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Statement of purpose
Finance (Banking and Risk Management) (MSc)
University College Cork

The most important words for my academic life are Social and Mathematics. In my
Bachelor of Science Business Management, I have found the perfect match. One
such example is that I have always been characterized by achieving empathy with
people. I enjoy sharing, helping and communicate with them. When I was a child, I
used to be availed for my family, friends and anyone to need me. In the same way,
the mathematics have been my favorite subjects since I remember. I am very keen
on finding solutions to economics and financial problems. In fact, the courses which
I have been interested so far are related to a financial focus.

I grew up in a working family with integrity and values, my parents have concerned
about raise moral and ethics convictions to my sister and me. I have always thought
that these principles are important for the professional development of anybody.
Additionally, I did high school in a catholic school where the values were the most

Related with my skills, I am a conscientious person who loves to innovate, achieve,

grow and lead. I am quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others.
Likewise, I like to work in teams with vision and leadership. The best way to adapt to
technological changes is with good working groups. I have made coursework
related to finance, financial mathematics and Microsoft office ́s courses; Thus, I have
a solid knowledge of finance and analytical skills. In the last year, I was able to
interpret the financial dynamics that bear on organizations in a globalized
economy. Additionally, I realized that the English is an important component for a
global world, as a consequence, I am getting ready to archive the expected level.
As a result, I am confident in my ability to adapt to your environment and join your
MSc program.
The last year, I went to University College Cork to finish my last year of bachelor,
thanks to that, I had the opportunity to work in Bank of Ireland, I was able to prepare,
manage and support on a range of different Financial projects. I learned a lot and
I become interested in this field. Even since I started my Bachelor, I was fascinated
by financial mathematics and I have been looking for extra information since that.

Finally, I would like to join in your program because It will be enriching for my personal
projects. I know that University College Cork have an excellent employment track
record I would like to be part of it. I have all the academics, experiences, skills and
strengths requirements to have an extraordinary performance. Besides, I would be
grateful if you will give me the opportunity and privilege of continuing my studies in
this institution.

Statement of Purpose – Grading Rubric

Item Score Observations

Grammar 0 – 1.0 Be careful with tenses, vocabulary, and
- Syntax. 0.7
- Punctuation.
- Word usage.
- Style.
Structure 0 – 1.0 Good job!

- Clear paragraphs. 1.0

- Content.
- Length.
Cohesion and coherence 0 – 1.0 Some ideas a little bit confusing because of
the grammatical order you chose. Try to
- Flow of ideas. 0.8 stick to shorter sentences that are much
- Tone. more effective in English.
- Consistence.
Specific content 0 – 2.0 You need a stronger hook. You can
develop the values part and make the reader
- Hook. realize that is very important in any
- Background. 1.8 candidate. Talk more about future projects
- Activities related to the and expectations.
- Problems in the field.
- Why to apply for a
specific grad school.
- Personal motivation.
- Expectations.
- Conclusion.
Total Score 4.3