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At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
a. Recognize the title of a song through Kantaririt.
b. Determine the function of adjectives.
c. Use adjectives to describe different things.
d. Make a yell using adjectives.

Topic: Adjectives
Reference/s: Prentice Hall Grammar and Composition 4 & English Express Ways I
Materials: Visual Aids Improvised Guitar, chalk and board
Core Value: Observe proper conduct in and out of the classroom.

III. Procedure
A. Preliminary Activities
a.1. Prayer
a.2. Greetings
a.3. Checking of attendance
B. Developmental Activities
b.1. Motivation
First, the class will be divided into two groups. Each group must have three volunteers
to be the singers. Then the teacher will post an improvised guitar that has many small
pieces of papers containing the title of song and the sound which an spicific animal
produces. Next, he will present the kantaririt, a game which you need to sing by imating
the sounds of animals. Finally, the group that has more points will be the winner.

b.2. Presentation of the song

A good class makes the teacher happy
A quiet class makes the teacher happy
Now the teacher will get angry
Will get angry, Will get angry
If they are very noisy, bad and passive.

A dirty class makes the teacher angry

A noisy class makes the teacher angry
Now the teacher will be happy
Will be happy, Will be happy
If they are very quiet, clean and active.
b.3. Pivotal Questions
1. What does the teacher feel if the students are quiet, clean and active?
2. What does the teacher feel if the students are noisy, bad and passive?
3. What class can make the teacher happy?
4. What students can make the teacher angry?
5. When does the teacher get angry?
6. When does the teacher feel happy?

Expected Answer

Column A Column B
Noun Pronoun

1. The teacher is happy. 5. They are noisy, bad and passive.

2. The teacher is angry. 6. They are quiet, clean and active.

3. A goodclass makes the teacher


4. A noisy, bad and passivestudents

makes the teacher angry.

b.4.Questions leading to generalization

1. In column A and B, what are the words being talked about in the sentence?
3. What part of speech do they belong?
4. In these sentences, what are the words that describe the subjects?
5. What do we call these words?
6. What does the adjective do to the nouns and pronouns?

b.5. Generalization
Adjectives – a word that describes a noun or a pronoun.

C. Oral Production

The teacher will show some objects, then, the students will construct a statement
describing the given objects by using adjectives.
IV. Evaluation
Instructions: Write the adjectives and the word it modifies.
1. It’s a small problem.
2. He is beautiful.
3. I like hot food.
4. The price is cheap.
5. He is my new friend.

V. EnrichmentActivity
The students will be divided into four groups. Each group will make a yell using
adjectives. They will do the activity in ten minutes. After that, they will present their output
in front of the class.

The student will be graded through these criteria;

Content - 40%
Creativity - 25%
Teamwork - 20%
Discipline - 15%

VI. Assignment
Make a poem with at least two or three stanzas using the adjectives.

Prepared By:
Jophel B. Iglesias