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Shri. Sanjeev Shrikrishna Patankar,

Age: 59 yrs; Occu. : Service,
Residing at: Flat No.2, Medha Apartment,
Plot No. 64, Sahakarnagar No.2, Pune 411 009.

Do hereby States on solemn affirmation as follows:

1. I say that Flat/Unit No. 1 admeasuring 785 sq.ft i.e. 72.93 sq. mtrs. Carpet area situated

on the ground Floor of the building named as "Medha Apartment., bearing Sub-Plot No.

64 forming pat of Survey No. 89/1,90/1,91/1 of mauje Parvati, Pune was owned by my

mother Sou. Shashikala Shrikrishna Patankar.

2. My mother Sou. Shashikala Shrikrishna Patankar died on 30/12/2016 at Pune leaving

behind him following legal heirs:

Name of the legal heirs Age yrs. Relation

with deceased

1. Shri. Shrikrishna V. Patankar 91 yrs. Husband

2. Shri. Sanjeev Shrikrishna Patankar 62 yrs. Son

No. 1 & 2 R/at: Flat No. 2,
Medha Apartment, Plot No 64,
Sahakarnagar No 2, Pune 411009

3. Shri. Suhas Shrikrishna Patankar 54 yrs. Son

R/at: 12/A, Anant Krupa Co-op

Housing Society, S. No 119/1,
Kothrud Pune 411038

4. Mr. Rajeev Shrikrishna Patankar Expired Son

on 30.08.2017.

3. I say that my mother Sou. Shashikala Shrikrishna Patankar has not executed any Will in

respect of the said property and apart from the above persons there are no other legal heirs

of late Sou. Shashikala Shrikrishna Patankar.

4. I further state that my brother late Mr. Rajeev Shrikrishna Patankar died unmarried

leaving behind him my father as his legal heir.

5. By Release deed dtd. 30/04/2019 the said 1) Shri. Shrikrishna V. Patankar, and 2) Shri.

Sanjeev Shrikrishna Patankar released all their right, title and interest in respect of the

said property in my favour and the said release deed is registered in the office of Sub-

registrar Haveli No. I at Serial No. 3180/2019.

Whatever stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information

and belief and if found false I shall be liable for prosecution u/s 193(2), 199, 200 of the

Indian Penal Code so I have signed this on this ____ day of the month of June in the year




Shri. Sanjeev Shrikrishna Patankar