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7 Benefits Of Exercising Before Bed

We all know that it’s important to workout. The lifelong benefits are no secret! But when is the best time?

Many people associate exercise with the morning.

Obviously, all exercise is good – no matter the time of day. However, doing it at night might be better for

you. Here are seven reasons why working out before bed is a good idea.

7 Benefits Of Exercising Before Bed

1. Relieves Stress

Exercise before bed benefits your mental health. It makes your brain stronger and healthier, so you can

handle stress better. Physical activity also increases ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters called endorphins.

You’ll also get a boost of norepinephrine. This neurochemical strengthens the body’s coping mechanisms,

making it easier to face emotions and thoughts.1

Of course, exercise won’t completely banish your stress. But it’ll help you deal in a healthier way.

2. Clears The Mind

This advantage goes hand in hand with stress relief. Exercising before bed will calm your brain and let

your worries simmer down. It might be what you need after a long day at work.

When you go to sleep with a clear mind, you’ll wake up with a clear mind. The benefits will easily transfer

to the next day.

3. Releases Tension

Sitting or standing all day is a recipe for stiffness. The neck, shoulders, back, and hips are the worst spots.

It might stop you from working out but exercise before bed can actually help.

Focus on stretching. Yoga exercises are great for releasing joint and muscle tension.2 Some of the best

moves for tension relief include bridge pose, cat/cow pose, bow pose, and triangle pose. Even a simple

child’s pose can do the trick.

4. Improves Sleep

When you’re less stressed, you will get better sleep. Exercising makes sure of that. You will also fall

asleep faster since restlessness and insomnia won’t be a problem. It’s one of the many benefits of working


But what about that exercise high? You might be concerned that it’ll keep you up at night.

The key is to time it properly. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it is OK to work out three hours

before sleeping. The boost of energy will come and go, just before you hit the hay.3

5. Allows More Time

Depending on your job, exercising in the morning can be hectic. You will have to finish within a tight time

frame. That doesn’t even include showering and getting ready for work.

If you work the standard 9 to 5, things get even trickier. Gyms can get really crowded in the morning. Even

if you exercise at home, you still have to prepare for the day.

It is a different story if you exercise at night. You won’t have to worry about rushing or your post-gym outfit!

6. Enhances Motivation

After a long day, many of us still have things to do. Working out will give you a boost of energy and get you

motivated. You might even finally do that pile of laundry.

If you’re not a morning person, this motivation will help. You’ll be more likely to prepare your breakfast,

lunch, and clothes. The result? Calmer, relaxed mornings.

7. Prevents Unhealthy Habits

That motivation will also ward off unhealthy habits. Because of your productivity, you’ll be less likely to veg

out in front of the television. It will also kick boredom to the curb, removing the temptation to drink or eat

unnecessary calories.

Everyone is different. If you like working out in the morning, then go for it. But it doesn’t hurt to exercise at

night. These benefits might actually work better for your lifestyle and preferences.