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At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
 Know the difference between Needs and Wants
 Understand the importance of decision making in choosing between needs and wants
Wants and Needs
Materials: Cartolina, Manila paper, Marker, Envelopes, Tape, Cut Pictures
Values: Cooperation, Attentiveness


“Good Morning class!” “Good Morning Miss Jauculan!”

“Let us pray first. ______, will you please lead the (Everyone will start praying lead by ______)
“______, is anybody absent from the class today?” “No Ma’am. Everyone is present today.”
“Very good! Let’s clap our hands for everyone is
here today.”


“Before we start, let’s have a short group activity

first. I will group you into two groups. At this side
will be the Group 1. And on the other side will be
the Group 2. I have here two envelopes. I will give
each group one envelope.”

(Teacher will start giving the envelopes)

“Now, what you are going to do is to arrange those

cut pictures inside that envelops. The first group to
finish and paste their work here in front will be the
winner. Are the instructions clear?” “Yes Ma’am.”
“Are you ready?” “Yes Ma’am.”
“Okay. You can start now.”
Group 1 Group 2

The winner is the Group ___ Let’s give them a (Everyone will follow)
round of a applause.”
“A round of applause also for Group ___ for a job (Everyone will follow)
well done.”

“Now, what did you see in the pictures? Yes ____.” “Gadgets Ma’am.”
“Okay. Another. Yes _____.” “Food Ma’am.”
“Okay. Another. Yes _____.” “House Ma’am.”
“Okay. Very good!”
“Now base on this pictures, who can guess what
will be our topic for today? Yes ______.” “I think our topic for today base on that pictures is
all about Needs and Wants.”
“Is it correct?” “Yes Ma’am.”
“Let’s find out.”


“Okay. Very good! Our topic for today is all about

Needs and Wants.”

“We all know that economics is a social science

which deals with production, distribution, and
consumption functions. It is all about making
choices regarding the allocation of scarce
resources, so as to satisfy human needs and wants.
We often go through the terms needs and wants,
but have you wondered about their differences.”
“What is Needs? Yes ______.” “Needs refers to an individual’s basic requirements
that must be fulfilled in order to survive.”
“Alright. Those requirements that are extremely
necessary for us to live.”
“Examples are? Yes ______.” “Food.”
“Very good. Another. Yes ______.” “Shelter.”
“Okay. Another. Yes ______.” “Clothing.”
“Okay. So these are the basic needs of man from
the very beginning. These are what we called
Physiological needs. These are the things that we
can see and touch. And what about for our
Psychological needs? Yes ______.” “Example is Love.”
“Okay. Very good! Psychological means referring
to the emotional state or feelings of a person.
Another example? Yes ______.” “Rest Ma’am.”
“Alright. In addition to that, since our quality of life
now has improved, healthcare, other security
purposes, education, and etc. also become part of
our needs as well. So needs, this are our first
priority as they are the things that keep us healthy,
safe, and alive. Therefore, if needs are not satisfied
in time, what will happen? Yes ______.” “It may result in illness, inability functioning
properly or even death.”
“Alright. So needs is a necessity.”
“Now, what is Wants? Yes ______.” “Wants are something that we desire or wish to
have. And we are still going to survive without it.”
“Very good! Examples. Yes ______.” “Cell phone.”
Alright. Another. Yes ______.” “Computer.”
“Another. Yes ______.” “Aircon.”
“Another. Yes ______.” “Accessories.”
“Okay. So this are the things that only adds
comfort and enjoyment to our lives but not
necessary for our survival. But nowadays, some of
our wants has now become part of our needs
specially that we are now in a changing world.
What sort of example?”
“Yes ______.” “Like Cell phone ma’am. In the past, it’s just part
of our wants but now that we are fully surrounded
by technologies, it becomes one of our needs for
easy communication.”
“Very good! So now, cell phone has become our

“Here are some helpful statements that will help

us to understand the concept of what is really
Needs and Wants. Everyone please read.” “You need food because you are hungry but you
want Pizza.”
“You need a simple phone for communication but
you want iPhone.”
“You need a small house to live but you want a
“You need a transportation medium to commute
but you want a car.”
“You need someone’s love but you want someone

“Now to clearly understand their differences, here

is a Comparison Chart.”


Meaning Needs refers to Wants are
an individual’s something that
basic we desire. And
requirements we are still
that must be going to survive
fulfilled in without it
order to survive
What is it? Something you Something you
must have wish to have
Represents Necessity Desire
Survival Essential Inessential
Change May remain May change
constant over over time
Non-fulfillment May result in May result in
onset of disappointment
disease or even


“Now, we are going to have another group activity.

I’m going to divide you into two groups. On this
side will be the Group 1, and on the other side will
be the Group 2. Each group choose your
Representative. Now, all you need to do for this
activity is to write your Needs and Wants as a
student. You only have 5 minutes to finish your
activity. After that explain your work here in front.
But before that, here is the rubric for your activity.
Rubric for the Activity
Anyone kindly read. Yes ______.”
Cooperation: 10 pts
Silence in doing the activity: 5 pts
Explanation: 10 pts
“Okay. Are the instructions and rubric
understood?” “Yes Ma’am.”

(Teacher will give the materials to be use)

“Okay. Are you ready?” “Yes Ma’am.”

You can start now!”
Write your Needs and Wants


“Okay. Time’s up. Put your works now here in

front. Group 1, who’s your Representative? Explain (Group 1 will start explaining their work)
your work.”
“Let’s give Group 1 a boom clap.” (Everyone will do the boom clap)
“Okay. Next, Group 2.” (Group 2 will start explaining their work)
“Let’s give Group 2 a wow clap.” (Everyone will do the wow clap)


“Again, what is Needs? Yes ______.” “Needs refers to an individual’s basic requirements
that must be fulfilled in order to survive.”
“Alright. And on the other hand, what is Wants?
Yes ______.” “Wants are something that we desire or wish to
have. And we are still going to survive without it.”
“Alright. Hence, that your needs and wants might
be different from the needs and wants of another.
Just remember that when choosing from your
needs and wants, you need to come up with a
better plan or decision.”
“What do you think is the important role of
making a decision in choosing between your needs
and wants? Yes ______.” “In order to have a satisfying and comfortable
“So what do you think is the most important,
Wants or Needs? Yes ______.” “Needs because these are the things that keep us
“Alright, very good.”


“Now, I think you already understand our topic.

Get 1 whole sheet of paper. Let’s have a quiz.
Everyone kindly read the Instruction.” (Everyone will read the instruction of the quiz)
QUIZ (20 pts) In a whole sheet of paper

Suppose you are a member of a family consisting five

members. Below are the list of the things that you
plan to consume for this month. Your father is the
only one who works for the family with a monthly
salary of P10,000. Put (√) for the things you choose
to consume and (x) for the things you don’t choose.
Defend you answer.

Plan as of this month Amount

__1.electricity 1,000
__2.water 500
__3.junkfoods 150 game 100 rental 2,500
__6.for friends outing 500
__7.for monthly food supply 4,000
__8.for watching movie at the cinema 180
__9.for transportation (work, school, 2,200
vice versa)
__10.cable/internet 900

Explanation: ________________________________

“Is everything clear?” “Yes Ma’am.”

“Okay. You only have 15 minutes to answer. You
can start now.” 1. √
2. √
3. x
4. x
5. √
6. x
7. √
8. x
9. √
10. x
Explanation: ___________________________________

“Time’s up. Finished or unfinished pass your (Everyone will follow)

papers in front.”


Draw the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

“Is there any questions?” “None Ma’am.”

“Okay. See you in our next meeting. Goodbye “Thank you and goodbye Miss Jauculan.”

Prepared by :

Cindy Sumindoy Jauculan

Teacher Applicant