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School Class C Grade Level Grade 12

Grades 12 Teacher Jose A. Fabricante Jr. Learning Area Discipline & Ideas in the Applied
Teaching Dates and Time Week 10 Quarter II

Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20

I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the students are At the end of the lesson, the At the end of the lesson, the students are
expected to: students are expected to: expected to:
1.Identify the common criminal activities 1.explain what substance abuse is; 1. Identify the effects of the processes of
happening in our society; 2.follow the steps or tips to avoid the existing development program on the
2. Create a matrix of activities to be or prevent substance abuse: and clientele
implemented by our authorities in the 3.resist any form of substance or 2. Conduct a one-day exposure trip to an
community to prevent or counter criminal drugs that can be abused existing development program
activities; 3.
3. Internalize on the effects of criminalities
to the physical, emotional and psychological
aspect of people

Effects of applied social sciences processes

A. Content

Participate in a one-day exposure trip to an existing development program and write a sincere reflection report on the effects of the
B. Performance processes on the clientele.

C. Learning HUMSS_DIASS 12-IIe-f-44 HUMSS_DIASS 12-IIe-g-45 HUMSS_DIASS12-IIe-i-45

Write the LC
code for each
7. Effects of applied social sciences 7. Effects of applied social sciences Presentation of reflection reports
II. CONTENT processes 7.4 Structural change i.e. personal processes 7.4 Structural change i.e.
and family relations, gender, overseas personal and family relations,
migration of OFW,domestic violence, single gender, overseas migration of
parenting, community life, criminality, OFW,domestic violence, single
substance abuse parenting, community life,
criminality, substance abuse
A. References

1. Teacher’s Guide CG page 6/7 CG page 6/7 CG page 6/7

2. Learner’s
Materials pages
3. Textbook pages Discipline and Ideas in Applied Social Discipline and Ideas in Applied Discipline and Ideas in the Applied Social
Sciences Social Sciences Sciences
4. Additional
Materials from
Resource (LR)
B. Other Learning Laptop/ ppt.presentation
A. Reviewing How are we going to help single parents Review on the causes and effects of Review on the causes and effects of substance
previous lesson deal with their problems/issues and criminality. abuse.
or presenting concerns? ( 5 minutes) 1. What are the common causes of 1. What are the substances commonly abused?
the new lesson criminalities? 2. What are the effects of substance abuse to
2. What are the effects of criminal people? ( 5 minutes)
activities to the community
( 5 minutes)
B. Establishing a Using metacards. Reflect the peace and Teacher shows pictures of different The teacher will introduce the learners who will
purpose for the order situation in our country and substances or drugs.. share the reflection report for the EXPOSURE
lesson internationally using meta cards. ( 5 mins.) Students will identify whether the TRIP. (3 minutes)
Local International substances presented are legal,
prohibited or regulated. (5 minutes)
C. Presenting Teacher shows slides pictures/scenarios.The Movie Clip presentation:
examples/instan students will then identify whether it is a Teacher shows a video clip of
ces of the new criminal act or not. (3minutes) people who are victims of drug and
lesson substance abuse. (5minutes)
D. Discussing new Teacher presents videos of news showing Discussion on the different SHARING: A reflection report will be
concepts and the common criminal activities Students substances being abused and their presented by selected learner/s in each of the
practicing new will then be asked on the causes and effects effects. three groups.
skills #1 of criminalities presented that need to be (5minutes)
addressed./Interactive Discussion (10 minutes)
E. Discussing new The students will be asked to form Discussion of the outputs presented. Giving of
concepts and three groups and perform using the feedbacks .
practicing new terms learned in a song/dance/ (10 minutes)
skills #2 simulation (15minutes)

Figure 1 Pyramid of Task/Graphic Organizer/Ladder of


Learners will be asked to come up with

activities to be implemented by the
authorities to counter common criminal acts
in our society using any of the given graphic
organizers. Choose someone to present their
output in the class (10 minutes)
F. Developing What are the effects of criminal activities to What do you think are the possible
mastery (leads you as a student and as a member of the human actions that contribute to the
to Formative community? Climate change? (5minutes)
Assessment 3) What will you do to help maintain peace
and order in our country? (3minutes)
G. Finding practical How will you use the advance technology What are the steps to be undertaken
applications of that we have in order to help curb criminal in order to reduce the effects of
concepts and activities? climate change? ( 5 minutes)
skills in daily a. In the school
living b. In the community (5 minutes)
H. Making Ask the students to make a synthesis on the Ask 2 students to give their
generalizations effects of criminalities to the physical, generalizations about the topic being
and abstractions psychological and economic aspect of our discussed.
about the lesson lives. Guide questions.
Expected Answer: 1. What are the common causes of
Criminal activities affect us negatively. substance abuse?
Physically it causes harm to the victims who 2. How does substance abuse affect
will be affected psychologically as well as the individuals’ physical,
their families and loved ones. The ultimate psychological emotional and
cost is loss of life. Since crimes create fear sociological aspect of his life?
and terror, it also affects the economic
productivity when victims miss Expected Generalization:
work.Because of the unstable peace and (5mins)
order situation, investors may leave the Drugs or substances when abused
community which will affects the livelihood triggers the release of more
and job opportunities become lesser. dopamine that gives the feeling of
( 3 minutes) euphoria.Using drugs or abusing a
certain substance condition their
brain to anticipate the same –
substance fuelled pleasant

I. Evaluating Group Activity. Instruct the students to Prepare for a one day exposure trip Using a rubric, feedbacks on the presented
learning create a community anti-criminality task to an existing development program outputs will be presented by the following
force of an existing government or non- evaluators:
government organization. 1. Members of other groups
2. Teacher
(10- minutes)
J. Additional
activities for
application or

A. No. of learners
who earned
80% in the
B. No. of learners
who require
activities for
C. Did the remedial
lessons work?
No. of learners
who have
caught up with
the lesson
D. No. of learners
who continue to
E. Which of my
worked well?
Why did these
F. What difficulties
did I encounter
which my
principal or
supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What innovation
or localized
materials did I
which I wish to
share with other

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Division of Nueva Ecija Trainer/Facilitator SHS HUMSS EPS II, CLMD