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123-456-7890 June 11, 2019
Consumer Finance - Manager
Dear Mr. Chen
I am writing today to express my interest in your recently posted opening for a new
Consumer Finance Manager. I am looking to apply my skills and abilities to a
challenging, growth-oriented position with a leading company like PwC while
continuing to build my academic foundation.

Base on my previous experiences, I am a proactive communicator not only among

team members but also clients. I coordinate the relationship between job and clients
so that I would be able to comprehensively understand the financial situation of
each client. Through the ability of using critical thinking, I am able to develop a
suitable strategy to maximize our clients' profits.

Moreover, since I am a problem-solving oriented type of person, I prefer to schedule

the plan as well as the solution ahead of time. In the mean time, I would
communicate with the clients during the surplus time in order to gain more insight of
advising them to make financial decisions. As being a consistent person throughout,
I have a strong potential to develop a royal relationship between the clients and the

As an aspiring professional, my strengths in data analysis would make a positive

impact on the implement solutions that I offer to the clients. The strong background
of utilizing the knowledge in consumer finance as well as financial operating in bank
systems allow me to well manage the portfolio of each client.

At last, I enjoy gathering, organizing and analyzing information, working in groups,

and contributing to project strategies. I believe these skills will be beneficial in
Consumer-Finance Manager role while further enhancing the excellent reputation of

Please review my attached resume for additional details. I look forward to hearing
from you to discuss the possibility of joining your team.

Sincerely, Junxian Tan