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JEE (Main+Advanced) Study Material

[For both English/Hindi Medium Students]

PHYSICS 07 Co-ordination compound, s-block elements &

hydrogen, Boron & Carbon family.
Unit No. Topic Covered
08 Haloalkane, Aryl Halide(Substitution & Elimination),
01 Basic Mathematics used in Physics, Vectors, Units, Electrochemistry & Solution, Ores & Metallurgy.
Dimensions and Measurement, Electrostatics
09 Alkane, Alkenes & Alkynes, Aromatic hydrocarbon,
02 Kinematics, Current electricity Organic compounds containing oxygen & nitrogen,
03 Laws of Motion and Friction ,Capacitors Qualitative anaylsis.
04 Work, Energy & Power, Magnetic effect of current, 10 Biomolecules (Carbohydrates, Amino Acid, Proteins),
Magnetism and Matter* Polymer,Practical organic chemistry(Identification
of elements & functional groups),Chemistry in
05 Centre of Mass & Collisions, Electromagnetic
everyday life, Environmental chemistry, Surface
Induction (EMI)
chemistry, d&f block element, p-block (nitrogen,
06 Rotational Motion, Alternating current (AC) oxygen, fluorine & noble gas) family.
07 Thermal Physics (Thermal Expansion, Calorimetry ,
Heat Transfer, KTG & Thermodynamics), Ray optics MATHEMATICS
and optical Instruments Unit No. Topic Covered
08 Properties of matter and Fluid Mechanics, 01 **Logarithms, Trigonometric Ratios and Identities ,
Gravitation, Wave optics (Nature of Light , Matrices & Determinants
Interference, Diffraction* & Polarisation*),
02 Quadratic Equations & *Linear Inequilities,
Electromagnetic Waves*
Functions and Inverse Trignometric Function
09 Simple Harmonic Motion, Modern Physics
03 Trigonometric Equations, **Solution of Triangles,
10 Waves(String & Sound waves), Practical Physics, *Height and Distance ,Differential Calculus (Limit,
Electronics and Communication systems* Continuity , Differentiability , Differentiation)
CHEMISTRY 04 Point and Straight Line ,Indefinite integration
05 Circle, Definite integration
Unit No. Topic Covered
06 Sequences and Series, Application of Derivatives
01 Mole Concept, Atomic structure, Organic
(Maxima & Minima, Monotonicity, Tangent &
nomenclature, Handbook of Basic principles of
practical organic chemistry.
07 Permutation & Combination and Binomial Theorem,
02 Periodic properties, Basic inorganic nomenclature,
Chemical thermodynamics & Thermochemistry
08 Complex Numbers, *Principle of Mathematical
03 GOC (application of electronic effect, aromaticity,
Induction, Three Dimensional geometry,
application of Inductive, Resonance,
Hyperconjugation effect on stability of 09 Parabola, Ellipse & Hyperbola , Area under the curve
intermediates, acidic & basic strength). and Differential Equations
04 Chemical Bonding, Solid state, Chemical kinetics 10 *[Sets, Relation, Statistics, Mathematical Reasoning],
05 Isomerism, Chemical Equilibrium, State of matter
(gaseous state),Redox & equivalent concept
06 Ionic Equilibrium, Acid Base theory, Nuclear *MARKED TOPIC / TOPICS ARE ONLY IN JEE -MAIN SYLLABUS,

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