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1530hrs Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Classical Singing Event HALL

1530hrs Pirouette Western Dance Event Foyer
1530hrs Take Your Case Courtroom Styled Debate Event SCAVI
1530hrs Acrelay Tag Team Painting Event LR 20D
1530hrs Band Bajaa Bahar Hindi Band Event Quad
1530hrs Holme Coming Forensic Workshop and Event LR 43 & 44
1545hrs Laughing My Hours Off Improv Event MMR

0800hrs Serial Quiller Quilling Event LR 26
0800hrs Field Domination Sporting Event Quad
0800hrs Trap Me If You Can Escape Room Event LR 20B & 20C
0800hrs Chalk It Out Chalk Sketching Event LR 20G
0800hrs Panch Tattva Classical Dance Event Hall
0800hrs Lafzon Ka Tanaa Banaa Hindi Event LR 41
0800hrs Magic Mic English Rap Event SCAVI
0800hrs Hat Trick Headdress and Accessory/Face Painting Event XIMR CR 2
0900hrs Brain Stock Exchange Gameshow Event XIMR BCR
0900hrs Shutter Up Photography Event LR 43
0900hrs Malhar Icon Personality Event XIMR LR 2 & 3
0900hrs Bolna Hal(Ke) Hal(Ke) Streetplay Event St. Xaviers School
0930hrs The Name's Bond, Ruskin Bond English Creative Writing Event LR 42
0930hrs Battle Of The Beats Beatboxing Event Foyer
1000hrs I Don't Give A JAM Speaking Event MMR
1000hrs The Good, The Bad and The Verse Performance Poetry Event XIMR CR 1
1100hrs Be A Good Sport Sport Based Treasure Hunt Event LR 25
1100hrs Co(mic) Drop Comic Strip Making Event LR 44
1200hrs High Voltage English Band Event Quad
1230hrs Dance Pe Chance Hindi Freestyle Dance Event Foyer