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Meadow Lane

Blanket Knitting Pattern

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Page 2 Size Modifications & Contact Info: Page 3 Yarn Used Lion Brand New Basic 175

Yarn Used Lion Brand New Basic 175 Heavy Worsted/Aran Weight Color: Thyme #173

This pattern may be used with many worsted, DK or Aran weight yarns.

Meadow Lane - Blanket Knitting Pattern

Meadow Lane - Blanket Knitting Pattern

Design by: Fifty Four Ten Studio

SKILL LEVEL - Beginner / Easy

SIX BLANKET SIZES Approximate sizes:

Baby: 29.75” wide x 32” long Small: 32” wide x 42” long Medium: 36.5” wide x 43” long Large: 41” wide x 48” long XL: 45.5” wide x 50” long XXL: 50” wide x 56” long

See page 3 for size modification tips.


Worsted or Aran Weight Yarn:

Baby: 575 - 600 yards Small: 850 - 875 yards Medium: 1020 - 1050 yards Large: 1300 - 1350 yards XL: 1500 - 1550 yards XXL: 1850 - 1900 yards

© 2017

Yarn Notes

This pattern is designed for use with worsted or Aran weight yarn. Pattern may be used for slightly lighter or heavier weight yarns.

If you are using a different weight yarn, you may need





than noted










US Size 9 circular knitting needles, 24” - 38” in length (or needle size best suited for your yarn & knitting tension)

Tapestry needle

GAUGE Garter stitch (or K4, P4 stitch pattern below) with US size 9 needles: about 14 stitches = 4”

Exact gauge is not essential. However, knitting should be fairly tight for desired appearance.

Select needle size that gives the best appearance for your choice yarn and your knitting tension.

To test knit

DIRECTIONS Directions for size Baby, with changes for sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL in parentheses.

With US size 9 circular needles cast on 108 sts for Baby size blanket (Small: 116 sts; Medium: 132 sts; Large: 148 sts; XL: 164 sts; XXL: 180 sts).

Work back & forth on long circular needles to accommodate large number of stitches.

Work as follows:

Row 1: *K4, P4; repeat from *, end K4

Row 2: same as Row 1

The pattern is made up of these 2 rows. Repeat rows 1 and 2 until blanket is 32” long for Baby size

(Small: 42” long; Medium: 43” long; Large: 48” long; XL: 50” long; XXL: 56” long)


on 20 or 28 stitches & work in stitch pattern below until knitting measures about 2”.

or desired length.


Meadow Lane - Blanket Knitting Pattern

Meadow Lane - Blanket Knitting Pattern

Design by: Fifty Four Ten Studio

© 2017

FINISHING With wrong side facing

Cut yarn leaving an 8” tail. With a tapestry needle, carefully weave in ends on the wrong side. Block finished blanket, if desired. See my blog for tips:


work is desired length, bind off loosely knit-wise .

SIZE MODIFICATIONS For wider blanket, increase number of stitches cast on by increments of 8. Adding 8 stitches will increase width by about 2.2”.

For a smaller blanket, decrease number of stitches by increments of 8.

Or calculate the number of stitches: 4 x any odd number = number of stitches to cast on

For a longer blanket, simply knit additional rows as desired or until you run out of yarn. You may bind off on any row. Be sure to purchase additional yarn for a larger blanket. Approximate yardage needed for each additional 2” in length for each blanket size:

Baby: 38 - 40 yards Small: 43 - 45 yards Medium: 50 - 53 yards Large: 57 - 60 yards XL: 62 - 65 yards XXL: 68 - 72 yards

NEED EXTRA HELP? Meadow Lane blanket knitting pattern is an easy pattern. However, occasionally knitters have challenges with this type of stitch pattern. I wrote a free tutorial to address the most common issues.

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All content and photographs are the property of Fifty Four Ten Studio and may not be used without express permission. Pattern may not be resold, copied or redistributed for any reason via hard copy, email or internet posting. This pattern may be used for personal use, charity knitting, or small scale craft sales.