan seeks to address major
pagal-ArroYo vowed on TuesdaY
issues and challenges, as well as op-
to help her home Province of Pam-
p"rrg"by fo.using on the develoP- timize thb potential of Pampanga as
an urban growth center'
ment of what she envisions as a
"megalopolis." ArroYo, citing noted architect
In an interview following the un- Jun Palafox, said the PamPanga
veiling of the image of Transfigura- megaloPolis will be comPosed of
tion o? Jesus Christ at the Eternal various metroPolitan areas'
Gardens CabuYao CitY, ArroYo said
The PamPanga megaloPolis is
she wants PamPanga to become a clustered into four:
business hub and financial district
The AgroPolis (agriculture--
of Central Luzon.
driven cluster or center for food:
Arroyo also admitted that she Lubao, Guagua, Santa Rita, Bacolor'
San Luis, San Simon, APalit, Santo
was askedbY the Province to become
its consultant. Tomas, Santa Ana and Magalang);
"They asked me to helP them I AquaPolis (water-drive cluster
from time to tir-re, to be a consul- or center ior waterfront develoP-
tant. So, t'd be'ihaPPY to do that' ment: Sasmuan, Macabdbe, Mina-
sinabiko [Then I saidl where I
Tapos, Ivlasantol and Lubao);
thinkl canhelp is to followthrough t AelotroPolis (airPort-driven
on the imPlementation of [the] cluster or center forbusiness andlo-
Pampanga MegaloPolis Plan," she gistics: Angeles CitY, San Fernando
U^U" and Mexico); and
"GMA," A2
According to ArroYo, the Pam-

to interconnect all the cities, as well as

GMA... municipalities in PamPangaa.

"The businessmen want to have a
circumferential road in order to better
I Ecopolis (ecology-driven cluster or improve the ease ofdoing business. Acr
centerfor envi ron inqntaltourism: Arayat, tually, there are already segments and
Candaba, Floridablanca and Porac). Palafox identified where the gaps are.
Arroyo said each area has its own 5o, l'm going to have a meeting with
potential to attract local and foreign in- four con!ressmen although in principle
vestors. they've al readli agreed, on what they will
difference we-have inPqprpanga propose to the DPWH [for funding next
is that we have the different economies yearl," she said, in a mix of English and

i$;we'lltryto see what's needed in order Fitipino.

to develop the areaj'she said. Arroyo, an economist, vowed to be
She said the construction of a cir- the promoter of Pampanga Megalopolis
cumferential road is now in a blueprint Plan internationallY.

" ayondr pyga "