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Over the past several decades, campsite impact research has provided a firm

foundation for campsite management programs in wilderness. Wilderness are

designated to preserve natural conditions to provide opportunities for primitive

recreation in a natural environment (Hendee and others 1990). Along with recent

increases in recreational use of wilderness has come an awareness that this use has

already modified pristine ecosystem intended for preservation. In many areas, the most

severe impacts occur on campsites where is highly concentrated both spatially and

temporally. Managers are understandably concerned about the highly altered conditions

of many campsites as it is their responsibility according to the Wilderness Act of 1964 to

manage wilderness areas to that “natural conditions” are preserved and “the imprint of

man’s work (remains) substantially unnoticeable”.

Outdoor recreation plays a significant role in our lives. It provides physical challenges

and a sense of well-being, helps develop lifelong skills, provokes interest and inquiry,

inspires wonder and awe of the natural world, and often provides an alternative to daily

routines. Recreational contributes greatly to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of

individuals; bonds with family and friends; and instills pride in natural and cultural

heritage. Camping is the accommodation of choice. It is budget-friendly and gets you

closer to nature. Unlike staying at a hotel, camping also encourage you to forego

moderns comfort, which is a good thing, since it allows you to become resourceful and

make do with what you have. Instead of moving pictures on a flat screen TV, you’ll get

amazing wilderness views right outside your tent. Camping also let you explore the great

outdoors, the way it is meant to be explore: no fuss, bare and straightforward. Modern

campers frequent publicly owned natural resources such as national and state parks,

wilderness areas, and commercial campgrounds. Camping is a key part of many youth

organizations around the world, such as scouting, which use it to teach both self-

reliance and teamwork.

During difficult economic times, vacationers are more discriminating when

choosing a resort destination. Amenities often define a resort

(Mill,2001;Schwanke,1997). When making a vacation decision, tourism experts will cite

resort offerings and amenities as one of the key deciding factors (Brey, 2010). According

to Brey (2011), a resort is a full-service lodging facility that provides access to or offers

a range of amenities and recreation facilities to emphasize a leisure experience. Resorts

works for as a primary powder of the guest experience, often provide services for

business or meetings, and are characteristically located in vacation-oriented settings.

According to Zeithaml and Binter, local communities, countries, states, and even

whole regions of the Nation view recreation development as inducing economic growth

of their area when visitors from outside bring new money into the area to purchase a

recreation commodity. Among the management dimension of industry-leading services

companies, service quality appears to be the most sustainable basis for

distinction.Several studies have emphasized the importance of location in the resort site

selection decision of tourist. The specific products of the resorts offers and its location

equally affect the holiday enjoyment of tourist. An attractive resort location (usually due

to its rich biological and/or cultural values will increase the popularity of the resort.

The quest for leisure in recent times has called for a growing demand for

recreational activities across major cities of the world today. The development and

establishment of the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTCD) with the aim to

boost the growth of tourism has encourage the development and rehabilitation of most

existing recreational resorts. Meanwhile, resort centres such as the Obudu Mountain

resort, Marina resort, Tanapa resort, Eko Tourist Resort, Yakari Game Reserve, Ikogosi

Warm Spring, Ezeagu recreational centre amongst other tourism attractions have needs

for many tourist, and fun-seekers visiting and patronizing the resort. These laudable

recreational resorts provide numerous recreational facilities for both indoor and outdoor

games to tourists and visitors during their leisure time.

Camping involves a different meanings to different people. For the adventurer, it

represents a wilderness experience. To a parent, camping is an escape, a family

vacation, and inexpensive accommodation. Camping is still one of the best values for

vacations you can find anywhere. Camping is a form of outdoor recreation that is part

activity and part accommodation. it has evolved from basic tenting to now include

caravanning, recreational vehicles, and luxury offerings. These different level of comfort,

style and uniqueness have contributed to its popularity in Europe, North America and

Australasia. For example, camping in the United States grew from 39.9 million nights in

2011 to 42.5 million nights in 2012 (Outdoor Foundation, 2012). In Europe, one in six of

all overnights stays were spent in a campground. The most avid campers are found in

Australia and New Zealand where 86% of Australians (Alliance Strategic Research, 2011)

and 80% of New Zealanders (DOC, 2006) have visited a caravan or holiday park at least

once in their lifetime.

Changes in American camping over the past three decades have yielded more

than 500 large, recreational vehicle-oriented, commercial campgrounds operating

primarily as camping resorts for vacationers, weekenders, and migratory retirees. Rich in

amenities, these campground towns are especially abundant in heavily populated states,

near tourist attractions, and in locales with warm and sunny winter climates. Most are in

Florida, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, and California. The Philippines is one of the most amazing

and fascinating tourist spot destinations due to its varied charm which enthrals tourist

from all over the world. It offers a wide array of entertainment to cast a spell on its

visitors with its beautiful scenic islands, exotic beaches, amazing volcanoes, world-class

diving spots and unique wildlife and many other attractions. The most popular tourist

destination in the Philippines are Manila, Bohol, Tagaytay, Ilocos, Baguio, Cebu, Bataan,

Bicol, Boracay, Palawan and Davao. The Philippines’ diverse natural wonders makes us a

sought-after destinations among the pack of adventures; those who choose to explore

outdoor escape. While adventurism has just recently been recognized as a global friend,

the Philippines has been catering to this demand as a way of life-being blessed with

mountains, caves, white waters, etc.Outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for an outdoor

exotic travel destination that offers various landscapes will be pleasantly surprised if

they visit the Philippines. The archipelago offers everything from sun and fun on the

beach and trekking through the tropical rainforest to bird watching and mountain

climbing. The Philippines are home to a few private resorts where you may camp in a

cottage or in cabins; however, most campers will choose to stay at one of the many

protected areas found in the country.

The Bicol Region is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Lying on the South Eastern part of Luzon, Bicolandia combines natural wonders,

fascinating attractions, good food, and hospitable people to attract visitors in and

outside the archipelago of 7,107 islands. Bicol comprising six provinces namely, Albay,

Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Masbate and Sorsogon, has a lot to

offer from discerning and demanding travellers. Camarines Sur, the largest among the

six provinces in Bicol Regions has cemented its place in the list of top travel destinations

in the Philippines. One of the famous attraction in the province is the beaches in

Caramoan, a second-class municipality perfectly made for island hopping. Its fine white

sand beaches and crystal-clear water are ideal for kayaking, snorkelling, and scuba

diving. Other interesting activities popular for tourist are rock climbing, caving, trekking,

mountain hiking and camping.Camarines Sur, which is about eight to ten hours drive

from Manila or forty-five minutes by plane, is also a magnet for catholic faithful. The

province is home to Our Lady of Peñafrancia in Naga City. There are outdoor

adventurers that recognizes the dine needs for people to get back on track to a positive

and healthy lifestyle. To address this needs, some people organized a series of fun and

educational “Healthcamps” that allows participant to learn and practice healthy living

while enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature’s treasures here in Naga.

Agri Campsite and Recreational Center is one of the resort in Panicuason Naga

City. The creation of Agri Campsite and Recreational Center was inspired by a dream.

The owner dreamt of having his own campsite with a resort in Panicuason Naga City

since the weather in this place is very ideal for camping and swimming though at back

of his mind, it wouldn’t happen because he didn’t have the means to buy a land and to

develop it. Fortunately, the owner at that time became a recipient of the Agrarian

Reform Program so with his cousin in which their lands are adjacent with each other.

When he learned that his cousin was selling his land, he asked him to buy a portion of

his land and they both agreed to pay on installment basis. After that he consulted his

wife about his plan who also agreed to support him. In June 2016, with only one

labourer, he started to develop the place to a campsite with a swimming pool as a

component. At that time the place was grassland and a part of it was a corn plantation.

He harrowed the land and regularly mowered the place so that it will be saturated with

carabao grass. He also started planting fruit bearing trees and bananas.In November

2016, they started constructing the pool near Inarihan River with four workers only. The

construction of the pool lasted for four months. The blessing and the inauguration was

done on March 25, 2017 with the presence of the Bicol Church members and the

relatives and friends of the owners. The campsite started to operate on April 9,2017

with two swimming pools, seven concrete cottages, four umbrella cottages and two

comfort rooms for men and women with one dressing room for women that were made

of light materials only.The following year, a small function hall and four comfort rooms

with guard house were built at the campsite area. At present, Agri Campsite and

Recreational Center has now become a venue for seminars, campings, teambuilding

activities, spiritual retreat, birthday, anniversary celebrations and reunions.

As a 21st century student, the researchers is greatly inspired and motivated to

administer and promote the present research study to broaden our understanding and

knowledge about the Agri Campsite and Recreational Center, to further establish this

study, the researchers decided to conduct their research at Agri Campsite and

Recreational Center located in Zone 2, Panicuason Naga City to determine the services

and impact of the resort to the customers. The researchers are Grade 12 Senior High

School students of Carolina National High School and they are interested to know the

services offered and its impact to the customers.

Statement of the Problem

This research study was undertaken to determine the services and impact of the

Agri Campsite and Recreational Center. Pertinent to this, the researchers would like to

answer the following specific problem.

1. What is Agri Campsite and Recreational Center in terms of:

a. Services

b. Location

c. Manpower

2. What are the services of Agri-Campsite and Recreational Center offered in terms


a. Recreational Activities

b. Campsite

3. What are the impact of Agri Campsite and Recreational Center to the customers


a. Services

b. Location

4. What recommendations may be proposed in order to improve the services and

impact of the Agri Campsite and Recreational Center?

Scope and Delimitation

The study only focuses on the feedbacks of the interviewees, the manager, the

owner, and the employees on the services and the impact of the services to the

respondents. The Agri Campsite and Recreational Center is located at Zone 2

Panicuason, Naga City.

Significance of the Study

This study aims to determine the services and impact of Agri Campsite and

Recreational Center to the customers. The result of the present study will be beneficial

and significant to the following:

Owner. The result of the study will be beneficial to the owner to plan for the

strengths and weaknesses of their resort and to determine the impact of their resort to

the customers.

Employee. The result of the study will be beneficial to the employee to

determine their rights and responsibilities.

Customers. The result of the study will be beneficial to the customers to know

the satisfaction of the services offered.

Community. The result of the study will be beneficial to the community for

more job opportunities, and quality venue for events or celebration.

Barangay Panicuason. The result of the study will be beneficial to Barangay

Panicuason to regulate the existence of Agri Campsite and Recreational Activity Center.

Future Researchers.The result of this study will be beneficial to the future

researchers who will study a topic that is related to this research. It will serve as a guide

and a helpful source of information for future research.

End Notes