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Elliana Skinner

CIED 1003
Google Scholar
Major: English Education

Article 1:
a) Name of Author: Cui Ping, Gonny Schellings, Douwe Beijaard
b) Year published: 2018
c) Title of Article: Teacher Educators’ Professional Learning: A Literature Review
d) URL of Article:
e) Short Statement: I believe this article gives a good definition for what it is like to be an English
educator due to the fact that it focuses on the different kinds of learning activities that teachers use in
the classroom. It also gives several examples of the day to day experiences of a teacher and what each
teacher can learn both intrinsically and extrinsically in their classroom.

Article 2:
a) Name of Author: Audrey Figueroa Murphy, Bruce Torff, David Sessions
b) Year published: 2016
c) Title of Article: Educators’ beliefs about appropriate pedagogical models for Spanish-speaking ELLs
who differ in home-language and English-language literacy abilities in the United States
d) URL of Article:
e) Short Statement: I believe this article would help you get an inside look into my major because it
comes from educators teaching the classes I plan to teach and shows their ideas and methods. The
article talks about the different ideas that English teachers use within their classroom, and it discusses
the struggles that English teachers often have to handle.